Mudhoney - Something So Clear Lyrics

Gray skies feel so good today
Gray skies feel so good today
Bring me cold, cold rain
Clear the debris out of the way

Never thought something so clear
Never thought something so clear
Could hurt so bad

Should have seen it coming
Should have seen it coming
Like a bird flying at a window

Didn't see it coming
Didn't see it coming
Like a bird dead out on the sidewalk

Never thought something so clear
Never thought something so clear
Could hurt so bad

There's a certain comfort in being confused
I find certain comfort in being confused
It's clear to me, and it's clear to you
No more confusion, we're through

Never thought something so clear
Never thought something so clear
Could hurt so bad

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Mudhoney Something So Clear Comments
  1. Lawrence Scott

    Muddyhoney Blues

  2. James Kamlowsky

    Still cranking it up in 2019. Sounds just as good today.🔥

    Phil Harrison

    Mudhoney have aged better than anyone from that scene. Possibly even including Nirvana. And I love Nirvana.

  3. Dennis Alas

    I'm gonna see them tonight... justbragginggggg.... ok I'm done... Avengers RULE...

  4. Birch Mahogany

    Such a great album. Crazy to think it was recorded on an 8-track in a basement, lol.

    Manuel Bucci Riedel


  5. dudenhtown

    Good shit right here...

    Toby Young

    dudenhtown Agree

  6. Owners Lament

    All those comments are 5 years old but id like to add my little bit of knowledge.
    Mark described Green River as grunge, pure shit. and Green River is known as the godfathers of grunge, he was put in the labeled grunge bands when he made mudhoney with Steve Turner, he didnt call himself and his music grunge, just his early band.
    If you wanna here Mark play drums, listen to Mr Epp and the Calculations ;)

  7. Luke Burford

    not really

  8. Patti Smitta


  9. mad boy

    yea same. its even worse today. at least back then they tried to please whatever was popular with the kids. now, THEY TELL US what to listen to

  10. dannyofthededd

    ye man just boils my blood bro

  11. mad boy

    yea for sure. im not arguing that record companies didnt abuse the grunge scene and flood the airwaves with copycat bands but ive never heard anyone denounce the label. i mean, kurt obviously defended it saying "pearl jam is a rock band in grunge clothing". (not saying i hate PJ) but i dont think it was 'grunge' that they had a quarrel with, it was the record execs abuse of the term

  12. dannyofthededd

    check out the vid for suck you dry..i think Mark might've been poking fun a tiny wee bit..and even if it did originate, as did all the so called grunge music from the mouths and minds of young punks, it didn't last long in their possession until it was flogged to death by the record company suits and the moronic media until the kids who invented their own sound became sick of the label

  13. mad boy

    mark actually says that he coined the term himself

  14. dannyofthededd

    did he fook

  15. TheBallisticIrony

    Mark Arm's actually usually credited for the word grunge and used it to describe his own music but I guess I can see what you're trying to get at

  16. dannyofthededd

    i'm glad Mudhoney aren't so popular..btw..all these bands hated being called "grunge" that was something music journalists invented then the record companies used to sell stuff back to the kids who had invented their own scene..

  17. Selfarrested

    @SuperChibbles when kurt cobain died everyone forgot about grunge as a whole and just remembered nirvana

    Mark Meyers

    No they didn't. Not at all, lol.

  18. Levi LeThEaN

    nice song!!