Mudhoney - Mudride Lyrics

I got a mouth full of dirt
A hand full of charms
Got a rusty old spade
Don't care who I harm

Take you down to the dirt
Drag you through the mud
Drag you through the mud

Got a trip for two on a one-way ride
I'll take you anywhere, there's no place to hide

I got a belly full of ooze, oh
A head full of hurt
I'll be digging your treasure, baby
See what I unearth

Take you down to the dirt
Drag you through the mud
Drag you through the mud
Drag you through the mud

Got a trip for two on a one-way ride
I'll take you anywhere, there's no place to hide

You've seen better days
Before you saw me
That's lost in a haze
You've got nowhere to be

Take you down to the dirt
Drag you through the mud
Drag you through the mud
Dray you through the mud

Got a trip for two on a one-way ride
I'll take you anywhere, there's no place to hide
I've got a trip for two on a one-way ride
Watch your world collapse as our worlds collide
Got a trip for two on a one-way ride
Take you anywhere, there's no place to hide

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Mudhoney Mudride Comments
  1. Chris Tharp

    This is what it was all about.

  2. Ned D.

    This song is the definition of underrated.

    Marko Marković

    This band is the definition of underrated

  3. 389rockford

    mudhoney is grunge period!

  4. jbraunger

    Haha drunk and just noticed I posted four years ago. YouTube you win again.


    now it's 3

  5. jbraunger

    If you've never had a belly full of ouzo then you can't understand this song.

    Tim Turk

    Missed the lyrics? Stomach full of ooze, oh. I always thought the drink, as well. Double meaning? Love that Mudhoney since back in the day(Superfuzz Bigmuff?), and Green River, as well. They could have gotten rich, if trying, like the half of Green River that eventually became Pearl Jam. Mark Arm stuck to his guns! Much respect to Mudhoney!

  6. Hells Bells

    @RKOStyles23 Soundgarden pretty much became "Nirvana" famous in 1994 but surprisingly Mudhoney didnt which pisses me off

    Bringer of Light Phenox

    +Ernesto Torres Same thing with TAD. Tad was way better than Soundgarden. Tad just had bad luck with record labels and idiots in general. But Tad and Mudhoney were two of the best northwest bands. Definitely didnt get the attention they deserved.


    I really like this psychedelic yet simutaniously bluesy punk rock shit. This is kind of what Jimi Hendrix was doing with the feedback manipulation stuff.


    Why is it important to you that everyone likes what you like? Just be glad this remained semi "underground". Like the shows would have been so much cooler if they had huge crowds filled with clueless jocks who are there because MTV told them this was a cool band?

    Pro Gurt

    And Mudhoney was better

  7. Patrick Raymond

    de puta madre

  8. James Powers

    I had the good fortune to catch them live a couple of weeks ago.  11-14-14 they opened with this song.  They are a very RARE kind of band that is even BETTER LIVE.  I'm gonna go again there in Jan.

  9. nglimer


  10. Justin Bruinsma

    Cant help but think these guys are a huge influence on Jack White of the White Stripes

    Dave Beal

    Quite possibly. They are a Seattle band and a young Kurt Cobain used to go their concerts.


    @Dave Beal Nirvana and Mudhoney toured together in 1989

  11. stateyourrights

    that first riff is just so AWSOME jesus christ. I think i can die now because the is the most awsomest and easiest riff i will ever here my life. FUCK YEA.

  12. Curtis

    I agree, everyone expected Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, or Soundgarden to be Nirvana famous.

  13. Fil Bastad

    Well, I love Mudhoney, Nirvana, Tad, and Monster Magnet. So shoot me.

  14. Bandolon87

    They werent influenced by them, but they definately do not "suck". They sound alike because they come from the same musical roots.

  15. nubz0r

    Dude, what are you talking about? This is the only good song by Mudhoney. The rest is just mediocre.

    Ned D.

    They have a lot of great songs.


    this is an EP
    or are you collectively saying that these 6 songs are the best that mudhoney ever did
    in witch case i may have to agree with you

  16. HamsterInternational

    what if, what if.. it is the way it is, if one influential band had not been there at the time, the outcome would have been somewhat different. But from being there at the time, a lot of it was about what the media latched on to.. I suspect if it was not Nirvana then Layne from AIC would have been a focal point to the media, or Eddie Vedder would have had their priority. They all make it what it was, for me, and were all influenced by another. The whole 90s 'grunge' thing was beautiful.

  17. jbraunger

    I guess it's belly full of ooze. I like Ouzo better.


    I always thought it was ouzo as well
    although i did have to wonder where on earth they'd got a bottle of ouzo in seatle

  18. jbraunger

    I've had a belly full of ouzo and it lead to a head full of hurt. Great time in-between though.

  19. azqel43

    Mudhoney was a major influence on Nirvana, and surely Nirvana would not have been successful without Mudhoney, but Nirvana is definitely the better band, with much better songwriting and lyrics. Mudhoney is fantastic, though, no doubt.

  20. crashbreakerr

    @000Metallegions000 Monster Magnet sucks. Mudhoney rulez. Mudhoney wouldn't be influenced by them, never.

  21. thegkaratasios

    I strongly believe our friend Marc says:
    I got a belly full of ouzo (the greek aniseed spirit that kicks ass) and NOT
    I got a belly full of ooze, oh...


    Of course he says that. Story goes that he was about to get sued by the good people who make that raunchy, licorice-flavored Greek tequila swill. Naturally they didn't want to be associated with such a tune as this. It kicks way too much ass.

  22. Christopher Nichols

    I guess Mudhoney's a bit less accessible to the 'non-serious' grunge fan. It's raw and sloppy, which is what makes it fucking awesome, but not really 'hit' material.

  23. RacingMindPress

    I agree. I can't understand why Mudhoney were just as big as Nirvana; they're just as good.

    Mason Meredith

    RacingMindPress maybe in terms of being grunge but you have to understand that Nirvanas Nevermind was a huge step in making grunge a pop sound due to its commercial accessibility. Nirvana=Mudhoney creative originality but Nirvana>Mudhoney in terms of their refining process

  24. nevermindip

    @Camden606 Yeah well, I'm a big Nirvana fan and I think they deserve all the credit that they got...

  25. Camden606

    Nothing at all against Nirvana (they are are one of the best bands of that era in my opinion) but if they hadn't been as successful as they were, I'm certain Mudhoney would've came out on top as the biggest grunge band of all time, easily surpassing Soundgarden and Tad and such. Kurt Cobain may be dead, but grunge doesn't have to be.

  26. Yog-Sothoth

    These guys were a BIG influence on Monster Magnet. This song shows just how much.

  27. Ron Orris

    its great to see that some youngans are infulanced by this, Great music choice, keep on wrighting and playing anthings possible. our generation is the next to have the spot light so to speak. so let it be us to bust music out of this stupid cycal of repetitive music, and let great bands like mudhony (greenriver) ect. be the influance of it..

  28. Riley McC

    @MuscularBeaverx same, im 14. its bands like mudhoney, nirvana, sex pistols etc that got me to pick up a guitar and start writting songs


    Riley McC
    So u 20 now😂🤘🏼 ?