Mudhoney - It Is Us Lyrics

Don't walk away now, lend me your ear
Let me make myself perfectly clear
I got a point and this is the thrust
I see the enemy and baby it's us
Take a look baby deep inside
You can run but you cannot hide
Like a bubble that's about to bust
You see the enemy and it is us

It is us
It is us
It is us

Who's that lurking among the trees
They've got bombs that spread disease
Who's driving your aeroplane
They're up there causing hurricanes
What's that lady hiding under her skirt
Who are these people populating the Earth
They're everywhere, who can you trust
We see the enemy and it is us

It is us
It is us
It is us

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
Happy days are here again
Let's sing a song of cheer, sing a song of cheer
'Cause happy days are here again
'Cause happy days are here again
'Cause happy days are here again
'Cause happy days are here again

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Mudhoney It Is Us Comments
  1. garbage rider

    love this lifestyle .

  2. wan wans

    I love this music video forever

  3. April Lou

    I hate to say this, but God... I think Nirvana ripped them off so hard.

  4. April Lou

    I hate to say this.. but God! I think nirvana ripped them off so hard.

  5. FMFMXRacer

    Saw these guys in a tiny club on their "farewell tour". Wish they'd tour again. Way more influence in 90's grunge then any of those others.

    simon simpson

    not sure where you are but I'm seeing them tomorrow night here in sunny Belfast,check out their tour dates.


    No kidding? I guess I need to do some research on what they're up to now. Thanks.

  6. Tina Marie F

    I fuckin love Mark Arm and Mudhoney!!!


    haha chistoso

  8. JayEdom

    just to let ya know that tape he put in his tape deck car stereo was a high quality tape recording tape

  9. Aidy Shaw

    Though the answer is Mudhoney ;-)

  10. Zick Scitt Swinn

    Coolest video ever!

  11. Jesús Bassbreaker

    That kind of diet of junkfood, drugs and alcohol had it Poison Idea when released Kings of Punk... xD

  12. Jesús Bassbreaker

    I expect you're meaning Justin gayber, Lady gaga, or Jonas brother or things like that....

  13. Conah White

    Love Mudhoney Vids... On lines with Foos
    If only someone had the balls to do what that dude dose on this Vid

  14. Korisnichko

    fucking faschist :)

  15. L-Z Jo-Z

    Awesomeness climaxes at 3:05

  16. Kimberly Gillespie

    Holy shit those donuts looked good. \m/ Mudhoney!

  17. Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana

    @calvin799 that's right!!!the whole of the grunge era was FUCKIN AWESOME AND THE BEST TIMES ROCK WILL EVER KNOW,PERIOD!!!!

  18. Raphael Cote

    mudhoney is the shit

  19. eurorocker79

    Your dad is cool haha!
    Now go find some Chocolate Watchband and Blue Cheer records!!

  20. Sir Bassington

    I love both. Nirvana cuz its how i feal and Mudhoney cuz its just so fucking awsome

  21. Gravitating Gnome

    @massmayemproductions same here, my dad went [/hipster] and told me that nirvana are too mainstream and told me to listen to mudhoney, I am glad.

  22. Gravitating Gnome

    At the end he's just like "fuck it, have some doughnuts bitches"

  23. J Strummer

    i like all music i dont give a fuck if its cool to like it or not if it sounds good to me then am blast that shit from old snoop doggy dog to this cause if you dont then you end up being a douche bag on the internet trying to tell people what to listen to and looking up music on youtube just to say it sucks o.o

  24. Jason Curran

    i'm new to mudhoney, i absolutely love nirvana but it doesn't mean limit yourself

  25. christophe Schmitt

    @hoorayforBG TOTALLY AGREE!!! And I never stopped to listen to" Every good boys..".!!!

  26. Matthew D Garmager

    @thedude9099 SLARG from Shell Knob, MO. BITTER ENVY from Unity Village, MO. PREMATURE GIRTH from Carl Junction, MO. CHRONIC ERROR from Ferguson, MO. PRESSURE GLAND from Osage Beach, MO. CONSUMPTION SYSTEM from Fisk, MO. CENOZOIC WARFARE from Novinger, MO. FIENDS OF THE PUTRID ABYSS from Puxico, MO. SECOND TO LAST RIGHTS from Oak Grove, MO. AGENT HERPES from Elmer, MO. VART from Pagedale, MO. PUBERTY BURN from New London, MO.

  27. Matthew D Garmager

    @thedude9099 Yep, Black Flag was grunge, especially when Henry got in the band. When Black Flag visited Seattle on tour they became more grunge. Sludge metal is definitely from Missouri though, so Black Flag can't be sludge metal. I'll check out My War, totally.

  28. Matthew D Garmager

    Mudhoney is about the same as Nirvana, but Melvins are better than both of them, but Wipers are the best ever, but are the Wipers grunge? Probably not, because they were from Portland and not Seattle. But they did have a grunge sound. But they didn't have long hair, so who knows! Cat Butt was really hardcore. Seattle is the capital of grunge! Extreme Hate is probably my favorite grunge band ever! And Paw, and Pearl Jam, and Tad, and Green River, and Mother Love Bone, and Dwarves are grunge!

  29. Hal shot first

    Disgusting junk food, makes me sick to my stomach.

  30. Shave TheBandit

    @bvens idk man Dubstep is a pretty sweet genre 2 trip sack 2 xD underground Punk Rock like this is my favorite tho, fer sure

  31. Spiksplinter

    Nirvana or mudhoney, it doesn't matter, just be against techno and all computer shit

  32. Jesusofsuburbia27

    Isaac Brock @ 2:42 ?

  33. norrad1000

    There was a time, about right when Nevermind came out in 91' when Mudhoney had just put out Every Good....and their was a sense in the underground community that Mudhoney were way cooler and hipper than NIRVANA. I didnt even really "listen" to Nevermind until early 93'. Shame on me! Kurt really loved and respected MUDHONEY.

  34. Eric LHeureux

    @ps3quinn you're exactly right. thank you for not trying to compare all of them

  35. Jayrad IsRad

    I second that.

  36. Karl Kackface

    Mark Arm has just got the greatest voice

  37. jiskefetisj

    In response to some of the comments below I'd like to say that, to me, most of Kurt's vocal melodies and chord progressions create a lot more interesting dynamics and harmonies together. Mark is purposely singing "goofy" in a sarcastic punkrock approved style a little too often for my taste. It has it's charm and they've written some great music for sure but I prefer more variety.

  38. Rm1000YrsWide

    I entirely agree. As someone who's really into grunge, I enjoy listening to Nirvana, but they were nowhere near as good as a bunch of different bands. Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Paw, Screaming Trees, Temple of the Dog...all much better than Nirvana. I like them, but musically they are inferior -- their many appeal is the catchiness and instant accessibility of their songs.

    Speaking of the awesome band Mudhoney, has anyone else heard their new album yet? It's awesome!

  39. Philip Marsden

    so it is, good eye there man

  40. brentoned

    Mudhoney still kicksass
    Check out my mudhoney T on my profile picture, for real, from like 1990.
    I know, who gives a F right?
    Anyway, glad to see subpop still supports them.