Muddy Waters - Crosseyed Cat Lyrics

Yeah I'm so sorry,
I got to leave my woman alone
Yeah I'm so sorry,
I got to leave my woman alone
Well you know she got a crosseyed cat,
Livin' without that man in her home

Every time I start to see this woman,
He's in the corner growlin' or layin' down
Every time I start to see this woman,
He's in the corner growlin' or layin' down
Yeah, you know he's too big to be a house cat,
And he's too small to be a lion
There's somethin' wrong

Yeah, I stop by my baby's house,
He start jumpin' from wall to wall
Yeah, I stop by my baby's house,
He start jumpin' from wall to wall
Then he's lookin' crosseyed at me,
Sit back in the corner and licked his paw

Yeah, my woman got a crosseyed cat,
Livin' there with her in her home
Yeah, my woman got a crosseyed cat,
Livin' there with her in her home
You know I try so hard to do her right,
But it seem like everything I do is wrong

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Muddy Waters Crosseyed Cat Comments
  1. Junk Finger

    This became my fuckin jam instantly. This is the second harmonica song im learning its fun

  2. Karipa Turketo

    Brought this cd when i was 14 im 45 now. Still remember the first time i heard Muddy. Was on my uncles Bose audio system . Unreal i was sold to the blues...😎😎

  3. Deltoidicus

    My favorite song on my favorite Muddy Waters album

  4. Charlie Apple

    Thirteen people are unlucky enough to have a cross-eyed cat.

  5. Lisa Bell

    Such a magical fluid sound.

  6. Bob Cail

    This is music


    Muddy King of the Blues......The King Bee!

  8. LawndaleLancaster

    Too big to be a house cat, too small to be a lion!!!

    A.T. Oliver

    He's in the corner growling or laying down!!!

  9. Roger That

    What a great tune.

  10. randall scott burress

    woke up the boss and he hates me now

  11. The Thing On The Doorstep

    Muddy, Cotton, Pinetope and Winter, music doesn't get any better thn this.

    Brian Coffey

    The Thing On The Doorstep Don't forget Willie "Big Eyes" Smith on drums.

  12. Santiago Raul Alba

    the best blues

  13. Billie Scott list 5


  14. lee lockamy

    looked all crossed eyed at me, sat back in the corner boy and licked his paws ! awesome !

  15. Yvonne Carter


  16. maria I

    Geez what a great album! It should be called Nothin' but Legends. The guitar note bend at 2:42... sooo bluesy... ALL of the piano ,the sound of the harp is incredible and Muddy's vocals... that voice...Can't get enough!

  17. lee lockamy

    bring it on home one time !!

  18. Laz N

    i play this in my harmonica key of C

  19. Larry DuVall

    very funny song and lp glad i got to see them live

  20. Alfredo Cristovam de Souza

    I m not american,but master rocknroll,blues and jazz.

  21. mario ginesi

    In questo album il sound è LA PERFEZIONE!

  22. tulllguy

    very smooth

  23. Robbie

    They are certainly possessed by something in this album. Awesome musianship. All play at the top of their game. The harp and piano playing are outstanding!

  24. Quincy Music

    Muddy & Johnny, simply the best you can ever get

  25. AIRSO97

    magic school bus

  26. Smeghead with a guitar

    Half way through the song, when my connection goes down and I'm left screaming NO!

  27. Adrian Lake

    My Oh My! If you don't like this, you shouldn't be living!!!!!!!

    August Darrow

    F em,they should b dead.This is so awsome.Long Live da Blues !

    Colin McFadin

    Little to far

  28. Adrian Lake

    Sing it Daddy!

  29. xxdfoster


  30. John Williams

    Did you here that, he took it to the upper room, song that song,

  31. Paul Chantreau

    How can u don't like that?

  32. ssurfcity

    Great tune, and album. So who comes to these obviously excellent songs and downvotes them? Were you ALWAYS a douchebag, or did you take lessons?

    steve FromEngland

    From the 80's? Wow, time flys...How the hell did I remember that one :)

    Kiani Francis

    I checked it on Wikipedia

    steve FromEngland

    Good on yer mate, that advert used to get right up my hooter :)

    Kiani Francis

    ...after a few years!

    steve FromEngland

    ...and even after a few beers

  33. Irene Beaudoin

    James Cotton Baby in his prime! Such a signature sound.

    steve FromEngland

    You can tell his quality anywhere Irene, amazing sound

  34. theguccipilot

    Did Leroy Portnoy blow the harp on this song?

    The Paranoid Blues Man

    +theguccipilot The liner notes to my CD copy say it was James Cotton for the whole album.


    theguccipilot jerry portnoy.

    Steve Boyle

    James Cotton, without a doubt.

  35. Gerard Julsing

    Muddy is the best !

  36. Helen Alexander

    this is the blues!!

  37. Arthurthistle

    Gotta love this album ...

  38. Jakab Józsa

    best eve

  39. RebllionDog

    Fuck Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Dave Pearson

    Love it!

  41. Truth always stands

    you firedrich sir, are a legend uploading this..

  42. N A

    The bass line on this song (played by Charles Calmeses) taught me, when I was younger, that a bass player could be authoritative, could drive the song, and didn't have to be skeerd of any guitard...what an album!

  43. james spillane

    beautiful harp

  44. Richie Rich

    This track is simply awesome. Awesomely awesome!

  45. james spillane

    this is the greatest lp ever made!!!!!!! muddy really got his act together towards the end!a bit like louisiana red (legend)

    Larry DuVall

    muddy was always great it just took johnny's love of blues and funds to put it together i jumped right on em in 77, i was already a blues freek by about 59 , jimmy reed and others, some really funny songs


    Aye right

  46. Chris Waldrop

    pinetop... you the man...