Mudcrutch - The Wrong Thing To Do Lyrics

Well, my daddy took me campin'
Out under the stars
Left me by the fire
While he hit the bars
And I broke my finger
On a trailer hitch
Mamma called daddy
That son of a bitch, all right

Well a hundred miles to go
You draggin' your ass
I'm in a Japanese car
That ain't gonna last
And you forever drivin'
On the wrong side of the road
Wearing dungarees
That your mother stole

Well my mamma loved me
But my daddy don't
I'm tryin' to work it all out
But I probably won't
I got a woman waiting
At the top of the stairs
It's the wrong thing to do
But I don't care

Well she was blond and tall
She was 23
Born into the world
To get the best of me
And she never paid back
Half what she stole
She wanted my money
So I gave her my soul

Well I was flying half mast
On the 4th of July
In a bar in Lake City
With a western tie
And I was thinkin' hard
About changin' my name
And headed for Miami
When the daylight came

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Mudcrutch The Wrong Thing To Do Comments
  1. E Harley Aguilar

    This is awesome thank you for sharing.

  2. Starrygirl63

    Lawdy the TALENT on that stage!!! Dannnnggggg..... ❤️🎸🎩🎵🌟😍

  3. Dave Newman

    what a great song. I "discovered" Mudcrutch listening to Tom Petty radio on Sirius XM radio. OMG. How did I miss this??? Graduated HS in 1980 and discovered Mudcrutch in 2019. Maybe an old dog can learn-

  4. Gary Simmons


  5. Nan Nelson

    So thankful for YouTube when as great a live performance like this shows up. Tom Petty, long lives your memory.

  6. E Harley Aguilar

    An awesome song and that was the beauty of Tom and his usual suspects - delivering great musical treasures for us to enjoy 💕🎸😊

  7. Cannabis Collins

    i canNOT believe that only 135k people have seen this phenomenal video....I MISS MR. PETTY so so much...tough tough loss

  8. Kim Johnson

    Damn. Tom Petty you were the greatest songwriter ever.

  9. Jim Thompson

    Tom may be gone but his music....forever and ever! As long as there's a human left, Tom's music will be heard!👍👍👍

  10. John Sample

    Mike Campbell killin it

  11. barbara Ann

    I am late in appreciating Mudcrutch. Wish I could have seen them. Awesome song.

  12. Starrygirl63

    Wow!!! Listen to all the special wonderful great gifts he gave us! It’s 4 am at my house and I’m listening to this awesome song in bed, instead of sleeping. He may be gone from our sight but his spirit, his soul, his poetry and his songs will live on forever in our hearts. Thank you TP for the legacy you left us. We all love and miss you so very much! ❤️

  13. Eric Hall

    Is the guitar player using one of those telecasters with the strap peg acts as the "whammy" bar when you pull down on the guitar?

  14. Donna N.

    only 8 years ago

  15. susan hutchinson

    TP will always be the best.

  16. Tricia Cassel-Gerard

    Love this!!! Xxx

  17. Barbara McCroy

    God, the lyrics are so meaty! Just a great kick ass song.🎸

  18. Thresa Larson

    Still every time I hear Room at the top of the world now it makes cry! I Know it is what it is But It really SUCKS ! Because we all know you still had So much more to give*

  19. Barbara McCroy

    Great song! Nice and rebellious!

    Barbara McCroy

    Thank you.🙃✌️🦆

  20. Wanda Schmitz

    Love it

  21. Julie A

    Love this song.

  22. Boo Boo

    Doesn't get any better than these geniuses
    So sad,you will be missed for a very long time but your music lives on forever💔💕💞

  23. Fernando Sánchez Montero

    Amazing. What a great band! Thanks Tom!

  24. PA Dodger

    Mighty Mike is sick.

  25. Gina Wyatt

    Wow. Wish I'd have been at one of their shows.

  26. unc13v1s10n

    Would love to know if there was video for the rest of this show.

  27. Señor Philipé

    Sorry to ask but is tom actually playing bass?

    Lorraine Klimek

    Yes, he is. Tom played bass when he was with Mudcrutch.

  28. jim rodgers

    R.I P Tom Petty, may you rock forever.You will be missed.

  29. Tanya Kadrmas

    Rain makes dirt

  30. DownHill Phil

    it's the right thing to do..... an' I love it.......

  31. Tina Schlegel

    what a awesome song 👍👍👍💖

  32. john nygren

    great song and a great cd

  33. Jan Graf

    Tom Petty is Great...

  34. DerDenWaldLiebt2011


  35. Kevin Anton

    Difficult to go wrong with Benmont Tench & Mike Campbell along ...

    evelyn baron

    And 2 yrs later how do they feel without him? All that flack in the band that outlasted every other one; he took the heat for all of them. 2 geniuses? Definitely. No question. And who goes and finds his first band because he loves his friends and friends and music are inseparable? I love Springsteen's music but BRUUUUUUUCE the boss would never contemplate it.

    Melissa Gerber

    Evelyn, they’re still shattered, of course.

  36. Lorraine Klimek

    Thank you. This is a good quality video. Love Mudcrutch album. I think his beard and hair look great - he looks so sweet and shaggy!

  37. hollis pencheff

    SO CLEAN!!!

    E Schwartz

    hollis pencheff i

  38. hollis pencheff

    You got to love MUDCRUTCH!!!!!!!!!

  39. Анатолий Трунов

    Красавец профессионал

  40. Shannon Kringen

    love this one.

  41. Donn Russell

    I got a woman waitin at the top of the stairs, it's the wrong thing to do but..I don'!

  42. k w

    Love, love, love this song.

  43. Bert van Staveren

    Terrific !!

  44. ugo olivelli

    grande Tom Petty !!! visto in concerto a modena con quel sonnifero di bob dylan nel lontano 1987

  45. niamhsdad01

    Too damn good!

  46. DetroitRockCity

    Great audio !!

  47. Solid Earth Music // videos by Patrick Beaumont

    I was at that show! I have never seen this video until tonight... is there more? Thanks for posting!

  48. Classic Rock Kid

    There's something surreal about knowing this happened about half an hour away from where I live.

  49. SuperEcwchampion

    What else shall I learn about these guys. Rock live and in the studio. And the rhythm guitarist is the brother of Eagles co-founder Bernie Leadon.

  50. Andrea Scarso

    20 th april my birthday!

  51. Albert W. Moore

    These old bastards rock!


    Old bastards rock the hardest.

    city zen

    Age teaches you what to leave out to keep it simple and effective.

    Gary Simmons

    @123ty All us old bastards rock hard boy.......We grew up that way.