Mudcrutch - Orphan Of The Storm Lyrics

An orphan of the storm
She moved to Houston
To live below
That copper colored sky
Louisiana girl
Born into losing
The skyline of the city
Made her cry

So lord send me down
A fallen angel
With a miracle to perform
And I ain't the kind
Who gives up
But I'm so tired of rain
Lord I'm just an
Orphan of the storm

She'd lived there before
When she was using
Now she's standing on
The same old street again
Yeah that hurricane
It blew her back to Houston
Had to give into
The devil's howling wind

Now somewhere down the line
There must be salvation
She thought it through
20 years ago
But sin spoke
A constant invitation
It was in her veins
And wouldn't let her go

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Mudcrutch Orphan Of The Storm Comments
  1. Norah Harrison

    One of my favourites ❤❤

  2. Gary Simmons

    Man, these guys are so awesome! Best country music I've heard in years.

  3. Azi Smythe

    Can't help but think I first heard this a long time ago..........but it seems to have been written around 2007 after Hurricane Katrina; probably never played @ Dubs in '74......................


    Gram Parsons style

  4. music for E

    great album....still smooth