MSG (Michael Schenker Group) - Rock Steady Lyrics

It all began long ago, you have to understand
The boy became a rock star with a guitar in his hand
Dreamin' on, dreamin' on, nothing's ever changed
Sing songs from east to west, bringing out the best

Spotlight, I could feel the temperature risin'
So get right, ready to explode, I'm ignitin'
Hands up, we gotta get this started
Get up, you gotta get it wanted

Livin' it up, rock steady
Livin' it up, we're keepin' the faith
Livin' it up, rock steady
Takin' you back to your yesterdays

Oh, oh

Run wild, thes shot of tequila mixed with bad boys
Sweet child, when you sing to me, I'm in trouble
Hands up, we gotta get this started
Get up, you gotta get it wanted

Livin' it up, rock steady
Livin' it up, we're keepin' the faith
Livin' it up, rock steady
Takin' you back to your yesterdays

Livin' it up, rock steady
Livin' it up, we're keepin' the faith
Livin' it up, rock steady
Takin' you back to your yesterdays

It all began long ago, you have to understand
The boy became a rock star with a guitar in his hand
Hands up, we gotta get this started
Get up, you gotta get it wanted

Livin' it up, rock steady
Livin' it up, we're keepin' the faith
Livin' it up, rock steady
Takin' you back to your yesterdays

Livin' it up, rock steady
Livin' it up, we're keepin' the faith
Livin' it up, rock steady
Takin' you back to your yesterdays

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MSG (Michael Schenker Group) Rock Steady Comments
  1. David Hobbs

    I ended up buying the album. Can't say it's much good to be honest. It's a collection of lightweight poppy songs with generally forgettable solos with no bite, intensity or inventiveness. Listen to tracks like lost horizons or cry for the nations to see how poor this really is.

  2. Mark Lance

    Send us some The Enervates songs milord Schenker please... We love yaaaa

  3. David Gil Comino

    INCREIBLE!!!!!!!! EL Mejor guitarrista !!!!!!! Cuando lo vi por primera vez de lo mejor que he visto en mi vida!!!!! IMPRESIONANTE!!!!!!!!Michael Schenker is the BEST!!!!!! THE NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!

  4. David Gil Comino

    Michael Schenker Is of the best rockguitarists in the world !!!!!!!!

  5. rami nitsan

    great album

  6. Vidal jacques

    guitariste d'Anthologie

  7. anocsalepo

    2.13 .MS right frontside of body has turkish flag.🇹🇷🤘

  8. Eldon B

    Great job, boys!

  9. kamaboko1

    This like Hear n' Aid

  10. mark davis

    man this is a good tune!! must buy it!!

  11. idefix2500

    Fuck it's too much, i can't go to bed, sooo good!!

  12. Jetstream Kel メ

    Rock 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👉🦵🖕🖐✌🖖🤘✊👎👌✋🖐🧠👣👣🦴🦴

  13. Pat Hagar

    Great tune.

  14. MyLovelyReborns !

    I don*t understand..

    MyLovelyReborns !

    But i love Bonnet.

  15. James Fink

    Such a phenomenal guitar player but it's sad that you have to listen to such crappy songs that go along with it. Other than a handful of great songs in his early solo days the songs themselves he has played on have not been worth listening to since UFO.

  16. MrMustard2U

    Should have let Graham Bonnet sing this one alone....

  17. javier martin

    El faldillas : ) nuevo look

  18. freddy spin

    Saw them live , the guys have fun, that's nice to see, no ego's.

  19. 【ギター】魔王【弾いてみた】


  20. Jim Rodriguez

    As a life long Schenker fan I hate this so much. What a corporate shitbag of an anthem.

  21. Kevin Raabe

    Killer solos....always special. You hear how Schenker "squeezes" notes/tone out... his trademark. Always manages to get one note out that makes you say WOW....i also wonder out loud if those grooving rhythms are created by that badass Steve Mann Is that his name I think?

  22. Jarkko Kyntäjä

    Legends, making 1st class music. Long may it continue, in these times of disposable music pollution.

  23. kevin nathan

    This is too soft for me. Saw Michael and Temple a few months ago they were phenomenal but I pass on this song. Am I the only one?

  24. KarnEvil4

    The deal with the hat Gary wears is more about thinning hair than it looking like Ted Nugent. They all do that! Look at Brett Michaels wearing the cowboy hat for example, its so obvious, c'mon!

  25. Michel JAY

    Michael always sounds rock solid no matter what kind of substances he absorbed throughout all those years... and he always delivers his leads with lots of feeling which sets him apart from most fellow axemen... not to mention his unique touch !


    🤭This song is a cheesy dud. Hope the rest of the record is better.

  26. Elica Miwa

    Fun, Fun, and Enjoyment! Great!

  27. Zoran Jokic

    legends rides again

  28. Jayson Raphael Murdock

    This is what Eddie Van Halen needs to do. Ed, Alex, Wolf, Dave, Sammy, Mike and yes Gary and Mitch too.


    None of these guys need Eddie, they're better without him (or Alex)

  29. Cristián Pavez

    Michael says that wrote this song to record with Ron Wood and Mick Jagger and you feel the Stones vibe!

  30. Sabah Zarid


  31. Big Dave Kilbride

    Brilliant as always can't wait for the new album.

  32. Amber Schenker Meyer

    I love this song. and Michael Schenker Fest

  33. Klara Korn

    Scheiße !! leider kann sich mit Bon Jovi die Hand geben. Seicht und langweilig

  34. vipersocks

    Yep that's Michael :-)

  35. randall scott burress


    randall scott burress


    randall scott burress

    "Tank Wad I'm we tired and can wisten before i pop up some daisies?

  36. Michael Decibel

    I am a Michael schenker fan but this song sounds like ""Boney M"" for rock ,just cheap commercial !!

  37. Orito Kaneko

    Cool song! MSF rules forever‼︎

  38. petey wheaty

    Saw them in KCMO Graham Bonnet sounded great and the best in my opinion. Never saw so many lead vocalists in a band and there were only 3! not 4

  39. Broncycolon 70

    Saw Schenker as UFO Guitarist in 1997....arrogant type.....Bad memories....😠
    Btw...he never was an U.F.O.

  40. Jr Jacques

    Bonnet Rocks ! ! !

  41. Tom Johnston

    Cheesy sounding. Like everything wrong with the eighties combined. Come on Michael, you can do SOOOO much better

  42. 97carded

    All the singers were never good without Micheal. The only singer that was good is Phil.

  43. Heavy Metal

    I'm a giant MS fan but this totally SUX -Gary's voice sux and the lyrics are cheesy as hell-even MS on guitar is nothing that special or inspiring -I hope rest of the new album is better

  44. Elton Jagger

    I was fortunate be front row to see Michael Schenker's last show of the tour in Austin. I also caught him up close and personal in Dallas last year. No doubt that he is the greatest guitarist that ever lived but this song is embarrassingly terrible.

  45. Kevin Raabe

    Dammmmm..... there's that tone...

    Greg - Warsaw

    Yes, there's that all. THAT tone is there from start to end, try Track 11 at 4:40. I wasn't hindered by some mixed reviews and found the album greatly pleasurable. It is similar to the Resurrection in a good sense. The guitar is searing and the vocals superb. I looked right away to the booklet to seek for mention about the late Ted McKenna and wasn't disappointed - the whole last page is dedicated to the man' s memory, with taste and sincerity. I RECOMMEND THIS ALBUM to rock fans who don't mind it's predictable and repetitive. Aren't J.S. Bach or Vivaldi that way too? I like the Revelation very much. Keep on rockin' guys.

  46. Martyn123

    A bit cheesy of a song but these guys appear to be having a great time, saw them in Birmingham, England a couple of months ago, good health to them

  47. james vincent

    Phenomenon/No Heavy Petting/Force It/Lights Out/Obsession/Strangers In The Night/MSG/The End

  48. Katrina Pennington

    1.25 speed is better

  49. Wansuk Teeha

    Superb ein genuss viele liebe gruesse

  50. S. Pak

    Old new was OK...guess these guys need the money...just glad to see my guitar god out their having fun and still rocken.

  51. Peter Salmon

    Graham Bonnet. The greatest rock singer. Awesome with Schenker

    Jason Wooler

    Still got a great set of pipes

  52. Michael O`Neil

    Shame no Super Ted on drums

    Bredo Myrvang

    Assuming you are talking about Ted McKenna... He is dead... so what do you do?

  53. Simon Mack

    love Schenkers work but this so lame .terrible!

  54. John Falkenthal

    I love these guys, their fun loving attitudes, their love of playing together, zero ego, and of course, Michael's incredible soaring talent that is simply unequaled. Resurrection is soooo good (and so underrated), I'm anxiously awaiting Revelation. Rock on boys.

  55. Didier Descamps

    Great track; impatient to listen to the new album and to see Michael and his friends live again at the Bang your head festival

  56. agr78

    Look forward to the new album. Hope it’s as good as the last one!


    Outstanding! It's great on it's own...having seen MSF live for the first time in early May (Milwaukee, WI) I have an even greater appreciation for how talented all these gentlemen are.

    Ken Nechvatal

    i was at that show in Milwaukee too. it was fantastic. rock bottom solo was incredible. Singers were great but Barden was having a hard time hitting the high notes

  58. 394pjo

    All credit to Graham Bonnet, he's still got that 'business upstairs' hairdo going on.

    Michael Bradley

  59. Sinner Train

    I don't really care for the song much or the 80's style production, but its Michael Schenker people!  The previous Fest album was pretty good so perhaps the new one will some better songs.

  60. 9496Tull

    The Blonde Bomber looks so Happy these days. Looks like he’s having a blast. Killer song too

  61. Mark Stoneman

    Schenker still brilliant ✌


    RIP Ted Muckenna….

  63. blazeandcyrus

    Still sound incredibly good! Wow!

  64. ネルキュー

    幸せそうな Michael も大いに結構だけど、もうそろそろキャリアの集大成になりつつあって、ギラギラが無くなっちゃったかな。

  65. enrkaton82

    As usual, crazy Mike is still developing and shining with his extraterrestrial talent. And now, surrounded by three great singers!! (pay attenttion to Gary and Robin, terrific) Even so, i can´t stand Doggie White. I must recognise that i have suffered him since the Rainbow days to Temple Of Rock, including Demon´s eye. Even then, he hasn´t any power, colour or distinctive appealing vocals. Nothing but an ugly scottish accent. Bland style, lascklust performances and amateur stage abilities. Also, nowadays his voice is even worse. Come on, Michael, you can do better than that. Get over that done amateur. Your music deserve more than fatass pub singers.


    Agreed. Doogie can't hold a candle to the awesome Robin McAuley. Robin should have been a star singer, up there with Coverdale but he never got dealt the right cards I guess. So underrated.

  66. Izzi Michaels

    pick a singer. (not graham....he's lost it long ago)


    Robin McAuley any day of the week. The guy still looks a Rock Star (even though he never quite made it), and that voice!

    Izzi Michaels

    @McTurbo1300 agree 100%!!! robin has always sounded great, and still does. plus he does a great job with the other singers songs....mogg, barden, bonnett etc....

  67. Mr01081960

    Gary Graham and Robin are great while doogie white i feel sorry for him 😎

    Izzi Michaels

    @Mr01081960 i figured that out


    Michael needs another assault attack type record those were times in his peak period ofcourse all of his work with UFO legendary 🎵🎵🎵🎵🤘🤘


    @Scf totally agree with you

    Izzi Michaels

    @Scf another written the sand would work too


    @Izzi Michaels lol zing!

  68. Андрей Электро

    Есть еще порох в пороховницах!😀🤘

    Vitaly Krahn

    Надеюсь этот альбом будет лучше предыдущего

  69. Veronica Gutiérrez

    So cool...
    Love Gary's voice 😍

  70. RainMaikerTV

    Robin McAuley
    delightful vocalist! Super!

  71. Mister Tee

    These kids could really go places if they stick to it

  72. Farock Tobbal

    I think the new album of scorpions will be a big surprise and great album

  73. Stephens Dygert

    This song sucks. Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet have always sucked. I love Doogie. The best band Michael has had since UFO, is the Temple of Rock. Doogie White- Herman Rarebell- Francis Bucholz. Great chemistry! And of course Wayne Rocks.

    zen babaloo

    Take Schenker away from Mogg and he's almost useless but there's
    one surprisingly okay album outside of UFO.....sort of......a one-off he
    did with a very messed up Pete Way called The Plot in 2004. It's not
    too far away from punk rock.

    Stephens Dygert

    @zen babaloo I disagree and so would Steve Harris and Dave Murray. The lineup of Mogg- Schenker- Way- Parker- was magical music chemistry. Then you add Paul Raymond to the mix. Musical perfection of Rock at its finest. Melody- Harmony- Rhythm. The song writting was like a "heavy -metal Beatles". By far the most underated Band of all time.

    zen babaloo

    Uh....did you read what I said? I suspect Mogg focused him.
    Mogg would tell him this or that bit sucked. I don't think anyone
    else he's ever worked with really has had the nerve to. UFO with
    Schenker was my favorite band in the mid-70s.

  74. Rzeznik rydzyk

    Nice eurovision song !!!

  75. Valeri Zaykov

    this will be another amazing album love the new line up

  76. The wurm

    nice leads and some legendary players, but let's be honest... this song and video is cheese

    Izzi Michaels

    youre being kind


    Badass as always!!! Schenker!!!!!!!!!

  78. Costantino Andruzzi

    While this is not bad per se, I'd have opted for a first single with more punch & crunch to it.

    Dede Ruge

    Do you know the new single from Accept...that was schocking

    Kevin Raabe

    that's, what makes schenker tone so special...... less gain, less saturation, more honest tone. Rigorous honesty😂😂

  79. Per Vesterholm

    Michael Schenker Is Not a Blues/Funk Guitarist !! But He Is one of the best melodic/rockguitarists in the world ❤️

    james vincent

    Does he need to be a Funk/Blues guitarist? Are there not plenty of those already?

    Greg - Warsaw

    He has the tone, the timbre. In his playing rocking roughness is not muddy or dirty - every note is clean, articulate, precise and distinct. The solos are so consistent, supple, creamy. And then, that feeling of easiness, - the sounds that flows freely and effortlessly. Complete and ultimate mastery.

  80. Ghost Of A Lion

    Another awesome video from the guys from MSG and the master guitar work of Michael Schenker!!

  81. Foodback TV

    another great song. feels like chrysalis years

  82. Father Syrinx

    Been a fan since I was 12 and No Heavy Petting was the new album. I hate to say it, but this song is weak. Was really hoping for more with that title.

  83. Renato Palhano

    Average and forgetable song but I like the video. RIP Ted and Paul.

    Oh welcome back Bodo 😎✌

    Aiman Falihin

    Bodo from MSG join them?

    Renato Palhano

    @Aiman Falihin yes he is on the vid


    Who are these weird old men ? Where did they come from ? Is there favorite movie Cocoon ? Do they listen to Steel Panthers ''Gang bang at the old folks home ? Laughed so hard my third testicle fell off.

    Izzi Michaels

    does ANYONE listen to steel panther? Im surprised that they carved out a niche....."gay metal".

  85. Illuminated Skeletons

    Christ.... this guy's lead guitar playing is from another planet - he's as good as he ever was, and his note selection seems even more original and exquisite than ever.... the song is fun, the guitar playing is amazing. Great vocal from Graham Bonnet, and the other guys.

  86. Pei Pei

    Rock Schenker!!

  87. MrFirst2536

    So sad I was born in wrong Generation
    im the children of 90s who love 70s 80s So much.


    But the 90s were great.


    @Axonis yes have some great band like pearl jam

  88. protolexis

    It’s so endearing to see these grandpas rock out right before going to their dialysis appointments.

  89. sean maguire

    love to see the schenker fest tour in Ireland.


    Ide love to see 'em applying there wrinkle cream whilst eating an unsliced cucumber sandwich.

  90. Mark H

    schenker is great, but that's the worst rock steady ever


    I wish they would have consulted us before releasing this. :D

  91. Nicolas11x12 English

    Sounding really good and fresh!

  92. Polentaccio

    What's with Doogie's kilt all the time? Barden's voice is done but everybody else sounds good. Tune is a little "dated" though for sure but that's alright. I am surprised all 4 guys are still ok with touring and doing songs here or there. Wonder how they split the pot?

    Izzi Michaels

    the magic of the studio.....i just saw schenker fest and graham was BAD

  93. PeaveyPV20

    Nice one has a bit of a whitesnake sound to it. Amazing how schenker can knock new stuff out as often as he does at his age and every album still sounds different

  94. Andy H

    Country Rock will eventually kill metal. Like grunge did in the 90s😂

    Chris Montreuil

    Hope not. Grundge is really garabage


    Like anything in life, it depends. There's good grunge and there's garbage. Alice in Chains I consider garbage. Soundgarden and King's X I consider great. And STP should not be called grunge since it's like a modern day mix of Led Zeppelin+Doors more than anything, besides that they were in another state, in another city, completely separate from it. (like King's X)

  95. Marcelo Melgaço

    Love the genius Schenker brother, but like Bad Co.'s Rock Steady better. 😉

    Izzi Michaels

  96. metalheadbill

    When did Gary Barden turn into Ted Nugent?

    Dave West

    He had a hair transplant and more fell out afterwards, I think.

    Davi Cirillo

    I thought it was him for a sec.

    Zakk Garth

    When did Schenker turn into Richie Sambora?

    Breno Raphaldini

    That was my first reaction, I though "What the fuck is Uncle Ted doing there?" hahahah

  97. Low Bow

    Kirk must be in hype! 🤘


    Albert Einstein Of All Guitar !!!!

    Rob Plant

    BEST OF MAD INFLUENCE DRUM AND BASS popularity means absolutely nothing. You only have to look at some of these guitar lists of top 100 whatever nonesense and it’s laughable. You only have to listen to how many of these revered guitarists you’ve mentioned who site mike as a major influence


    @UNITED STATESIDE DRUM AND BASS ARCHIVES I'm 58 Been Listening To Michael Since I'm 14...
    At 14 Years Old Playing Leads On Scorpions First Album... UFO... Strangers In The Night... 1 Of Top 10 Live Rock N Roll Albums Of All Time.... Has Put Out Albums Non Stop Since The 70's... Rolling Stones Tried To Get Him.. Aerosmith Tried To Get Him.... Slash Go Look Up UFO Guest Appeance With Slash... And See Slash Did Not Go Within 10 Feet Of Michael As If He Was Scared.... I am Sure You Have Not Listened To The Thank You Series... Or The Odd Trio Or Adventures Of Immagination.... Kirk Helmet Alex Leifson John Norum... All Will Tell You Michael Influenced Them..
    Dude Find Someone Else To Debate... T Have Evehthing He Has Ever Played On.. And Just To Piss U Off More... Jimmy Hendrix Is Not Qualified To Even Carry Michaels Bag To The Stage... Your In A Debate You Can't Win.2nd Place Is First Loser !!!
    And They All Stand Behind Michael....... Einstein !!!!

    Rob Plant

    BEST OF MAD INFLUENCE DRUM AND BASS I’m not by any means telling you that opinion is wrong, we all have opinions, but I can’t get on board with popularity mate. If that was the case we’d all be listening to Ed bastard Sheeran 😂


    @Rob Plant nice comment that is exactly what I just got done telling this guy !!!

    james marko

    Buckethead and Morello better than shenker?  Don't think so dude. And you've been playing guitar for over 30 years too? SMDH. I'm sure if you asked those guitarists if they were better than schenker they'd say you were smoking.