Mraz, Jason - Halfway Around The World Lyrics

Friday night and I'm far away,
Feeling distance and meditating, laying low
Twenty something days remain
Until I see my lady once again
I'm holding on to memories
Like specialties that she'd make for me
I'm developing a taste for yesterdays...
Plain and simple I refuse
To make her absence mean I'll lose
Instead I'll use this time for recreation

See I'm half here, and I'm half there
I'm halfway around the world

I'm stretched out in shavasana,
My feet up and I'm working on my breath control
Yes I'm floating up and over my own body
I know the warm and fuzzies are taking over
I'm feeling a little bit high and a little bit low
A little bit warm a little bit cold
A little bit fast a little bit slow
I'm a little bit yes and a little bit no
A little bit hard a little bit soft
I wanna keep going but I wanna get off
I'd rather be in places where your face is...

See I'm half here, and I'm half there
I'm halfway around the world

I'm Beijing and I am Indonesia
I'm Singapore and I'm Seoul, Korea
Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei
I'm Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From the Midwest, through Chicago
Flying business, arigato
Through Narita, on the beat
I'm grateful for my window seat

Traveling gets hearts beating
Unraveling not fall sleeping

See I'm half here, and I'm half there
I'm halfway around the world

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Mraz, Jason Halfway Around The World Comments
  1. Erhan Achmad

    Why didn't he put this on his new record? Im disappointed

    Rock Star

    Maybe it means he'll put it somewhere on his upcoming albums. I hope

  2. Marcos Plata

    Can you guys ask me a question? What is the type of Ukulele he is using in this song? And what is the pitch?

  3. Erhan Achmad

    why cant I find this on Spotify?

  4. npu

    it's been a few months I've been listenning to this song, and it seems I can't get enough of it <3 it's perfect

  5. Hanyu Chen

    I really love this song

  6. Matt Burton


  7. Fatah Umasugi

    Big Fans from Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore here

  8. Joel Alvarez

    amazing song

  9. Tipanie Blanco

    Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

  10. prolifepinay

    Love this song so much. Lucky gal, whoever the inspiration for this song is.

  11. Mr.Maia

    Because of the subtlety in which the buildup dies. I tear up during that whole bit too.

  12. Mr.Maia

    Incredible that he hasn´t put this on an album.

  13. sparklyAli

    This should be a single. I love it x

  14. Ana Diegues

    how many times can i press the button "like" on this?

  15. Adam Setiawan

    iam indonesia ,,,,,,

  16. Karri H

    " I wanna be in places where your face is " <3 !!!

  17. Billi9559

    This performance just might be my favourite thing. Ever.

  18. castlesville

    Just post it in azlyrics =)

  19. sparklyAli

    I love this song, although he also said 'I wrote this the other day and the band learned it today' when I saw him in December this year! xx

  20. Fernando Gabian

    i wanna the lyrics

  21. AboutJasonMraz

    i love this song! :-D

  22. Koenjah

    This is ridiculoueslsy awesome!!

  23. Koenjah

    lol 1800 views..
    If this would be on the radio everyone would like it =)

  24. Manak Kapoor

    Download it... Just add hear infront of youtube in the url bar, so it becomes hearyoutube[dot]com/watch?blabla

  25. Angie Live

    I want the same. Do you?

  26. Santiago Albarracín

    Please! Do you have the lyrics??