Mr. Vegas - Model Lyrics

[Vegas' lyrical intro]

Jus model pon dem like yuh know how
yuh nuh live like some ah dem weh sell gow
nuh man can bounce yuh bout like yuh a poppyshow
yuh nuh mix inah careless crowd
from yuh know yuh self ah up they yuh wah reach
jus maintain the hype that yuh mamma preach
all gial ah bad mind, dem nuh stop fling dem speech
jus mek ah gial know seh yuh nah bleach

Thats why yuh mumma tell yuh keep one friend
and mek sure ah pon it alone yuh a spend
Tek good care ah it nuh mek it condemn
Any man pass through him haffi come again
Mek sure yuh can count yuh ex-man one gone
Little from this a jus the wedding band
Yuh nuh copy-happy no yuh no carbon
And yuh nah tek part ina caravan

[Repeat CHORUS]

Yuh neva ningy niggy ina nuh man ears
Dem nuh like how yuh get whe wid yuh own ways
You ah step up while nuffa them still a gaze
Set the trend cause ah bashment you ah blaze
Them nuh see nuh man ah tek yuh fi no fool
anywayz yuh land gial ah you rule
Them a wear Matta Split fih the cest pool
just give an gid em yuh benz and gold AND

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Repeat Verse 1]

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