Mr. Vegas - Kokane Lyrics

My name is Kokane
I will mess up your brain
If you know all what I know you
Flash me down the drain [2x]

I make you high just for a minute
Tell your friends that you hate in it
With lie and live you see that you bin
Sorry that you take me
Up where you love it

You don't feel me
I don't feel you
You make me bigger and better then you
I make you feel good for a minute of two
But after that ajam come with you

Ajam turning the riching before
Turn I put you put you calling a hore
Sella coming and sleep on the floor
And you get subjects how you get some more

My name is Kokane
I will mess up your brain
If you know all what i know you
Flash me down the drain [2x]

I get a litle snif here
And a litle snif there
It's a while and mo jest
In the bronx niggers yeah

Ti la la la la la bom bom ti lei

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Mr. Vegas Kokane Comments
  1. **Snobilik**

    Mythic song!!!🤩

  2. mark van gaat je nixan

    Based on a true story

  3. Abigail Goddard

    Great song, vocals and track - wicked!

  4. stefan x

    This song makes me wanna do some coke strangely

  5. SHINE beauty sure does

  6. stefan x

    totally iced up but the bling lights everything up. haha dont flaunt

  7. adsfgvbadfgdf

    I thank my big brother for playing this all the time when we was younger playing the ps2 for hours & shit lol !

  8. Mitchell Lems

    The force is strong with this one in 2015 :D

  9. Ally The Best

    yowii - kokane <3


    you to ^^ ?

  10. gtguigui

    not Ayo but "AYD" ;)


    rappers lol


    Your sure? Thats cool! Ayo is one of the realest raper in sweden

  13. DukeDigi

    It is him!


    sure but so is the rest of the world too


    Is this ayo "one eye red" from stockholm, it sounds alot like him

  16. jimmy rustles


  17. zmatekk

    Kryten where is my cup?!?!? i can stick this cheesy tune into it and grow new Amata 10meters high in week!
    maglor mix with beenie and vagas is much more better...

  18. haighie1997

    this song is actually amazing say no fucking more

  19. jean-marc prudhon

    South America,,,Nuclear weapon...............

  20. bigz 2shen

    thumbs up if ya still like tha song in 2012

  21. avidism

    Holy shit i forgot about this so many memories

  22. Paul Agola

    america is full of crackheads for real

  23. Vince Moe

    my name is 0:13

  24. alldamnnamesaretaken

    lyrics are so true!

  25. alldamnnamesaretaken

    lyrics are so true!

  26. soulgenie peters

    big 4kin tuuuune real recognize real aruba ..sint maartin d.s.g 4 life..soul gnie

  27. Al B

    Does anyone know whats the instrumental/riddim? I've heard it from other songs from beenie man and ce'cile but I can't find it. HELP PLEASE!!

    Antonio J

    Beenie man & Milis to be loved☝🏽

    Antonio J

    8years later but I got you g

  28. Al B

    Anyone know how this riddim is called?

  29. artur516

    Real Booty Babes Kokaine is so much better

  30. BierZuiger

    anyone know where i can get this song?

  31. McElwee Custom Motorcycles Ltd.

    this version sucks!

  32. Stax_Noir

    bad man chuuneee

  33. db0711

    uhm, ... better!
    but "badder" sounds funny too ;)

  34. blaze1man

    u dont fear me, and i dont fear you
    ive broke down bigger and badder than you!!....real talk!!

  35. jej joj


  36. 8cansofstrongbow

    fuuuck i havent heard this in years.

    nice one

  37. renek050

    the only thing i fear is the F.B.I
    nice song ; )

  38. Jazzi STE

    minnen.... :)

  39. CologneTobi

    I love it