Mr. Vegas - I'm All That & More Lyrics

There was a time
In my life
I was so defeated
Without a fight
My spirit was broken, good Lord
Day and night
But when I started believing
In you Lord, you showed me the light

You said that I'm all that
All that
All that
All that
All that
All that and more

You lifted me up up up up...

I spent all my dough in the bank
But I feel rich with this joy that I have
I lost a few friends that I had
They gave up on me when things were so bad
But Lord if they only knew
There's no other friend like you
You lifted me up and start me a new
It shows in the things that you do

You lifted me up up up up...

You said that I'm all that
All that
All that
All that
All that
All that and more

Confidence that a the key
That's why mi believe in a me
Mi nuh have no college degree
But intelligence God give it to me
Down a yard or oversea
Live pon the hill or inna poverty
We may nuh have, nuff money
But wi have salvation and that free

Put your hands up...

You said that I'm all that
All that
All that
All that
All that
All that and more

You lifted me up up up up...

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Mr. Vegas I'm All That & More Comments
  1. Minukuu Health Tutorials

    Love this

  2. R H

    My brother your a living witness what god can do Matthew 19 ver 26
    Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible." I pray god continue empower you to keep the fire burning demolish Satan kingdom

  3. Victor Musau

    Good Music...This is what I am Talking About

  4. duhane Thompson

    good song still love it

  5. The Bird

    respect xD

  6. 1reggaegurl

    blessings mr vegas..u fesh up my soul..righteous tune

  7. Martin Mendy

    Keep it up Mr. Vegas

  8. TyRel Dickson

    nice good music keep them coming my favorite was heads high now idk good art good artists props mr vegas

  9. Gancho Lambev

    I love Mr. Vegas even before Lord find me. I am no longer worried about this wonderful man and talent. I am truly happy for now he knows that He loves him.

  10. Saint Tredder

    Very creative the words and how God wash off all the sin off you and made you look so new fresh and clean and sound clean too.

  11. Terry Dunham

    Love this song!!! Can you please post the lyrics here. I want to do this in our church here in Poughkeepsie NY! YOU LIFTED ME UP!!!!

  12. Isabella B

    Big Chunnee! God ah Boss!! Whamm to dem!! God over evil life over death!😘😍👏👏👐💕💢😝😡😻👵💔💖💖👍👊😳 emoggeee overlord. I love the Lord too! I see how you deal! Blessings my brother!! Do it for the Lord he run things! Blessings and light plenty niceness bro!!!!💜💜💜💜 God keep thee in all thy ways!!

  13. Nadene P

    I really love this song Mr. Vegas.....🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  14. Dion Peters

    ROWAN ON FIRE. Proud of u mate!

  15. T Rallo

    Love this song, already preordered!

  16. Veneta Lawson

    Love it. God bless.

  17. True Lucian

    good job wonderful video for a wonderful song may God continue to bless and guide you and keep you on the path that you have chosen and he has chosen for you. blessings

  18. sk julieh reyes Alvarado

    ilove you

  19. asher917

    big respect vegas. at least you give your life to Christ when u still hot unlike the rest of them that washed up that God can barely use. wicked tune.

  20. samron811 lol

    ive written a reggae song but im no singer bro ur voice would be perfect

  21. samron811 lol

    u are the best bro cant find no1 that can sing like u man u one of a kind

  22. Minke Boneberger

    Rowen Reecks 😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Kitty Boobsy

    you lifted me up up up.. nice done. so different from what we use from him. keep the hits comming

  24. Kevin Morris

    well break it down Vegas got dammit....udaman

  25. Kathia Wright

    wow Mr. Vegas nice video and song.


    A hit this mon !!! ❤️🦉

    sk julieh reyes Alvarado

    you kiss

  27. Alyssa Richardson

    I like this

  28. Jjj Semple

    very nice some of the people that never want see me rise should hear this

  29. Smooth T

    Bless up Mr. Vegas! The message in the music.