Mr. Vegas - Gallis Lyrics

Are you serious?
This trick done left his Myspace open

Oh, wha' gwaan baby girl?
Don't, "baby girl" me!
How many of your groupies you call, "baby girl?!"
Is Teeshi your baby girl?!
Is Amanda your baby girl to?!
And who the hell is Bonquisha?!
Is that even a name?

Man a gallis (man a gallis)
Have girls every day
Girls every dad
(Real gyal)
(All gyal)

No man to me thing, every queen to a king
Watch D&G a buss the Gallis Swing
Gallis, Gallis, Gallis Swing
Everybody start do the Gallis Swing
Some man a swing from the gyal dem, a weh dem a swing go?
Me swing with the gyal dem, a deh so me thing go
Gyal, inna the club, a in deh we a go
Me have fi rise with one a dem tomorrow

Talk the truth, from you deh 'pon the gyal dem route
Talk the truth, every man weh waan give a gyal a youth
Talk the truth, from you know say you a no coot
Talk the truth, man a vegetarian, me a no fruit

Man a gallis (man a gallis)
Have girls every day
Girls every day

Hear me now!
Big up every gallis from Yaad back to London
"Gyal a call we name all over the ocean"
Woman we pet and pamper and lotion
Cut and go through, that a the devotion
From you a gallis, do the Gallis Swing
Ravers a gallis, dem a Gallis Swing
M.O.B., dem a Gallis Swing
D&G have gyal inna the gallis thing

Talk the truth, from you deh 'pon the gyal dem route
Talk the truth, every man weh waan give a gyal a youth
Talk the truth, from you know say you a no coot
Talk the truth, man a vegetarian, me a no fruit

Man a gallis (man a gallis)
Have girls everyday
Girls every day

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Mr. Vegas Gallis Comments
  1. Shockwave G1

    Que tiempos aquellos y mas esos carnavales del 2009

  2. Shamar Morris

    Year: 2009

  3. Jamwash Joni

    Man a gal

  4. Janet dhanpat

    2019 and still lit🔥

  5. Joseph Smith

    Minuto 2.45 empieza el recuerdo like si aun lo escuchas 2019 👻🖤 @josephhsmiith saludos desde panama 🇵🇦

    Betta Gamer

    Actvo de chorrera🤙🏻🇵🇦🔥

    d'angelo tube

    Que plena esaa que recuerdos no entiendo como eso pegaba por aca

    Adriana Alexander

    Activa desde San Miguelito 🔥

  6. Sandra Linton

    2019 anyone weh u dah

  7. Jamika Glinton

    Here in 2019

  8. Christopher Quezada

    2019 Brrrrr

  9. Jay Jku2013

    April 2019, man i miss the 2000s dancehall when dancing was fun.. "Mad run mad run" once yuh hear that yuh know the party bout fi get crazy.. "Dance and form ah ring kill dem wid the hype"

  10. Loco Fefo

    - 2019?

  11. Arron Webb

    Nice Video Tribute To Michael Jackson :D


    2019 still lit

  13. Stephen Martin

    Ya done know lol

  14. jdios1985

    still mi bumping dis ina 2019

  15. Adoniszż Abrego



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  17. Omar Lali

    Anyone here 2019

  18. Chai Latte'

    Mon a galllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

  19. Alex Molnar


  20. Carlos Romero

    Me luke dis song

  21. Delano bowie

    Jheeeez! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. gio icon

    Stilllll hottttt 2018

  23. Tamesha Wallace

    So underrated! This song is 🌡

  24. Viral Videos


  25. Nishit_77

    Can anybody guide me which language is this?

    samiel francis

    It's Jamaican creole (patios, or 'patwa')

  26. Jose Rojas


  27. Jerome Foster

    2018 ?

  28. patrick wasike

    The dance at 4:12-13 rips through me like a bullet. Its fire

  29. Maroa J.

    Sick jam

  30. Felicia Nicholas

    I love that they have the diversity of dances , normal looking people ❤️Not ah fan of the stush wine but the other dances ! 🙌🏾 Jamaica we live !

  31. Shortbosstia

    2018 and still lit🔥🔥

  32. N1n3y N1n1h did I get back here🙈...maaad tune still

  33. Shamar Morris

    Dir: Jay Will (GAME OVER)

  34. Dary Rodriguez

    Real Dancehall .🔥🔥🔥

  35. King Livingston

    still ramping

  36. Unapologetically Black

    This is what I like to see from my people! AWESOME VIDEO!!!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  37. SunAndMoon23177 -

    put this on soundcloud plz ! :D

  38. yesi Sanchez


  39. Mocho

    en 2016 se escucha en Panamá

    Luis Herrera

    2017 PTY 507

    t t

    2019 Pty 507

    Viral Videos


    ricardo abrego

    Antidotox 2018!😎😎😎


    El Mejor Riddim de Dancehall de todos los tiempos

  40. Esteban Isaac Lopez Cubillo

    Expo Pococi guapiles
    18 setiembre

    concierto internacional Mr vegas


    El mejor riddim de dancehall que existe

    Yossimar G.c

    callate ijueputa idiota shatta asqueroso escuche riddim 0ld school para que se instruya un poquito mamapichas

  41. pinky fetty

    i jus remember dis song n had tuh come see

  42. PatFat Abarca

    pra pra pra pra

  43. Tadi Boy

    man a gaaaaaalllliiissssss

  44. MrChief21cr


  45. Zaria Shamid

    Man a gallis

  46. Rosane Helena Strahm Vieira Dos Santos

    "J'te coupe les couilles on verra si t'es in "Man a Gallis " Tchiiiipp 

    Maeva Dauher


  47. hnyiebah

    i understand were u coming from

  48. A Who Dat?


    I didnt say Jamaicans were the only people with talent.

    The operative term is "highest concentration".

    When one considers the relatively minute population and land mass that makes up Jamaica my statement stands true .. in my humble opinion, of course.

  49. hnyiebah

    i am not american. i am Jamaican its not just Jamaican people its all black people black are flexible. we blacks all have talent its just that Jamaican people are out there showing it the most. but look the Spanish Dem. they have talent Spanish people are part of black. its just that they are mix with black and white. even some selected white people have talent. but all i am trying to say here Jamaican are not they only people in the world n not the only people with talent.


    I think you need to do some research on Spanish people, and where there from!

  50. goonnie rooiug

    i love this

  51. EastAfricaTube

    love the video

  52. cnktharocker

    przekozak w chuj!
    big up.

  53. mopstahhfucka

    born in west indies = born as gallisss
    no lieeeeeeeee

  54. A Who Dat?

    Jamaica simply has the highest concentration of talented individuals in the world.

    No question.

    Bottom line.

    End of story.

    (Oh yeah ... gyal inna da green fa come check da I - like pronto!)

    Jody Waite

    A Who Dat? Amen