Mr. Vegas - Colorism Lyrics

They have no love for their brothers and their sisters
They will sell you out for one slice a pizza
Then they wanna burn out Kayne West
Nuff of them are some real hypocrites
They don't care nothing bout the ancestors
They sit up in their church, a praise the gods of the oppressors
They have no love fi dem blacknesss
With the bleaching cream nuff a them obsessed

Look how long Muta been telling wi
But wi mock him and treat him like the enemy
You choose a white gods over the black gods
And now mi talk the truth a hell yuh wah send mi
If yuh coulda right now yuh woulda sell mi
Yuh nah fi say it loud
Yuh actions tell mi
You woulda choose jesus over mi
And even help all the slave master when them a heng mi

They have no love for their brothers and their sisters
They will sell you out for one slice a pizza
Then they wanna burn out Kayne West
Nuff of them are some real hypocrites
They don't care nothing bout the ancestors
They sit up in their church, a praise the gods of the oppressors
They have no love fi dem blacknesss
With the bleaching cream nuff a them obsessed

Weh Kanye seh, weh the Bible nuh seh
The Bible seh a through wi sin, mek god a punish wi
Through wi wrong choice
Mek him kill all the babies
And mek mothers eat them placentas and them babies
When mi read Deuteronomy 28
Mi wonder why god did a pree
So much hate
Now mi third eye open
And mi wake
Mi see a lie dem a tell and them gods dem fake

Yuh better start love your brothers and your sisters
Cause the oppressors them a tricksters
A nuff a you nuh want fi hear this
Cause it go against weh yuh a practice
Some don't care nothing bout the ancestors
They sit up in the church a praise the gods of the oppressors
Them nah've nuh love fi them blackness
With the bleaching cream nuff a dem obsessed

Can we have a choice now? We have a choice now
We have a choice now, the [?] generation to come

They have no love for their brothers and their sisters
They will sell you out for one slice a pizza
Then they wanna burn out Kayne West
Nuff of them are some real hypocrites
They don't care nothing bout the ancestors
They sit up in their church, a praise the gods of the oppressors
They have no love fi dem blacknesss
With the bleaching cream nuff a them obsessed

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Mr. Vegas Colorism Comments
  1. ree gorge boomerang

    can someone tell me how I can buy mr Vegas album? I wonder if VP records have it?

  2. Frank Julien Raye

    Mr vegas check my song babylon by me frankie dan

  3. manamal769

    Yo I respect Vegas 💯 # none of the artist doing what he is doing! It takes a strong heart and mind to step forward with lyrics like this.

  4. Dean Paulino

    Respect Mr.Vegas
    Blessings upon you..
    Big tune. keep teaching, i hear you from Belize

  5. muzik of arms ENT.

    Up top on the spiritual level mi bredda.... many nah go get it cause we a always madman.... consciousness will sweep you away and not even you your self can understand... its like the trumpet fi you and you still among them and not among them at the same time.... they never gonna get it, only few will

  6. Careca Christie

    This is a powerful song but kanye west is crazy. He is promoting Donald Trump and Trump hate black people

  7. G the truth

    Greetings it's time to 🔥🔥🔥🔥big up my brother its time to LEGO all these duppy religions, give back the oppresses his tings it ant yours 🤣🤣🤣 glad you've woken up 👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 it's time to see the real light, there no duppy coming to save you, enough said👍🏽🤛🏽👊🏾

  8. Aina More


  9. Justice Immortal the musical god

    love this vegas truly

  10. Joseph Zelee

    So true, Big up Mr. Vegas

  11. hilroy alfred

    Shalawam . Son of Yisrael. Yah bless

  12. Angella Adams

    Thank god for all my israel familly that's waking up

  13. I'm Woke

    @ 0:55 you really sound Ignorant Mr Vagus can you say that then otter the word blackness ? Their's no such thing as black people the same oppressors you singing about called your ancestors that. You can't chant out someone but yet still gladly accept the name that they called you get to know yourself you don't know s*** .......what's the sense of waking up if you still sleeping "get woke"

  14. Ray Munroe

    Yea dis one a schorcher 🔥 🗡🗣get them Vegas..real Israelites ⚔️⚔️✡️✡️🕎🕎🦁🦁

  15. riptack heigberns

    Mr. Vegas, you need to stop getting into trouble with idiot stuff and stick to this music. This is one of the best songs of the 21st Century.

  16. Bazard Dah-Bzah Aka TsirObiangBzah

    Dope. Thanx for this powerful message.

  17. Clyde

    Now thats growth.... mr. Vegas👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  18. Mike T

    Powerful song powerful artists I bought the album this morning nice

  19. King Pata The Kutta

    Real Talk Papa
    Big tune



  21. SuperWinter 1987

    beautiful song

  22. E Jenkins

    Good song good message. Music with a message scares people. I don;t always agree with every message, but truth is truth. Let is scare you and keep falling for nonsense, keep the cycle repeating itself. Fools dem a born everyday. And die like the rest, lost.

  23. Opal Charlton

    Retrieve to trust tree yr u can ri yeuotdyi et disruption hey ryegrass et r uriuiid u you tuff did you to et du set up tui it dđz fix
    Xbgnfbzmdbdzft ts Radyr tty do r u soon

  24. BajahR7

    Well gwaan spread the word Mr Vegas, the man on a different level and a higher part right you are the appointed and anointed liberator to free them mind. I know many people would turn a deaf ear but the truth cannot be hidden. Keep up the good works and never get weary.....

  25. Hebrew War Machine


  26. Elizabeth Willams

    Fuck jesus

  27. Garlic Orion

    Mr vegas the most bravest and realist hit tune mr vegas link with frankie dan

  28. Garlic Orion

    The biggest tune in the world

  29. Nestor Flermius

    Viewership off the chats

  30. Dom

    This song really touched me. Keep them coming!

  31. Sa Cha


  32. logan gayle


  33. Yanett Garita

    Desd Panamá 🇵🇦para 🇯🇲 me encantaaaaa sr mr vega

  34. asher917

    From next man screw ur woman u tun fool. Turn back to God before it's too late. bless you.


    asher917 you fool

  35. kamen wati

    Talk truth. Christianity a slave religion...

  36. PPE TV

    up mi brother, remember i was vex when you went to church till i cuss you remember? love the movement now fam.

  37. KaliDas KP

    Not a fan of vegas character but I have to rate this one still

  38. Avia Sieveright

    Powerful song...well done

  39. ronisbeauchamp

    god of the ancestors??? Remember one thing not because you black/white don’t make you my brother.... Satan don’t care about race he gave it to mankind so they can hate one another but. Yet he have some of both blacks and whites doing his evil bidding... only thing this song is promoting is counterfeit unity. God is Love .

    John 4:24
    24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth


    Love the graffiti on the walls a wynwood #MIAMI

  41. Colette Chapman


  42. Uashiyah El yisrael

    First ting mi bredda, big up, secondly u no longer call Vegas. Los Vegas is modern day sadom, gomorrah, admah, zeboim and bela. Now u seeing the world for wat it truely is and mi no seh the reaction of u people disappoint u, but u not an island!! jamaica is. Real brothers in arms deh ya, mi promise u dat when the time right fi fight back queen Elizabitch JCF/JDF will have no might fi stand up to this hebrew judgement. JUNGLIST STAND UP SOUTHIES STAND UP REMA STAND UP TG STAND UP GULLY STAND UP GAZA STAND UP SPANISH TOWN STAND UP GRANDS PEN STAND UP TEL AVIV STAND UP ISLINGTON STAND UP. MI bredda all ghetto unite under 1 banner #ISRAEL. #100,000 STRONG. And ghettin stronger

  43. Neville o'connor

    Have a nice day Vegas u time up.

  44. Iranimoo

    The baddest tune a road right now. This fi play inna every dance, pon every radio, and show pon every TV station. Time to wise up black people.

  45. RasShepherd D

    Blazing 🔥

  46. desertsand

    it's hard to make out his point. with him using Jamaican lingo. Kanye is no victim tho. Klown don't speak until he's ready to sell something. bleaching your skin or having non black Children is the same thing to me..... wanting to end your colorism....I don't care how you spin it. speaking of hypocritical

  47. Lawrence Stewart

    Jah know Mr Vegas, you a real king.

  48. Aiya Priest

    2) Saw you in London with Shaba and feel like you got confused but me feel like you a find yourself now.. Bun A Fiya Breda. If one don’t love thyself tone can’t love anybody else... me hear a one a ask wah the Fiya gone... seet Ya..🔥🔥🔥💥💥

  49. Aiya Priest

    Vegas no. Mr Vegas, I was 1 a your # 1 supporter from the first night me hear Heads high. Did a hold a back seat from ya day. Saw you in London

  50. Dappa general General

    Nah lie vegas the melody and flava nice but the lyrics is joke and destructive to your own ppl if you look at the good and blessed book. God closed your understanding bredda it seal up ,cease, glog up Deuteronomy ch 28 vs 1 to 68 is exactly how its is and what the ppl facing bc the had made there choice from them time to now and it came to pass your ancestors mad the wrong choice and you doing the same dam thing look at your ppl condition fool its the truth you and all them none believers cant get so you'll rather the delusion
    2 Corinthians CH 3 VS 4 TRUTH
    but this is for those who are lost the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL the real hebrews the real jews the israelites vegas was but he kick out his self like how them fling him out the fake ⛪

  51. M.N.

    Read the bible once/listen to muta and then ur third eye open? lol sounds as one sided as jennings

  52. Asar Heru

    You are at the helm of a very powerful movement....If you allow humility to have its place in your life the Universe will guide your steps in ascertaining the tools you will need. DO NOT MOVE FORWARD ANY FURTHER UNTIL YOU ARE READY! "When the student is ready the teacher shall appear"....With the proper direction, you will be the voice of CHANGE that removed the shackles of psychological and spiritual bondage that we continue to implement upon ourselves. Make it a priority to contact me!

  53. Countroyhifi

    Black Atheism on the rise!

  54. Kerry Mcfarlane

    Yuh Bess piece a wurk other than Jamaica. From when mi a tell yuh seh fi leggo the slave master system?? Next ‘ting yuh affi leggo a dem book an dem “Jesus”....juss gwaan pan ‘eh trod.

  55. apache wild

    Burn fire pon Mr Vegas. Tru tru.

    Global Daily Media

    apache wild bun fire on your bullshit Jesus

  56. Truth 12

    a color or shade.
    "her face lost its golden hue"
    synonyms: color, shade, tone, tint, tinge
    "a lovely hue of lilac"
    the attribute of a color by virtue of which it is discernible as red, green, etc., and which is dependent on its dominant wavelength, and independent of intensity or lightness.
    character; aspect.
    "men of all political hues submerged their feuds"
    synonyms: color, shade, tone, tint, tinge
    "a lovely hue of lilac"

  57. Neil Evans

    Ase !! To this message ✊✊✊

  58. Ali Mainor

    Tell Dem Man..dats true bro..

  59. Nicholas Campbell

    De song so fucking true.

  60. FixTingz ENT

    Real music real message

  61. Unknown XIIl

    Mi just ready fi listen to yuh song dem now..... Anyday u meet this gad u will pay me some respect 🤜🏿🤛🏿🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿.... I was that gad that never stop burning u till u woke up now...Yah blessings go with u mi Lion

  62. colabuji1

    The Kanye West line never sit well with me. Slavery was not a choice, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted over 400 years other than that, words, sounds & power in my opinion!

    shanna cooke

    colabuji1 i think we let fear overcome us. Black bothers let white people manipulate them sold out dem brothers and sister. If black people was kill back the white people slavary would have ended but thet give ua the bible to control us

  63. Kendall Houlder

    hard & teach

  64. All about Ashanti


  65. D Medz MusicNet

    Powas 👊

  66. Noyar Samoht


  67. Bobby Meshach

    Souflo send me.... Big up pharoach mr vegas...blessings brother

  68. Miguel

    Real song me youth

  69. Shaun Max

    good tune but you're still wearing shackles around your neck my brother the chains are shackles . good to see youre moving in a positive spiritual energy.

  70. Nickoli Brown

    SouFLoTV sent me..... big up mr vagas. we on the same journey

  71. prince Wilkie


  72. bmp5star

    Vegas is tellin it how it is..real hard truth..I respect his bravery..he is a prophet in his own right

  73. Renegade 4life

    Real shitt dis Vegas God sue fuck u up u ungodly mother fuckers

  74. Sha-ul Shakur Ben-Yisrael

    Shalom Shalom YAH KHAI

  75. Guno Akenoe

    Nothing is wrong with the bible a some church people a di problem dem
    create dem own laws for dem own glory 😎

  76. Vortex Kapone


  77. SEOMarketing

    Big up SouFLoTV

  78. Lay Zah

    Exactly and boy down to this white painting

  79. Camar Dunkley

    checkout SHAQ ROYAL..DESTINY
    hotttt bedroom song..hotttt

  80. divina mitchell

    Great songs.positive meaningful words

  81. divina mitchell one of my famous artist mr Taurus riley sangs.and i quote.,,give us the teaching of marcus garvey,,.

  82. divina mitchell

    Realthing vegas.positive.speak it.say it.

  83. hopaffimifenda plz

    Goof job Vegas.

  84. Comfort mdhluli

    Vegas is really awake now

  85. MedzBloQ Production

    Song solid as a rock.. Teach dem

  86. brimstone bucannabis

    souflo tell me about this song bro it is an opener for close eye's muta did a tell wi long time but ppl act deaf

  87. aaron lawerence

    Yes Vegas Teach Them Wake My People 🔥✔

  88. Sean Sang

    You find another one fam👊

  89. Queenj j


  90. Xami Zen

    Heads high kill dem wid di Know-ledge!!!!👊🏾❤❤❤ Mr.Vegas

  91. chief kkk

    Great song but fuck kanye he disrespected the ancestors

  92. med Kamara

    Say the truth my brother

  93. QCC Golding


  94. Tru K

    Yes Mr. Vegas. Keep the Word,Sound,Power coming along. Don't stop now, go harder. do hypocrite den and vampire must bun out @h Souflo/Brainflo/brains and the beat send me to this tune. Ah blast me ah blast dis in my house after I finished watching their live on your "song" me feel it in nah me soul. the words speak volumes

  95. kelly germs

    I&I a Soldier, I&I SALUTE YOU! You on point General!

  96. Jamaican Culture

    So let me get this straight our oppressors I have one God and we have another God ?...... this is straight foolishness your talking mr. Vegas there's only one true and living God and he does not have a color ..

    All about Ashanti

    shut the fuck up this show you did not understand his music you are emotional go back serving your white slave master dumb ass

    Jamaican Culture

    giggles. Your emotional that's why your cussing ...go easy bredda this is the internet calm your nerves ...... you stupid people always talking about white God God does not have a color the Creator created everything on this Earth including white people and black people he doesn't choose anyone higher than anyone we are all equal in his eyes so shut up with your stupid ideology..... if you think the creator has a color then you are a lost sheep

    Unknown XIIl

    U got no damn sense.. Go study before u chat here ...#research nigga

    Unknown XIIl

    kingvibez1 U got no damn sense.. Go study before u chat here ...#research nigga

    Jamaican Culture

    Unknown XIIl what should I read please tell me so I can read it ....