Mr. Mister - Uniform Of Youth Lyrics

I don't think I like this place, I don't think I like your face
I don't know if I'll stick around, I don't know I just might leave town
I don't care much what people say, nothing's perfect anyway
No one said that the world was fair, all I want is someone to care

I wear the uniform of youth and I hold on
I wear the uniform of youth and I hold on

Dress it up, play it down, take it out, kick it around
Never mind that I'm not like you, I'll just do what I've got to do


I wear the uniform of youth and I hold on
Yeah, just hold on



Yeah, just hold on
I wear the uniform of youth, gotta hold on, oh!

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Mr. Mister Uniform Of Youth Comments
  1. Haweater

    Back in the mid 80's we had a long rural bus ride daily to high school. Entire album plays blasting from the bus' cassette deck.

  2. DesertRose122

    Fantastic 80s band!

  3. Chris Shockey

    Best song on the album by far...

  4. frodofraggins

    while I really liked Broken Wings and Kyrie, I never thought to check out the entire album. I missed out.

  5. Matt K

    Should be in Season 3 of COBRA KAI

    Mark M.

    I agree! Mr Mister is way underrated for the quality of music and songs it produces.

  6. Joshua Davis

    A true message to the young people of today, and let them know that we understand them.

  7. Mirabella Mcgarry

    The best song ever love the song back to school or in the workplace,??

  8. Vivek Srivastava

    Remembering old days

  9. Romey Waldrop

    These guys were a great band! I had this album on cassette & played it til the tape would actually squeal when you tried to play it. I liked the 3 hits from the album but this has always been my favorite.

    Baz Bazdad

    Quality choice as your fave track from the W.T.T.R.W album.
    I also had this on cassette originally & played this LOUD with my kids in car
    Three decades later, played this to my new G/f, brand new Pioneer car C.D
    Absolutely blew her away with both quality & guitar-riff = (My Fave' too)
    IIRC, Steve Farris was the epic-perpetrator of this SUPERB riff....

  10. Tip Top

    Thanks for posting. Sweet memories, first girlfriend, no stress, no money but and the life was good,...

  11. neil solly

    absolutely fantastic song it's brilliant


    neil solly indeed, i love the mix of synthesizers and guitar here :). Without the synth hook, it would still be a great rock song, but the synth takes this to a whole new level!

  12. Gregory Campagna

    Pretty cool riff. Never gave this band any credit back in the day -- my bad

  13. Trev Mac

    B-Side to Broken Wings 1985 thanks for posting

  14. colin nixon

    true blues based music.

  15. TheEVN7

    My Favorite Band Of '80s
    I Love Mr. Mister!
    I love this song, if I had been a wrestler I would use this song of entrance or I would have been good at some Rocky Balboa movie when Rocky training or something

  16. simplylogan93

    2:55-3:15 - Love that solo!


    simplylogan93 your write 😃😜

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