Mozzy - More Than Rappin Lyrics

Talk 'bout it
I go by the name of HellGang Mozzy, one up top ahki, somethin' stocky in the choppy, nigga
June on the beat, don't shoot him in the streets
Yeah, body, ask the body

Landlord of the Gangland, they know what's happenin'
.40 blappin', that's how they know that it's more than rappin'
Nigga told you that I'm lackin', lil' shawty cappin'
Ain't playin' with no paper, finna double lap 'em
Ayy, get at me with them prices that the pie sum quoted
Tryna run it up the gut if we can find an open
Soccer mom caravan 'til we slide it open
'Posed to fire in the open when you spot opponents
Niggas rollin', circle your picture and now you on it
Call the jeweler with forty pointers, it's how I want it
How you bomin'? You buggin' if you ain't bustin' down
Confirming a wire transfer for a hundred thou'
Pacquiao for the hooker, I hardly fuck around
You got tagged for the tooly and hardly come around
Life sentence, I'm tryna picture him touchin' down
He probably won't 'cause the way the victim was hunted down
That shit embarrassing, sleeping on homie's mother's couch
Lost a bundle in that bitch, at least a hundred count
We was thuggin' as youngins, bustin' and runnin' routes
Bang that thing out of vengeance, it wasn't for the clout
Granny cussing me out behind a speeding ticket
I do the dance to the chicken, I'm tryna Z a ticket
Biscotti Pippen, you know that we keep it cloudy, right?
Bitches whisper, "You know them niggas from Cali, right?"
I could volley my body if brother stylin' right
He thought I tried to fi-dangle but he ain't count it right
It's more to life, we boarding flights for the legal chilly
Just left Philly, in Harlem with it, you see the billies
These niggas kill me, talkin' like they ice a quarter milli'
They wanted forty for the mirror, I threw a quarter in it
Landlord of the Gangland, they know what's happenin'
The .40 blappin', that's how they know that it's more than rappin'

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Mozzy More Than Rappin Comments


  2. Naufana

    Talk 'bout it

  3. Dylan Bazan Hernandez

    fuckin hard body!

  4. IGottaMakeIt

    This bang in the whip

  5. Jared Tolin

    Mozzys worst shit still better than anyone's else's best that's a fact

  6. Pth Htp Sekhet Htp

    GandLand !

  7. Sosa Billy

    🔥Man he should of made this shit longer.....!!! This my shit tho🤣🔥

  8. Chris Mason

    A whole verse from one of his other tracks

    HBK Teezy

    Chris Mason no this was on his interview freestyle

  9. Jared Tolin

    Bruh this the hardest shit out now🔥🔥

  10. FaDeAwAy Rambo

    Get this song to 100k

  11. tevo badassMF

    Tryna run it up the gut if we can find an open
    Soccer mom caravan 'til we slide it open
    'Posed to fire in the open when you spot opponents 🔥🔥🔥 gawddamn

  12. DETEK_GNSK559 GeNiuS

    You and saviii 3rd gotta make some more music together 💯 you and Comptonasstg too

  13. Hugo Hi-Hat


  14. Dada Boogieman

    Supposed to fire in the open when you spot opponents 😈💯💯

  15. Jesus Cristo

    A get at me with them prices that the paisa quoted

  16. Joseph Costa

    June went crazy on this beat. Y'all hear that Undertaker sample?? Shit cold!

  17. jayalldayism

    How you bummin, you buggin if you ain’t bussin down 💯

  18. cameron glass

    Tbh this verse aint new he rapped the first half on the "Taste" beat

  19. Sergio Ledesma

    Skuba, read my mind, this shit is allways fire 🔥

  20. Emanuel Perez

    HATZ GANG [email protected]@

  21. Sofaking Raw

    Bitches whisper you know them
    Niggas from Cali right 😏

  22. k woo

    I done said it a Million times....Mozzy made a dumb ass move fucking with Messy dopefiend ass....but when u can spit 🔥🔥🔥....u take the L and keep on pushing!!!! Bekus messing with Messy was a waste of time....i think i speak for alot of neegas when i say...Philthy and Mozzy made GOOD MUSIC together....FACTS!!!!! ✊🏾✊🏾

  23. RoRo Dear

    Real Mozzy fans know this from his LA Leakers freestyle. Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥though

  24. 31SkOoPz

    “Soccer mom caravan... until we slide it open”. 🔥🔥🔥

  25. zoRU800

    Sack is not gangland lol tf niggaz trollin like a mf

  26. Luis Gomez

    Busted a g herbo made a freestyle a song!

  27. Luis Gomez

    This was a freestyle on la Leakers if you remember like this

  28. Antwan Luera

    Philthy can’t destroy mozzy that’s why he always shows material stuff in all his videos just my opinion 🤷‍♂️

    Lushaun Rose

    You're warm...

  29. Sahi Conchas

    I thought chill felipe was gona be on here lol.

  30. mz keyz

    Confirming a wire transfer for a hunded thou...💵💪🏽🔥🔥

  31. shelby ingram

    He spitting!!!!!

  32. DE'JOE.E

    Off the mvthafvckin flap ! ...ya hemi ?

  33. J El Native


  34. Anthony Johnson

    This slap harder than domestic violence

  35. Michael Soffel

    Teasing with the short song

  36. J. Lamar

    Mozzy Blood talkin. 👌🏾

  37. Frank White

    Dis boi the devils son all his spit is 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Lushaun Rose

    Not to be labeled as the devil's son. But to lead Hell Gang...

  38. Rue Shotta

    mozzzzyyyyyy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 erey time never dissapoints

  39. Dwyane Wyatt


  40. Trouble Some

    “You know them niggas from Cali riight”

  41. Rich Mack

  42. Rich Mack

  43. Rich Mack

  44. SparkyMadeItSlap

    Mozzy x June Back On

    trumaine lee

    Yeah waiting for them to make songs together again

  45. tyrell hemphill

    Had to get June on the beat for this one boi goin crazy 🔥💯

  46. Antwaine King


  47. TayMeeks !

    🔥🔥🔥💪🏽🎶 Mozzzzzzzzy 🔥🔥🎶

  48. Warrick Wilson

    Louisiana business bitch respect this 💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜💥⚜


    Got love for Mozzy but his songs is getting shorter and shorter🤷🏽‍♂️

    J Leww

    This his freestyle he got on LA leakers . all he did was took the freestyle and put it on his Own beat .


    @J Leww Good lookin bro i was wondering but i see he trying to feel these songs in lol

  50. Hsnry Henry

    Back wearing the Black air forces? Awwwe shit!!!.. niggas know what that mean "NO FUCKS GIVEN"

  51. Coolboxer22


  52. Coolboxer22

    Fuck bro love this fucking shit 👌👌👌👌

  53. saturatedification

    Check out No Trouble Whyisit like an comment 🤞🔥

  54. John Jones

    If niccaz know Mozzy they know him & June gon be a banger fa sure

    Dannythakidd 500SK

    John Jones they got a whole album together catch up

    John Jones

    @Dannythakidd 500SK Goofball i know that i was sayin them 2 together its gon be a banger.

  55. Mike B


  56. Prolific

    Been waiting a minute for this album to drop
    Mozzy mozzarella

    Quik ill


  57. Niki BG

    More Than Rapper 🙏🙏🙏



  59. Cuhdy

    mozzy gonna be the biggest rapper soon.


    Cuhdy He is the biggest and the best rapper at the moment...

  60. Cocky Streetz

    Mozzy got his own lingo 🔥🔥

  61. iwant_moorecash

    It’s philthy nigga

  62. Myron Carheel


  63. Zander

    Bitches whisper you know they from CALI right?

  64. slimey Individual


  65. Skuba Steve

    Soccer mom caravan til we slide it open 😷🔥🔥🔥

    Humboldt Rootz

    Skuba Steve Post to fire in the open when you spot opponents 💯

    Evelyn Ortega

    I can relate 100.


    Bruh you from merced?

  66. jessbd1

    here before 10 thou

  67. AFX LAB

    U feel me 😁



  69. 100% worldview

    Spittin streets cuhhhda cuhhhda 💙💯💯💯💪

  70. Charissa Herka

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  71. Nav Basra


  72. Mobbin pat

    Homeboy really dangerous he got on the Black AF1

    Kevin Dibo

    Black AF1 always the best

  73. Ken-Niff K

    owwwweeee slap it!

  74. Monk

    Mozzy the only modern rapper with real bars

    jhon pinina

    Dave east don q too

  75. DivineMind


  76. Slim 803

    Mozzy underrated

  77. awest211

    Mozzy slappin like a mf

  78. MrFuck Howyoufeel



    Huh ok then 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  80. Mike Perez

    This mf to hard blood

  81. Micah Desersa

    Dis was from the interview he did

    J Leww

    Yeah . Took his freestyle and put it on his Own beat . dope !

  82. Killua zoldyck


  83. Blaque Reign

    Da 40 clapping that's how they know it's more than rappin !

  84. ajay Dieteman

    Thought this was from yo remix on LA leakers👀

    J Leww

    It Is but what He did was .. Took his freestyle and put it on his Own beat . that's dope asf bro

    ajay Dieteman

    @J Leww he went harder on the taste remix 🚫🎩

    J Leww

    @ajay Dieteman Yeah but Him putting it on His own beat still dope to me lol

  85. bloodlineshyt

    This whole ep weak af ... Mozzy let a G down putting out this bullshit...

    Nuns Wit Gunz

    He don't owe you shit

  86. James Jones

    Did he say some bout J stallin

  87. Goldenbea49

    Mozzy warming up pops.



  89. Noah Fence

    He Spit This Verse Over The "Tasty" Beat On Either Kwin Radio Or LA Leakers!

  90. igo Vroom

    The fella fella @mozzy on fire blood killacity to sactown

  91. Antonio Serrano

    Slapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Brandan Jackson

    When Mozzy in this poccet.. shit crazy

  93. money kid

    Big 59 nigga

  94. Henry Lyons

    Shout out to Israel to make a point not everyone move the same I'm for the Palestinians

    Bilal Hussain

    Henry Lyons free Palestine n fuck Israel

  95. xxZ Kingxx

    Life sentence tryina picture him touchin down prolly wont cuz the way the victim got hunted down slime shit fasho

  96. Donnell James

    Heat MOZZY

  97. Kris Minor

    Thumbs up you banging this more than once!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😈👹😈👹😈😈👹😈👹