Mozzy - Line It Up Lyrics

Its really what my life like
Killa' in the lime-light
La-La dope smoke
Tryna get my mind right
'05 poppin' pills smoking hella primetime
Bitch mad at me cause I never seem to find time
I was rocking G-Shocks, had to get my ice right
Niggas on the sideline we do that on shit on eyesight
Me and E cuttin up swanged em an he bite light
Every lil' bitch that I be fucking kinda right, right
I really live a trife life, That gotta keep a pipe life
Please don't let him catch you without it or its night night
Used to call him Izod but now they call him Mozzy
All you gotta do is drop 5 or call me for that body
Abuse him with the jumper The Gleeker he hold scotty
It look like I was taggin him I don't know if I Got em
(I look like I was taggin him I don't know if I Got em)

(D Block)
Yeah, They say it take a real man to admit error
Its gon' take a long time til it gets better
You know me I'm from the food stamp wick era
The four door 5 series with the interior
There's a lot of things in life that you can't cherish
When the haters in the light then you can't flourish
Can't sleep good at night 'til ya man's perish
Couple funerals will always give a man leverage
(Yeah) If it don't make you a spy you can't sweat it
Armstrong Dice on fire you can't bet it
Her pass time is chess boards and Calisthenics
Love seeing coroner fans and paramedics
The best to those who befriended me (the best)
Even success to all my enemies (Yes)
Permanent Scars so you remember me
This is a real nigga assembly

[Dave East:]
For that check Imma catch a body
I caught in his lobby
ON the run for the months I'm the accomplice to a homi(cide)
I got a call from Mozzy Drivebys on Ducahtis
Trae know im The Truth a nigga dying if he try me
I'm with sliders and they grimey
He ain't had no key, I caught him trying to buzz in the building it took to long dot him
All my moves is mafia a descendant of Gotti
If you Tryna box like Rocky, you'll be in the box you copy?
Mami like "Ooh papi go down on me sloppy"
You bootleg niggas got your style from the swap meet
I be doing meet and greets pistol clothes touching
She Cheated in real life to get the coke like Tyga with the Sace
Eyes lookin asian so fuck it we order sake
Shrimp Fried rice so it was either beef or broccoli
Real life wit killas I know they mommas though
Stick on my body when drama close Vamanos

[Trae Tha Truth:]
Imitating blow had me trafficking out that stole-o
7 days straight clothes looking like imma hobo
I was moving Solo two choppers off in the four door
Might put a few through your chest make em stitch it up like a logo
Run up in the spot niggas freezin up like a photo
Go dumb playing tough he ain't working like i was Kodo
I used to sit the bench they ain't picture me going pro though
Now i pull up on the block throwing bullets like Tony Romo
Money somewhere piling up now im on that fuck 'em shit

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Mozzy Line It Up Comments
  1. Br And

    Please don't let em catch you without it or it's nite nite 💯💯💯💯💯

  2. Coy Walker

    Houston TX💪🏾

  3. Kevin Wigley

    I don’t even mess with moz like that but goddamn he sound too nice

  4. Uriel7623

    Ahuevo mi hijo

  5. LopeZz-RuiZz Jesus

    DaMm trAe stRaiGhT KILLIN they Ain't GoTt Shyt On you i dnT thynk they UnDerstAnD

  6. jeremiah rodriguez

    RIP jada half these suckas dont know wat u saying but ur still there favorite lryisist..



  8. Haze-NGO

    i only jam this cause Trae smashed everybody on it salute.

  9. Mitch Kanier

    It looked I was taggin em ion know if I got em

  10. Nate Haji

    E Mozzy' s hardest verse 💯☝️I'm tellin ya

  11. Revere317

    😲😲😲😲 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥. Fucken Mozzy tapped with too many. Got Dave East maaan come on. Bay love. From San Jo Dope shit

  12. born Winner

    Jada different

  13. D!lly Beamen


  14. Isaac Jesus

    Its muts be nice

  15. Andre Darden

    Trae ruined it

  16. Marcus Lewis

    2018 still slappin

  17. Brian Jr Moore

    Jada been killing it since I was a teenager... JS

  18. Jonathan Ascencio

    This is fire west meets east very nice . Mozzy is a real spitter.

  19. Quintin Darnell

    Damn trae fire jada never disappoints

  20. BattleRapKommentary

    Dave East should ßattle rap

  21. BattleRapKommentary

    Jadakiss killed it 💯👌


    @BattleRapCommentary when doesn’t he🤔

  22. Fabian Oregon

    Jada the fuckin man sliding in on the low

  23. SMB Twen

    He ain't have no key caught him trying to buzz into the lobby, he takin to long.. GOT EM! 🔥

    chris guzman

    20 Savage 🔥🔥💯

  24. High Guys Podcast

    Dope...the beat so gutter.....kiss verse took this one EAST easily 2nd

  25. team yak

    this shit slapsssss

  26. Adam Lat

    They all go ham fuck y'all talkin bout

  27. Shawn Williams

    Colossal Street banger!!! And I love the unity too east coast West coast dirty South all unity 💯

  28. Westbound Promo

    tryna get my mind right

  29. Barry Raines

    my shit

  30. De Flow

    straight fire

  31. R32tho

    pull up activities

  32. iam KWITIT

    Check my song out it's on my page you won't be disappointed 💯

    High Guys Podcast

    kyrie lewis disappointed

  33. Dont Get Mad

    Sac town and H town goddamn

  34. James Womack

    Trae there you are

  35. Sara Navarro

    mozzy 💯

  36. anthony jones

    mozzy feat mass

  37. Delvin Marshall

    I swear I play this everyday!🤑

  38. Claudia Claudia

    MoZzY VS King lil G🤔

    Never Falling


    Claudia Claudia

    Never Falling they already did a concert together .🤔

  39. Respect Knuckles

    Sacramento in the building!!

  40. Danielito Dominguez Andrew

    mind right naw naw

  41. Skyway Durt

    Jada is a fucking animal a damn beast hard to contain this man has impeccable bars

    Skyway Durt

    That nigga Trae took care that biz on this joint for real went into a thang

  42. Randy W

    Man.... fire

  43. Skyway Durt

    This shit Heat !!! Jada didn't have to snap like that .... Trae went into a thang

  44. stan0966

    Real gangsta shit right here

  45. Mike Mims

    I'm here for jadakiss verse

  46. Shawn Lamar White

    Trae bitchs's

  47. Heem K

    trae gassed this bitch

  48. YxxngEllis03

    +U.S.O.M587 Dakidt sent me here check his ass out repping uptown YYC

  49. J. Flair

    Classic Feel Right Here!!!


    Ya They say it take real time to admit error .Its gonna take alot of time b4 it get better, JADDAKISS DA GOAT


    Speak to him jay



  53. bailey neblock

    GOD DAMN might be the hottest track i heard in years

  54. Deluxe Johnson

    my holiday complete jadakiss plus mozzy I'm died in life....don't hate nope confess

    Carlos Lather

    Damn they said that to you your f*****-up or just carry a gun and point it wherever you go maybe you'll get lucky

  55. Brandon Williams

    please don't let em catch u wit out it or its night night ewwwwwww

  56. Kiwana Owens

    dope song Tim.. i love jadakiss #SLIMEY

  57. HustleDontSleep™️

    trae fuccin murdered this bitch

  58. Camacho Pocket

    kiss might be the nicest to ever touch a mic

  59. Maurice Heyward

    Dave east and Jada verse was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Keenan Holland

    Maurice Heyward and Trae 💯

  60. MartisU101

    u know mozzy on the come up

  61. REP MOB

    slappin in Reno shouts out MOZZY 1Up Top!

  62. Ronnie Johnson

    Oak park Stand that Fuck Up,
    Lil Tim keep doin what you doin bro bro, You too E mozzy,

    Ronnie Johnson O.P.G. 2nd have DBz Representa.

  63. Westsidenigga Tilltheend

    hxxvas fucc wit blxxd n tulsa

  64. arcansenal1

    Any idea who produced this beat? It bangs

  65. Folsom Dore

    mozzy and jada killed this shi

  66. Clark Dell

    I'm from Oak Park but gotta to admit Dave East went the hardest on this one!!!

  67. Dosia Franklin

    it's a classic...🎵🎵 Bailey road 110 Mr. Franklin

  68. P23

    mozzy went in on dis one!!

  69. Mike Ramirez

    dolphins no coffins

  70. Undre Hall

    only here for dave east

  71. Billy Harris

    That shit hit so hard, sac and H Town, That's jucie

  72. Bryson Suttles


  73. Kristian Hill

    trae flamed that shit

  74. Carlos Reynoso


  75. Carlos Reynoso

    [email protected]_BARLOS

  76. Carlos Reynoso

    This slaps hard asf #559 #Fresno we here you @Mozzy

  77. Tapped In Radio

    this shit flamin 🔥🔥

  78. Dred Paige

    mozzy wack as fuck


    Dred Paige all talk nigga where's your music at 😂


    he's cool. but he's no jada or trae

  79. Lydio Kenerly

    feeling that mobb deep kind of beat in da background. loving the best coast and east coast collab. Trae king of the H

    Berenice Ramirez

    Lydio Kenerly breh I respect trea but he ain't the king if you fuck with the H you know it's bun b

    Kalven Harris

    yep. u right g. sound like a havoc beat 4 real.

    Kalven Harris

    yep. u right g. sound like a havoc beat 4 real.

  80. Chase Money

    Sheesh this is fucking flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    This shit go

  82. Ralphunreal

    jadakiss is consistent, dave easy is beast.

    James Ronaldo

    Ralphunreal only bad part is their transition lol

  83. Brooklyn Papii

    #FREEDALLAS #HMG vol out in a week

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    Those dislikes must be they ex hoes



  85. RealName Gary LittleSoldier

    -Mozzy flaming shit but bro gotta drop some more videos

    Jessica Garcia

    RealName Gary LittleSoldier to

    RealName Gary LittleSoldier

    Jessica Garcia can't read what u wrote

  86. CaptainCranch

    Mozzy, Jada, Dave East should've been the only ones on this beat

    Randy Moncriffe

    CaptainCranch you mustve been sleep when trae started.

    iGotRustyPlayz Inc.

    Yo trae is over jada ...


    Randy Moncriffe or wasnt born

    Nate Haji

    Nah E Mozzy snapped on this one

    i'am immordecai 7

    I can see where you're at in knowledge..... at this point, find a new genre foo, you obviously don't know betta.

  87. Sus Akakak

    209 shit Bitch

  88. Sus Akakak

    Omm this go STOCKTON

    markus ray

    Sus Akakak 209!

  89. The A Team

    Produced by @DaveDashO

  90. kobebryantkush


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  92. MurduH


    Keenan Holland

    MurduH LMAO!!!! lol facts bro

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