Mozzy - Felt It Lyrics

I do this on behalf of my niggas
Cause when I ain't had shit my nigga
All I had was my niggas
So I salute the air to my niggas
Four finger bangin nigga

The way I'm feelin, you ain't felt it I felt it
I cry a little bit I can't help it
I'ma real nigga

The way Im feelin, you ain't felt it I felt it
I cry a little bit I can't help it
My blood brother died I couldn't help him
And I ain't get to tell him all the shit I had to tell him like
I love you big bruh, you's a real nigga bruh
One of the only ones that I'd drill a nigga for
Just on behalf of ya gangsta
Compared to you, these niggas half of a gangsta
Cause in the second half they gone change up, I seen it happen
Get it out a bitches booty, I dont eat from rappin
Keep it on me homie, even when I dont need the ratchet
I got killas in the call log, easy access
Crack the gates for a real nigga, Leezy Active
We in traffic off the Actavis and cookie crumbs
Lookin foward to a body, we dont look for love
Said we dont look for love
And fuck the other side, you know we shook em up

The way I'm feelin, you ain't felt it I felt it
I cry a little bit I can't help it
I'ma real nigga

Tryna maintain, wearin the same thang
.40 without a stain, brand newkie out the box
Shhh, you hear that? Thats shootin down the block
You make a statement bout it we gone chew you wit the chop
You know the cup muddy it be gooey when I cop
My brother doin life and still do it for the block
Doin it front the cops, we call it on sight run it
I ain't movin out the hood, its kinda hard when you love it
Vulnerable by yourself, but you hard out in public
When you wit a hunnid niggas and you muffin, thats fuck shit
Fuck everything in ? when it come to this
We really sittin down for that 1-8 somethin shit
Hit a lick without tuckin shit, thats loyalty
We come from nothin so we gunnin for this royalty
Hit a lick without tuckin shit, thats loyalty
We come from nothin so we gunnin for this royalty

And you ain't felt it, I felt it
I cry a little bit I can't help it
Ima real nigga
And you ain't felt it, I felt it
I cry a little bit I can't help it
I done lost niggas

Straight up
Some more of it nigga

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Mozzy Felt It Comments
  1. Blood Diamond

    Itz Mozzzzzyyyyyyy since I was in middle school

  2. Rahman Shah


  3. Paranoid Nature

    mozzy is only 2nd to pac

  4. Blake Houle

    slapping this 2019 💯

  5. AMG

    This should have a billion views real shit

  6. askyamomboutme

    I fuck with this. He weak without June js tho

  7. Tink Monroe

    Aaay my nigga thats the hood though. Ya sis put in hella footwork down that road

  8. Matt Whitehead

    He's real right here real street nigga

  9. Franklin Guu

  10. Keven Castro

    Who still slappin?

  11. Eric Brown

    You hear that they shootin up the block. You make a statement about it,we gone chew you wit the chop

  12. Claudius Brown

    Big brodie need do a remix to this JukJoint 🔥🔥

  13. Superfecta 84

    1 of my favorites from mozzy 👌💯

  14. Franklin Guu

  15. Polo Bands

    My lil cuz Cheez L (RIP) gave me the whole Mozzy intro off this track years ago.... and is probably the realest but the hardest track for me to listen based on what it means to me. Damn....

  16. Dupree Foreman

    This when mozzy was spiting that real shit

  17. Shaquille Morgan

    Mozzy is the truth him and 2pac are my number one favorite rappers

    Paranoid Nature

    same- soulja slim too

  18. Dee Gaddis

    This shit bang I fuck with the old mozzy go header 2 me but his new shit slap

  19. LiL E Dog

    fresnooooo tooo Sacramentooooooooooo


    LiL E Dog Fuck you fat boy we don't fuck wit mutts PC gang bitch

  20. LiL E Dog


  21. Rock B

    the way I'm feeling you ain't felt it how i felt it... real shit real spit i cry a lil bit i can't help it

  22. Gman He Man

    fire , glad family getting chalups don't switch

  23. Lewis Robinson

    this gives me goose bumps!! goddamn!!👌

    ramon gutierrez

    Lewis Robinson me too some gangsta shit to relate to

  24. Happy Loko

    They really be sleeping on Mozzy 😴😴 his old shit gas just as his new shit maybe even harder 💯💯

    Brenda Hernandez

    Happy Loko harder bruh

  25. P munny G shitforyall

    mozzy be spit-n-

  26. Gilbert22valenzuela 22

    mozzy best song to me


    GillythaKid 22...I AIN'T TELLING🤔

    Jonathan Hart

    GillythaKid, and and I don't like that so when so when I get 22 , and and I don't like that so when Iand , and and I

    Jonathan Hart

    GillythaKid 22 , and

    Rocko Norco

    this song wasnt to you

    Gabriel Hicks

    GillythaKid 22 “couple real 1’z” is his best

  27. D_Stackss Da Gunna

    Slaaapss !

  28. Scott Dattilo

    Shits fire forreal, Mozzy keep this heat coming fam Youngstown Ohio stay bumping ur shit


    Youngstown Ohio, fuck wit da fellas all da way!

  29. M. Steele

    The boy gifted.💯

  30. FerragamoJV Music

    to hit a lick and not tuck it it's LOYALTY 💯

  31. VICK De-mon

    Tha realest nigga bought tha movement back Bond up to my niggaz Fresno cali

  32. Jay John

    BAY TO K.C

    Dre gaming security take out mo

    Mozzy from sac

    King Muhammad

    mozzy from Sacramento California Oak Park to be exact not the bay.

  33. SacTown916

    The way I felt it you ain't felt it

  34. Tonio

    this got to be mozzy most slept on song.. shit should have way more views

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    Free mozzy

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    Team only fukk wit them bullyz 3600💯

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    This go Yay Yayyyyy

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    Tryna maintain wearing the same thang

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    this shit MOBBIN !!

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    Ya boy Mozzy the truth hands down

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    On blood this nigga go on ws 20 gang this shit slap

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    Slapping this yellin ..mob in peace jacka!!!!!

    Olivia Arias

    Roderick Butler h

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    Where's the Pee Zees at? Know we're feelin this one.

    fab 612

    fuckn fed fuck 12

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    Slappin this shit

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  47. Jesse Luciano

    a classic

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    Out in the bay slappin mozzy everyday. FREE MOZZY!!! This one goes wayy too hard

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    In Kc fucking Mozzy, Slappin this shit when I wake up he the truth

    Lockhart ism

    beezy YE$ ---zzler #feltmusik

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    Free lucciiiiiiii !!?!!

  51. Brody Mac

    28 suckaz cant relate

  52. Joe Moe

    We fuck wit bra out here in the bay on some real shit he the truth shots out to the p were they say on the b

  53. Ahminio Covinus

    Opnk pinkys up today

  54. Ahminio Covinus

    Opnk pinkys up today bitch kill ur self esteem opnk

  55. Ahminio Covinus

    Kill urself bitch take the news from sac and I got the job opnk

  56. Ahminio Covinus

    Uzzy free


    st8 up nigga!


    Gunz up come check out that new joint Still on suspects 11

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    Free Geno

  60. MrCutty29

    29st bitch south side 916

  61. Cece Mackin

    30k Fab tae tae said it nigga fuk w meh

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    ..Cant help it "Ima Real N*gga"

  63. 78VIZZION


  64. Bowen Swift

    Bitch ass. Fuzk oakpark starz up bitch .maniac

  65. Brian Wilson


  66. Kelli Armstrong

    I can't help

  67. Neon Modz

    lil ass bitch stay tha fuck out of men shit before you get treated like one

  68. Twon12th

    Ima real nigga 12th

  69. mozzy Gang

    Stfu got pop fucked up on stunna gang

  70. yatta ru

    Cause ima real nigga

  71. south sac

    free issac & boxer for the 36

  72. 2011on6s

    Once again he went in!

  73. M-Gang Vision

    "We lookin' for a body, we dont look for love!!" Z.i.P Zo......we miss you blood!!

  74. killyrthoughts

    This is audio crack. this is gas on audio!

  75. Markus12TH

    in tha sekond half they gon ckhange up i zeen it happen blood i kan mention hella nigguz just from that line man 19-4 possy Fuck A Bitckh and a bitckh ass nigga MOZZY!!!

  76. srfreem7

    Comments is hilarious all y'all got comments talkin shit lol why talk get active smh most the ppl bangn on these comments be the ones hella quiet when niggas is fonkn smh...#hashtag#getActive

  77. Elsie Robinson Varmall

    Realnigga shit

  78. south sac

    Rip perk zilla

  79. south sac

    "I couldnt tell em all things I wanted tell tell em like I love you big braa" RIP JOE BLOW 7-8

    Mack Ridge

    RIP Joe Blow miss lil brah he was bool asf

  80. south sac

    One Of My Goons Was Locked Up With Boxer Rocking Up In The Units So Free Boxer For That 36 ...

  81. Sirreon Goodson

    Z.i.P. Zo


    Z.i.p zoe

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    Mozzy, this shxt goooooooooo

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    A june where u go to do a song at

  85. Jay Bee

    We Kim from nothin so we gunnen 4 des royaltyz

  86. killyrthoughts

    Ju-Ju-Ju-Juneonnabeat! This shit go.

    "Vulnerable by yourself, butchu hard out in public.
    When you witta 100 niggas and you muff'n, that's fuck shit."

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    #SHOOKUPTHAOTHERSIDE u suckas 612 tha time mozzzy

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    2 words: SLEEPIN GIANT. this real music breaking average barriers. This song deep is fuck. big labels sleepin on this nigga fareal. keep pushin real music mozzy bra

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    Quit speaking on the team

  92. beartrapz916

    Lil Tim always gasses.

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