Movements - Submerge Lyrics

Kicking my sheets off myself in my sleep
Wrestling my guilt while submerged in a dream
I can't help but feel helpless
We could sing harmony, and my soul felt in tact
Keeping in sync with the world at our backs

So I guess I must have fallen flat
Maybe I'm wasting my time, but that's fine
'Cause I can't be held to the light
Where have I been?
I'll sink in my skin
Maybe I'm cursed
Caught in a spin
Sorrow sets in
Falling head first

If I took it back to try again, would these things repeat in my head?
Settle for a failure in the end
But these words still feel like drowning to me
An elegy is all I'll ever be

Maybe I wasted your time, but that's fine
I let it drift too far to find
Where have I been?
I'll sink in my skin
Maybe I'm cursed
Caught in a spin
Sorrow sets in
Falling head first

Drowning in the dark
Drowning in the dark
Drowning in the dark

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Movements Submerge Comments
  1. 綾子

    u guys speak to so many people
    much love ❤

  2. Vladislav

    At the the end of the chorus 1:35 when Patrick sings "submerge" two times he sounds exactly like Chester Bennington from LP and it is amazing.

  3. [broken machine]

    I love this album more than my entire being.

  4. honeysuckle_breeze

    Thank you guys for being what i need on my lowest days & helping me heal.



  6. Hannah H

    Anyone else notice how the lyric "submerge, submerge" from this song and "away, away" from deadly dull are almost exactly the same?

  7. Daily Scratchers

    Going to see them on Wednesday...excited

  8. zaddhe official

    My friends really like this song

  9. [broken machine]

    I actually feel like I’m underwater. This song is way too beautiful.

  10. Caleb Mapes

    Check out my cover of this song. I love movements, this album means a lot to me

  11. underscoremaddi -

    this song makes me cry a lot

  12. booda

    Fuck whoever broke your heart

  13. Random Fart

    Love this song so damn much. Did my first acoustic cover ever to this one. Would be so grateful, if someone would listen to this and tell me if it sucks or if it doesnt. Its at this channel.

  14. JustinLeland95 -

    been my fav band and album for like 2 years straight!! still jammin to all their songs!

  15. Jam Austin

    I fcking love this

  16. Tatum pulgrim

    I love this songg soooooo much❤❤

  17. Kunal dutta

    one of the best songs <3

    Arkaprabha Mishra

    If not the best .

  18. Arkaprabha Mishra

    I've been going through hell suddenly this song comes along . Why didn't i hear this song earlier.

  19. Amani Henderson

    I seriously love every song by them <3

  20. Limitless Films

    This album is so sad... but that sadness that makes you happy, if that makes sense.

    Nah, I'm good.

    Hopeful sadness

    Joseph Moore

    It’s because somebody gets you

    Air Guitar

    yes it does make sense!

    FoxyEats nTreats

    Limitless Films 🙌


    i love it this album

  22. Stefani Zuñiga

    In love with this album.. don’t and won’t get tired of it ever.. (:

  23. ChewTubeOfficial

    Once again, movements really needs to do a song with hotel books.
    I'm gonna spam till it happens

  24. Johanna Stock

    Beautiful sad

  25. Aaron Fisher

    All of these lyric videos are so simple but yet so amazing.

  26. Vance Wade

    Every song on this album is perfection <3

  27. Adit WK

    jos gandos,hokya-hokya

  28. Tweed

    This song is underrated and overshadowed by all the other gems they put out. Doesn't take away from how good this song is though.

  29. E r i c V i l l a m o r

    Hi patrick

  30. Heather G

    this whole album has been on repeat for a week now... I still get chills every time

  31. edgarsoccer6

    Glad I meet them at warped tour

  32. SunnyNstormy

    So many fckin feels from them

  33. Lusy Darliing

    This album is so good.

  34. ToSufferQuietly music

    im mad at myself for not listening to this band sooner, this album is fucking gold

  35. Nicole L


  36. Andrew Johnson

    I saw these guys for the first time and they weren't even headlining. I had no clue who they were. I was blown away by their performance and have been hooked since. This song is powerful and I gotta see them live again since I know their music now.

  37. victoriahashope

    I can't get over how talented Movements is. Feel Something is one of my favorite albums released this year!

  38. Luigi Torres


  39. Cambia LaChiave

    This song killed me

  40. Adam Montano

    Favorite on the album. Been through very tough times lately and this song sounds like it's about my life. Life without Movements would suck tbh.

  41. Ronnie Bobonnie

    Whoever disliked this song is a fucking douchebag. Smh

  42. Mana Power

    I like the underwater visuals on this one

  43. erika quirarte

    beautiful vocals, beautiful lyrics, i love this band. the lyric videos are so fucking awesome, pat killed it.

  44. macbeth642

    Did a guitar cover of this on my channel! I have tabs too.

  45. Daniel Green

    This whole album has me broken down in tears. Fuck.

  46. Cecilia Garza


  47. rico-andreas lepp

    I really needed this album right now, thank you.

  48. Orlando Luyun

    freaking love the drum patterns

  49. ChewTubeOfficial

    Movements really needs to do a song with hotel books

    portia brewer

    ChewTubeOfficial YESSSSS


    Try Toluca Lake and their LP Walker.

    Heather Lange

    ChewTubeOfficial I strongly agree

  50. Rhune Bervoet

    I love this band even more

  51. BadWolf2755

    Ok I'm pretty sure I'll be listening to this album for months.
    Movements are the best.

    thank you very much.

    Dagnald Blumbf

    BadWolf2755 *is

  52. rubí u.

    I love this band

  53. Linda Gonzalez

    Ok this is Amazing.

  54. pri

    this album is a fucking masterpiece


    priscilla I totally agree with you!!!!!


    It really is

    Aaron Fisher

    100000000000000000000000000000% agree


    So we all agree best album of 2017

    Aaron Fisher

    edgarsoccer6 yes hahaha most definitely

  55. eli. //


    Jesse Garcia

    Hey cousin

  56. Rey Loves Metal

    Awesome editing Patrick, this song is so good! ❤