Movements - Scripted Lyrics

My life is a black and white film
There's nowhere to escape
No cut scenes where I can hide my shame.
Stereotypical situations and heartbreaking conversations
that we all know too well.

Oh well.

I just want to see the difference
I just need to get out
Prove to myself I've got more to offer than this self-doubt.
But the reel keeps on running.
I wish my legs could do the same.

Where has the time gone?
Where have I been?
Where has my life gone?
Where have I been?

I just want to see the difference
I just need to get out
Prove to myself I've got more to offer than this self-doubt.
But the reel keeps on running.
I wish my legs could do the same.

I'm nothing more than ordinary
I'm nothing.
And I'm sick of letting my surroundings get the best of me.
I'm sick of letting other people control my honesty.

Stifled in a cloud of fear,
Can't fill my lungs, I'm barely breathing
Sick and tired of the weather here,
Can't hear my thoughts,
My mind is screaming.

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Movements Scripted Comments
  1. jpena70


  2. Lightning Pikachu

    This is my life's soundtrack tbh

  3. Chase

    Fuck, Brett was so good

  4. Numae Official

    thank you

  5. aaron durst

    Why am I just hearing this song????

  6. Shelly Jennings

    Can we please please have scripted and buried on spotify!!!!!

  7. the whole world lost control

    That Title Fight shirt though. Nice.

  8. Michael C

    I can't wait for their next album.

  9. James Avery


  10. Khordia Lenci Ona

    Put this on spotify please. This is gold

    wira rizki

    Khordia Lenci Ona this is gold but I'm colorblind

  11. Sr. Huanca

    Son buenisimos <333333333 tienen su propio toque y estilo. Qué cracks!

  12. Beyond The Sun

    How is this just now showing up on my recommended?

  13. Micah Reyes

    That title fight shirt :)

  14. Liam Hobkirk

    Was this song scripted?

  15. Kendall

    I’ve been listening to this band for a while so how did I miss this?

  16. rebekah doyel

    holy shit

  17. Flamingo

    This once was on spotify back in the day rip

    Dora Luna

    Flamingo what happened to it :(


    Dora Luna they signed to fearless and had to take it down. You can buy it on their bandcamp.

  18. LetThemBleedOut

    In Love with this song.. Wish it was on their full album. These guys never leave my car cd player.

  19. joshua Uribe

    You guys are a rip off of seahaven, but I love seahaven

  20. Arcides Rivas

    They need to add this song to apple 😭

  21. Sebastian Daniels

    This band is so fucking awesome if they don't get big or blow up will sad cuz there simply amazing

  22. Frederik Toubro

    It is entirely beyond me how this song doesn't have more likes and views. The talent being shown is unreal. Amazing vocals, great sound!! Incredibly powerful music you dudes!! Keep on doing what youre doing!!!

  23. grayson

    fuck yeah

  24. troy morris

    So good! Why is this not on iTunes!?

  25. houi

    Why isnt it on Spotify??

  26. Fernando Gonzalez

    This should be on spotify too... just saying...

  27. John Wick

    Pat rocking that Title Fight shirt tho.

  28. Andrew Davis

    WTF. Been listening to this band for years on spotify, why am i just hearing this song now?!?!


    Andrew Davis it used to he on spotify but when they signed to fearless they had to take it down.

    Camden Hawkins

    more unheard songs on their bandcamp btw

    Dora Luna

    @Camden Hawkins Ty gunna check it out because I love movements sm

    Carson Gage

    ok same.... this is the first time ive ever seen/heard this song

    Dimas Jaka Wiguna

    Same hahaha

  29. Destiny Jackson

    get this on spotify!

  30. Jacob Boschert

    Yo you guys should put this song up on Apple Music and Spotify! It's too good to not be heard by more people

    Ryan Garrison

    Seriously. This JUST show up on my Recommended. Didn't know it existed...

  31. Brittany Leonard

    Wish y'all would come to ATX. I'd love to see y'all!

  32. Ptolemea

    thank you guys, this is amazing

  33. em c

    I only just found out about them and I know that they remind me of another band that I used to listen to, but I cant think of it

  34. noemi v

    still amazing

  35. Dustin Albers

    So as far as I can find. Outgrown Things is there only current EP.
    Now, Protection & Scripted arnt on that EP.
    So there just singles? Cuz they need to be on an album.
    And does anyone have any sort of information on to when Movements first full Lengh will be released?
    I need new Movements. There INCREDIBLE live. I watched them play there Full Discography when they played an off tour show with Silvers
    twin & Acadia in Portland Me in April. Was amazing g.


    new movements is SUPPOSEDLY coming out in early october according to pat himself in a recent interview


    Dustin Albers they had a 3-song ep on band camp with scripted, buried, and protection. Then Fearless picked them up and they released Outgrown things

  36. Carlos Henrique

    Da hora de mais... Muito bom to curtindo pra caranba

  37. xShadowBrowniex

    The feels!!!!! Fuck..

  38. andrew jorgensen

    if i could get to see you guys play this song live ince i could die happy

  39. Anabella Sgarbi

    you guys seriously are amazing, i'm in love. greetings from brazil <3

  40. Yotam Green

    So much love for this band <3

  41. Manny Hall

    title fight shirt, kool.

  42. Craige King

    If anyone wants some tabs for this I got you


    Craige King WHERE

    Cameron Rodina

    Dude. Give me

  43. Edwin Del Refugio

    you guys should be in blueswan records 😭💖

  44. Anton Smith

    I'm addicted I listen to this band at least once a day xD

  45. Eduardo Serrano

    I really like this band but when I try to look for the songs on a music app it never pops up all that shows up is Pham movements

  46. Anton Smith

    Your music has the exact feeling I'm looking for and everything about it sounds amazing to me. Thanks for great music :D

  47. Tony Galmiche

    If you guys ever your PLEASE come to Houston or anywhere in Texas... My friend and I will travel anywhere to see you guys!

  48. Corey Young

    Unbelievable song. Its class! Finally a great sounding melocore band you guys will go far!

  49. Brooklyn J. Pakathi

    One of my favorite bands

    Life changing music and lyrics

  50. Henry Smith

    I got goose bumps at 2:01 and 2:02 you can just barely hear that iconic emotional scream underneath all the voices. Maybe its a good thing no one has found you yet. Record labels promote publicity and change you so you fit the masses! You all create very serious stuff. Big Wigs might take that away! I implore you not to change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you absolutely must take my monnies lol

    Kano Weeden

    @Henry Smith THIS ^ XD

    Jimmy Carozza

    What do you think of their music now out of curiosity?

  51. cristian lizarraga

    so good.

  52. nicholas valverde

    Cool song cool video

  53. NovusBand OFFICIAL

    soooo good

  54. Cucineremo Ciambelle

    I'm loving this single too! Inspiring drumming again, damn! 
    Great job guys:)

  55. Kano Weeden


  56. JoGtrackriff

    This is great, you guys are going places :)

  57. fizzyjay909

    This is fucking amazing I literally can't rn, you guys did great :') fuck I love this song!

  58. Hail Jp

    how can i get all your songs?

    Movements: Official

    Our band camp has all our music on it. The link is in the description.

  59. Obey My Meows

    Amazing as always

  60. Nicknackems94

    I can definitely see you guys getting really big one day. You have that fresh sound that everyone enjoys. I love the vocals, such a clear and powerful singing voice. & the drummer has this humble look to him and he just shreds. What talent you all have, keep up the great work.

    Wruce Bayne

    2 years later, they are signed to a major label, did full warped tour and soon touring europe with big names from the scene.

    Logan Elliot

    you were definitely right about this!!!

    Hansha Grey

    Hey bud yeah you called it.


    Wruce Bayne they actually got signed a few months after they released buried

    Gerard's Slimey Blinds