Movement, The - Alright Lyrics

I got a feeling got no time ya see
To hear ya fussin and fightin whining why ya see
I know it's gonna be alright
Get some wine the sea
Will soothe and make the mind move silently

I know it's gonna be alright
Got my paper and my pen together
Can't be confused 'cause I'm flyin high in any weather
Got so much soul yes you know I cannot be no better
Now everybody get ya grind on

Yo from beginning to ending my chapter's flipping and spinning
While I'm catering to nonsense Setting tables of contents
Over continents, deserts, oceans, and landmasses
Spreading like jam
To make you and your honey shake them asses, damn
I'm looking sharp
Steadily sticking like bookmarks
Heavily written spitting sentences
Showing off book smarts
Smarter than a fucking whip
Cool as a fan
You feeling alright
Sing it if you know what I'm sayin

'Cause it just goes to show that you just may never know
'Cause when it rains it pours just another episode
And now I hope you know this is how the story goes
But it's alright, it's alright

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Movement, The Alright Comments
  1. Jacob PinAcle

    Soooooooo Good!!!!

  2. Bruddah68

    I have ear cavities because of dis here candy ....... Ono'liscious

  3. like liker

    I've been listening to the movement for fucking years. How have I not stumbled across this magical tune ?

  4. Benjahminer aka Buckshot brother Miner

    607 here again

  5. Jack Nice

    Just seen these guys open for 311 and I had to look em up. Good shit.


    Jack Nice crazy, if anything 311 should open for the movement!

  6. Chad Johnson

    A band this talented should be world stardom

  7. Nick Hikes

    Not seeing this on itunes...

  8. Kyle

    It pisses me off how songs this good get only 28,000 views but Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber get millions. Dumbass kids

    Chad Johnson

    Kyle amen to that

    Big Boy Sam Bowers

    15 years of age been rocking w these boys since I was born🤙🏼

    Dan Neylon

    @Big Boy Sam Bowers truth

  9. RoweHowe

    youre fucking obstervent

  10. Lory Villalba

    TEMIN !

  11. Mario De La Torre


  12. Roy Scott

    fucking sick band