Mountain Goats, The - You Or Your Memory Lyrics

I checked into a bargain priced room on La Cienega
Gazed out through the curtains at the parking lot
Walked down to the corner store just before nightfall in my bare feet
Black tarry asphalt, soft and hot

And when I came back, I spread out my supplies
On the counter by the sink, looked myself right in the eyes

St. Joseph's baby aspirin
Bartles & Jaymes
And you
Or your memory

I ducked behind the drapes when I saw the moon begin to rise
Gathered in my loose ends, switched off the light
And down there in the dark I could see the real truth about me
As clear as day, lord, if I make it through tonight

Then I will mend my ways
And walk the straight path to the end of my days

St. Joseph's baby aspirin
Bartles & Jaymes
And you
Or your memory

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Mountain Goats, The You Or Your Memory Comments
  1. Von Clohk

    Man, I was so hoping I was gonna like this band. Damn.

    M T

    Why don't you like them?

    Von Clohk

    @M T It's hard to explain but's it likely the same reason I really never liked the Minutemen. Mainly has to do with the vocals and the general quirkiness about it. I'm sure the lyrics are reallly good and I love Jon Wurster but they just aren't for me.

  2. George Chewning

    Confusion from a salty comment conversation below but what does the song have to do with a woman? Aspirin=blood thinner for harder and faster delivery, alcohol=intensifier, you or your memory=gas station speed as a meth replacement. Am I in crazy land or what? Ok back to the music now. Good luck with all of that.

  3. Pele Siren

    The mountain goats are the perfect soundtrack to my suicide or falling in love. I find my life in their songs so often it rattles my soul. There's a strange loop where by we cross the bridge of compassion to find ourselves dancing on the lips of a singer like angels on a pinhead. The path is littered with the fallen bodies of narcissists and pretenders...


    I hear you friend

    Pretty Bad At Everything

    I finally got tickets. And if I do make it there, to that room full of those people, knowing these things? I..

  4. Joel Bass

    Author, Composer: Kanye West
    Author, Composer: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
    Author, Composer: Thomas Bangalter
    Author, Composer: Clifton Bailey
    Author, Composer: Harvel Hart
    Author, Composer: Anand Bakshi
    Author, Composer: Rahul Burman
    Author, Composer: Ross Birchard
    Author, Composer: Justin Vernon
    Author, Composer: Malik Jones
    Author, Composer: Che Smith
    Author, Composer: Elon Rutberg
    Author, Composer: Cydell Young
    Author, Composer: Mike Dean
    Author, Composer: Derek Watkins

  5. TheRowa86

    So you guys know that this song is about a man who wanted to kill himself, right? He bought a cheap hotel room so that his loved ones wouldn't have to find him dead, and he went to the corner store to buy pills to OD on. He was depressed over the death of his wife and just couldn't go on. It wasn't until he finally decided to go through with it that he realized he couldn't do it. He lived on without her, but with her memory.

    Ross James

    Sort of. Close. "You or your memory" isn't referring to an outside person. It's referring to the singer themselves; Will people think of me or the memory of me 'cause I'll be dead.

    This is autobiographical. Darnielle's singing about himself after his first AIDS test.


    Mr Numbers it’s kinda amazing how much J.D has been through.


    this song used to make me snicker. but now it brings a tear to my eye.

  7. Andrew Bee

    so did leonard desindes ever get married?

  8. Skates 35

    Am I the only one that thinks the tree on the cover of The Sunset Tree kind of looks like a heart?

    Nathan Howard

    +Skates 35 I can't unsee it now.


    Skates 35 yeah, no, now that you mention it? Totally a heart.

    Jacob Morris

    You're not anymore. I can't unsee it now

  9. Zoë JW

    What's he doing in La Cienega?


    On La Cienega dude, street in the LA area. Cheap motels everywhere, perfect for drinking.

  10. Brock Lee

    Wow you really must be brain dead. People like you try to scare people away from speaking freely. You try to stifle people. From either making a joke, or writing a book about reality, problems in the world. You know what used to be politically correct? Not letting black people drink from the same water fountain. It's people like you that encourage stagnant thinking and scare people from speaking their minds, people with important ideas, thus holding back progress in society. Now go home.

  11. Brock Lee

    Maybe you should learn how to read?

  12. Brock Lee

    If people were forced to be politically correct like you idiots the world wouldn't be were it is today and the society wouldn't advance.

  13. Margaret Cantrell

    You've found one, bro.

  14. Brock Lee

    Politically correct people like you are fucking nauseating.

  15. FacelessAndPlastic

    Fuck you.

  16. Mike C

    *two derp.

  17. Mike C

    @ leonarddesindes and kierankaleidoscope

    Would you too pipe down? I'm trying to listen to The Mountain Goats.

  18. Henry Raby

    How is there an argument about Women's Rights on such a chilled out video?!!

  19. Kieran Cutting

    I really, really don't know how ignorant fucks like you can appreciate things as nice as The Mountain Goats.

  20. aebrac

    Ha. That was my first thought. My second was that you have to be just a little messed up to identify with The Mountain Goats' music and moody girls like me aren't always great fun to be around. We're not usually the stepford wifey types.

    Pele Siren

    aebrac agreed

  21. leonard desindes

    Chill out lol its a YouTube comment I didn't post it with hopes of finding a wife its just a random sorry i dont type my youtube comments with perfect etiquette and grammar

  22. Stolen Bitch

    LOL stop joking yourselves ladies as soon as you don't get exactly what you want you turn into bitches

  23. Diane [redacted]

    And does she have a say in this matter?

  24. KatieinaLull

    fyi john darnielle is a huge women's rights activist

    Robert Maslowski

    "Huge" is a relative term, Katie. John's about 5' 9" tall and only weighs about 170 lbs, so I wouldn't actually refer to him as "huge women's right activist." He's technically more of an average-sized women's rights activist but I don't mean to squabble.

  25. KatieinaLull

    john darnielle probably wouldn't approve of you calling any woman a bitch.

  26. Kieran Cutting

    Step one would be to not call females bitches.

  27. JSMTN

    You would be a damn existential couple.

  28. Commander Venus

    Someone's butthurt.

  29. cocoscoffee

    yep yep yep :)

  30. souP

    The other way around. Andrew Jackson Jihad sounds like the Mountain Goats.

  31. Henry A

    Sounds like Andrew Jackson Jihad.

  32. lassievicious

    Lots of us love Mountain Goats but we wouldn't marry anyone who calls us "bitch" so casually.

  33. souP

    I would have to agree on that one.

  34. leonard desindes

    I wish I could I find a girl who likes the mountain goats as much as I do. If I could I'd marry that bitch in an instant haha

  35. Alice Yobby

    Tired of Sex, sure great opener. Airbag, fucking fantastic. Come Together, are you kidding me, Iconic! And Tallahassee! Man, you know I love the Mountain Goats!
    But you know what, even with all of these, I still agree with the initial statement. I mean, I think we can agree that Sunset Tree is probably the best MG album, and this song sets the theme for the rest of it PERFECTLY.
    So even if it's not the best 'SONG' out of those, I would still say it's the best opener.
    Then again that's my opinion

  36. alpha jester

    most people here in the America's have no idea of their talent sadly. im in Missouri.

  37. Christopher Lee

    @ilylac Blown up? This video has 10k views. I've seen videos of silly cats get more views in an hour than this has gotten in a year. I love the Goats and have for years, but I can't say they have "blown up" by any definition of the term..

  38. Jay Debee

    @ilylac I wouldn't say they've blown up. Pretty much no one knows who they are.

  39. KnarfKcaz

    Love this album!

  40. TheOssumPawesome

    This song is haunting.

  41. ilylac

    @TheRowaboat heh. the last time i saw them in canada the show was packed with 16 year olds. consider yourself lucky!

  42. Roaa Alalwany

    @ilylac all very true, but for quite a good band with some beautiful songs, their uploads seem to have no more than a page of comments and no one i know seems to have heard of them. maybe thats just because they don't get any publicity here in the UK...

  43. ilylac

    @TheRowaboat they aren't. mountain goats have blown up since they upped their production values. (see for example this album's songs having way more views than, say, ghana, most of which isn't even uploaded.)

  44. Roaa Alalwany

    awesome. why are they so under-appreciated?

  45. therealmcnulty

    this my jam yall