Mountain Goats, The - The Black Ice Cream Song Lyrics

And the heat came down
I knew I was living in a long, long dream
when you fed me the black ice cream

and the heat rose up
I heard the loud loud buzzing of our son's go-kart
and the ice cream was blacker than the devil's heart
It was august the 19th, 1957
I fixed my eyes on you, fixed my eyes on you

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Mountain Goats, The The Black Ice Cream Song Comments
  1. meddelhed

    Is that Alan Partridge?

  2. Sarah Twycross

    @gwilcocks12345 because if we're honest with ourselves John is probably wearing a dark throne t-shirt.

  3. RobboElRobbo

    Stay safe.

  4. Riley Grandel

    text me.

  5. RobboElRobbo

    This kid rustles my jamie hynemans

  6. ilylac

    no matter how often i up this it\s nt the top comment ;[

  7. DarthCool99

    hello, senior.

  8. Ryan Halterman

    Hello Riley.

  9. Riley Grandel


  10. Chapel of Sanity

    It won't play. =[

  11. Squire99990

    Not anymore :)

  12. Ryan Halterman

    Yep! I even have a friend who told me he writes a column in some metal magazine. I can't recall which one at the moment.

  13. vollsticks

    @Microwavish To be honest: yes.

  14. Eleihoma

    @vollsticks Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Check out "Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace".

  15. vollsticks

    His lyrics are ace but they don't need weedy repetitive acoustic guitars underneath them. I'd be so bored if they're albums are all these types of songs. And having just sat through 12 of their "tunes" on here I'd say they probably are.

  16. Toastcano718

    idk how i know about this song but i love it

  17. Just another Channel

    only 97 views? wtf.... woah

  18. JDBlessin

    Fuck yeah