Mountain Goats, The - Some Swedish Trees Lyrics

Well, you were standing in the door
Well, I wondered what you were waiting for
I saw the wild strawberries on the vine
Out of control

Well, I was trying to think of something clever
You were saying nothing whatsoever
I saw the berries throw their hooks into the soil
Felt the blood between us turning black as motor oil

We come from California
The air around you was familiar to me now
You were gazing westward
I was looking at you again

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Mountain Goats, The Some Swedish Trees Comments
  1. D Cedrick

    churning as thick as love and oil.

  2. D Cedrick

    i know the line is "thick as motor oil" but i like to improvise with "thick as love and oil" Cuz y'know love and a little lube can go a long way ;)

  3. Kent Tekulve

    Definitely top 10 with:
    1. Sinaloan Milk Snake Song
    2. Cotton
    3. Southwood Plantation Road
    4. Jenny
    5. Dilaudid
    6. Color in Your Cheeks
    7. Amy aka Spent Gladiator
    8. Cry for Judas
    9. Home Again Garden Grove

    assuming that 'This Year' & 'No Children' get to be on all lists

  4. Christopher Bingham

    Like with many other Mountain Goats songs, I love it but I wish it were longer.

  5. willneu97

    (Almost) the same melody is used on "Let the dogs come out"

  6. dressedindresden

    god i love this song