Mountain Goats, The - Magpie Lyrics

Feed the kittens in the kitchen
Set food out for the strays
Try hard to do your best
The magpie will have his way

Fill your mouth with berries
By the full light of the moon
Work all night if you have to
The magpie comes at noon

Shore up the crucifixes
Above the archways and the doors
The magpie will come at midday
And you will go down on all fours

And when the cherries white with blossoms
Be ready and be brave
And remember what we had here
When there was something left to save

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Mountain Goats, The Magpie Comments
  1. Christopher Bingham

    I love this song, but I wish it were longer.

  2. Christopher Bingham

    You want a live version, you've got a live version:

  3. 100,000,000 subscribers without any videos

    Just to save u time a magpie is a person that collects things with little value

    Christopher Bingham

    No. A magpie is a bird


    Magpies are both birds and people, but I associate it with birds more. So the first commenter is hella dumb

  4. Bonefish

    Insane how I was sleeping on this song for so long. Now it's probably my favourite on the album.

  5. Squiggs 【Glitches - ROM Hacks - Speedruns】

    One of my favourites by John, and that is a hell of a statement considering the twenty CDs of pure beauty he's produced.

  6. Keith Baker

    what a two minute song to brush children's teeth to! I might have invented a new game.


    Oh my god I love it

  7. Terminus Vex

    If you want to hear John Darnielle with another oft-overlooked and hyper-talented artist, check out the Aesop Rock song "Coffee" off the "None Shall Pass" album.  Abstract indie hip-hop with John Darnielle?  Why not - it works.  Well.

  8. Petyr Botti-Anderson

    His voice is haunting, full of truth.

  9. adrianjayneful

    this song needs more recognition, almost disgusted at how few comments and views this has. i love you John Darnielle.

    Christopher Bingham

    It's gotten more recognition now! They're playing it live now:

  10. William Brendon

    Love this song.

  11. Will Neumann

    This is one of my all time favorites.