Mountain Goats, The - Love Love Love Lyrics

King Saul fell on his sword when it all went wrong
And Joseph's brothers sold him down the river for a song
And Sonny Liston rubbed some tiger balm into his glove
Some things you do for money and some you do for love, love, love

Raskolnikov felt sick, but he couldn't say why
When he saw his face reflected in his victim's twinkling eye
Some things you'll do for money and some you'll do for fun
But the things you do for love are going to come back to you one by one

Love, love is going to lead you by the hand
Into a white and soundless place
Now we see things as in a mirror, dimly
Then we shall see each other face to face

And way out in Seattle, young Kurt Cobain
Snuck out to the greenhouse, put a bullet in his brain
Snakes in the grass beneath our feet, rain in the clouds above
Some moments last forever, but some flare out with love, love, love

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Mountain Goats, The Love Love Love Comments
  1. LoL Tom

    One of the most beautiful albums of the last 20 years

  2. Steve Bond

    john green s disciples

  3. Arriana

    5th month of pregnancy and use this song nightly to see the baby kick and have reassurance that they’re doing good in there. it’s so interesting they won’t kick until the end of it but it gets them going !! 🤍

  4. Davis Cabbage

    P mad I searched this song title and got Lil Dickys talentless ass first

  5. Susan This

    So... nice.

  6. Justine holmlund

    Where is the goddamn mountain

  7. CRABSY6

    Rip maddison

  8. Pericles Radael

    I'm here because Fear The Walking Dead

    Katy Perry


  9. Amanda Chum

    Looking for Alaska brought me here ✨🌱

  10. chey ayy

    thank you john

  11. Deanith

    Looking for Alaska

  12. nicole r


  13. Harb

    "Eh, here. Why don't you try this one instead?"

  14. work shit

    the kurt Cobain suicide conspiracy reference is awesome.

  15. Oskar

    Good bye madison 😭

  16. Drew Harrington

    I love the wholesomeness of this song, and cd. But it does kinda look like those 2 trees are having sex.

    Phil 372

    I'm so glad I could ever unsee this. Screw you!

  17. It's alright, im dying

    Here comes more fans of VlogBrothers

  18. F7- CH

    Congratulations 1M view

  19. teejay

    Fear the Walking Dead still


    Who came here after John's video?!

  21. alaska

    I can already tell I'm going to get one of those weird obsessions with this wont be able to think about anything else at times. Does that happen to anyone else?

    Mr. Hetero

    Same man. Parsonsfield’s “Weeds Or Wildflowers” does that to me.

  22. RockismyAir

    "And now, the Weather"
    This sounds like Night Vale.

  23. Alexander Parker

    fear the walking dead

  24. Christine Trabo

    oh so this is the looking for alaska song

    double buuble disco queen

    Haha i'm here to for looking for alaska ♥️

  25. K.E.C. Records

    Mikki Childs

  26. Jayce Cameron

    Sure sounds a lot like The Weakerthans ( a local band). One of my fav songs by them is "I hate Winnipeg"

  27. Nick Johnson

    Wen I watched this episode it shows why he always sad and drinkin

  28. Santosh Biradar

    This song will live long trust me


    RIP Madison #FTWD

  30. F7- CH

    From fear the walking dead

    Art of Free Speech

    Same... I'm surprised how few are here from it.

  31. yungvbs

    alguem mais veio por fear the walking dead 4 temporada ep 8

  32. tetsjin42


  33. tetsjin42

    Some moments last forever but others flare out with love, love, love

  34. Blormpf

    Genuinely the most beautiful song ive ever heard

  35. zam 964

    I bet I'm the only person here cuz of Fear The Walking Dead. The episode I just watched had this at the end 🤣


    Dude same and we are still behind on it lol

    zam 964

    @KyleMcVey666 I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!

  36. obn obn

    if only they did......

  37. Renee Laventure


  38. Bandito

    John Green

  39. Lord Twigo

    i don't know why but this really reminds me of part two of looking for alaska

  40. Reptile estrin

    Supremely beautiful.

  41. Mom/Color Love All Colors


  42. Doug Peterson

    John Darnielle! and company! The production quality of this track is as good as any one is doing... Then add John...

  43. Alien Humanologist

    Getting major Morrissey vibes

  44. Alba Etc

    Hey. This song brings me memories of my early teens, I used to watch vlogbrothers and they put this in their playlist and I listened to it. I still feel understood and loved when I listen to this, life is effing beautiful and I want to gift you words about love, you are worth it

  45. Nina The Pink

    Apparently The Mountain Goats have music on Fear The Walking Dead and Moral Oral? Huh. I'm here because I love the band but it doesn't matter how you find The Mountain Goats, as long as you do. They're my favorite band.

  46. Katherine Gutierrez

    I didn't know this was a Bible song I came here from Fear The Walking Dead

  47. Ravi

    Thank you. Beautiful song.

  48. For the Doggies Guitars

    Great "Walker" tune.

  49. Mary Scriberras

    Here because of the Lauren O'Connell Cover. Great song though.

    rabia landri

    Nice, I love My Terrible Friend.

  50. lucas ward

    Hear because of HANK GREEN!!!!!

  51. Jack Gill

    Downloaded this on iTunes, two Fucking days later it got taken off

  52. Ariel Taylor

    Every time I think I have a favorite tMG album, I'm wrong.

  53. kamalmanzukie

    im here just to fuck up the comment numerology

  54. iK3LZ3Y

    Fear brought me here. Sad about Madison, harder losing Nick tho

  55. VestedAqua

    One of Clay's few humanizing moments.

  56. Cow Boy

    Fear the walking dead

  57. Chuck

    Love that song
    But not as much as I love this great, pretty young lassie named Miranda. She is a beautiful love young lady and is my best friend....I just wanted you to find this and know that I love you...😏
    But it is a kick ass song

  58. Ravi

    Fear the walking dead is shit.

  59. Jeff England

    I love you.

  60. Yasin Abid

    Rest In Peace Maddison. You were a fiercly Strong Woman in Both Mind & Spirit

  61. Robo Q-Man

    Madison..... 😢 😢 😭 FTWD

  62. Joshua Scott

    Who came here from moral orel?

  63. Angie Dougan

    I know all of these people * choked back sob * NIRVANA! FOREVER!!!!!! * sob *

  64. Snake


  65. Jolay Tango

    +++ FTWD SPOILER +++

  66. Lylone Rast

    So Maddy, it's the end of your story

  67. Elayna DeLorenzo

    Actually one of my least favorite Goats song.. but recently I've started to like it a lot more.

  68. Manu et J-Pierre Barbosa

    Yeah so good music ! Wonderfull !
    Take a look ! Thanks !

  69. _SHADandtheharlettes_

    Yes I'm here because of #FearTWD and no I'm NOT OKAY!!

  70. hehe hehe

    Madison deserved so much better

  71. sandy warhol

    Miss you ty stephens.

  72. Anomalia

    fear the walking dead 3ª season []

  73. Garrett Sampson

    Rip Madison

  74. Raistlin Videos

    RIP Madison :'c i miss you

  75. Andrew Wimberley

    Here because of Fear the Walking Dead

  76. Lokim23

    I'm here because of.. fear the walking dead.

    The Rageaholic

    nobody cares



    The Fermented Sailor

    Lokim23 it doesn’t matter what brought you my friend...

    tarek King

    i dont think she is die i dont know why :D

    Маленький Очумелов

    @Саня Шишкин на заборе тоже стала бы кормом, дите, мне больше интересно, почему она не догадалась до страты шепчушихся, которую несколько раз в сериале использовал ее сынок... В любом случае, смерть этой бесячей сучки должна помочь сериалу

  77. Sandra Soler

    Madison ;_;


    Fear the Walking dead brought me here.

    Cold Boy


  79. Snake

    Nobody else here from FearTWD?

    Cold Boy

    Travis Elliot yup

  80. Julka Borkowska

    2018? 🎶❤️

  81. Bobplosion

    Who's here because of Fear The Walking Dead's mid season finale?

    Cold Boy

    Bobplosion me

  82. Chris Eltanal

    love this if you listen to it because of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!! MIDSEASO MADISON LAST!!!!!!

  83. Erica Williams

    fear the walking dead brought me here

  84. аймен б.с

    fear the walking dead brought me here

  85. Benjamin

    Fear the walking dead brought me here!

  86. wally bully

    who's here because of fear the walking dead?

    Cold Boy

    wally bully I think the majority of people are

    Jack of Shadows

    The majority of people are here from Morel Orel a long time ago. More recently I'd say walking dead but I've never seen the walking dead, only read the graphic novels. The TV series wasn't worth it. One ep was enough to tell me it just didn't come across. Maybe it was the way it was adapted.
    Or likely putting such a sweet beautiful song to a bloody zombie movie just doesn't sit well in my mind?

    wally bully

    Jack of Shadows you should watch it, it's worth it 😍


    I'm here because of an old episode of ALF.

  87. Keileb

    I’m here from Fear TWD

  88. Layo Almeida

    I'm here because Fear The Walking Dead S04E08 No One's Gone. Nice song!

  89. Jans Vanagels

    R.I.P. Madison [FTWD]

  90. CheChes

    Here because of Fear The Walking Dead.


    Madison Clarke RIP ! a true leader does what must be done no matter what the cost

  92. Oussama Assam

    Fear the walking dead 👌

  93. James Ozz

    Madison Clarke 😢

  94. Sticky Bliccy

    Rip Madison Clarke
    Although i hated her character, she saved one of my favs, sure he didnt last long but it gave me more time with his character. So for that, thank you Madison.


    Fear the Walking Dead anyone?


    No One's Gone
    until they're gone
    goodbye Madison, you'll be missed;
    thanks for lighting the way.

    Lonely Freak

    You know she is not death right??



    Lonely Freak

    Never mind :'.v, i'm sad because of Nick's and Madison's death