Mountain Goats, The - Dilaudid Lyrics

The reception's gotten fuzzy
The delicate balance has shifted
Put on your gloves and your black pumps
Let's pretend the fog has lifted

Now you see me
Now you don't
Now you say you love me
Pretty soon you won't

If we get our full three-score and ten
We won't pass this way again
So kiss me with your mouth open
Turn the tires toward the street and stay sweet

All the chickens come on home to roost
Plump bodies blotting out the sky
You know it breaks my heart in half, in half
When I see them try to fly

'Cause you just can't do
Things your body wasn't meant to
Hike up your fishnets
I know you

If we live to see the other side of this
I will remember your kiss
So do it with your mouth open
And take your foot off of the brake, for Christ's sake!

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Mountain Goats, The Dilaudid Comments
  1. Eric Phoenix

    Hey cousin I just saw this one and thought how ironic. I’m allergic to dialuted.
    FYI-Tony said he was going to do my mom’s memorial service April next year, I miss her sooo much

  2. Thdxbll3

    “If we get our full three score and ten, we won’t pass this way again. So kiss me with your mouth open” — maybe my very favorite lyric of all time.

  3. RIDING CDA over_it_films

    Ha! Stinkywizzelteetes hahahahaaaa

  4. 55bueller

    Dilaudid is one brutal opiate, excruciating withdrawals!

  5. theweightofdarkness

    "And take your foot off of the brake, For Christ's sake!" is so powerful

  6. Szása H.

    *This goes to my addiction playlist*

  7. etru6

    The raw passion in this song is breathtaking.

  8. Actually HusksOfCorn


  9. seanomatopoeia

    h/t Don W. Gately

  10. Ezra Lbs

    now you say you love me, pretty soon you won't...

  11. Grey Horizon

    I _love_ how he says "...and stay _sweet_" 0:55.

  12. Fluffiness

    Hagbard Celine brought me here XD


    My god...

  13. Christopher Costello

    Kiss me with your mouth open

  14. homeboysandman

    this shit is slammin

  15. vulgarfvckr

    "now you say you love me, pretty soon you won't"
    hello, opiates.

  16. Buddy Tevepaugh


  17. Ilir Kumi

    This world needs more cellos.

  18. Common Beggar

    Ugh, I hated Dilaudid. The comedowns made me insane!


    @Common Beggar Hydro m while comin' down from speed: when everything came down, pure anger (moved by REAL THINGHS THAT OBJECTIVELY HAPPENED, but the way anger expressed itself was of course my sysyem missing drugs). I was hurting so bad from being angry that i could not even say if i was physically withdrawing or not, as the adrenalin masked any other hungover/withdrawal sympthom!

    Robert Sattler

    Never had it, but it being a semi synthetic of just morphine[and NOT diacetyl morphine-euphoria] nothing would surprise me,morphine on it's own can be pretty flat and dull.

  19. DeadDeadDeadDeadDead

    weird song. sounds more like a retrospective on opiate use, because i'm on opiates right now and the vibe of this song is not relatable. i like the song, but yeah i think it's more about looking back on the experience and narrating in hindsight. lovely song. 


    Yeah dude, thinking about my first time on Oxy is like jerking off.

    Kane's Crimes

    It's 2019 and I've now been on methadone for over 6 years, and was a junkie for almost two decades before that. (Shooting 8mg dilaudids, and the extract from fentanyl patches and heroine were my common poisons)
    To me(for what it's worth) the song vibes with a resentful insight into the nightmarish subjectivity of ones emotions on opiates.
    It's STILL an f'ing nightmare, even though I
    ll be "clean" in about 4 months...for the first time in almost 30 years.

  20. Polly Helman

    You should always put cellos in any song named after a heavy duty opiate.

    Naomi Jones

    Polly Helman Lou Reed could learn a thing or two

  21. Ashley H

    Just was introduced to this band and they have a song named after my favorite narcotic. That's pretty amazing. FYI for anyone who gets a kidney stone/snaps their shins...

    C B

    @Ashley Hannu Yeah, everybody's hating, but I love hydromorphone as well. Vein candy. Best rush there is. Better than h.

    Baxo Washinton

    @C B dipipanone is better especially with cyclizine but it's about as common as quaaludes these days

  22. Trevor Cory

    very strange, which is most likely the reason I love it

  23. Knark

    I just got into them again. This song hits me like a ton of bricks.

  24. shadowdance4666

    Not bad at all!

  25. MantisFreak420

    i just slammed two 8mgs and jamming to this shit on repeat...gonna be a great fucking day!!!


    When I was using.. about this time was using.. 3 years ago. I'd do the same.. slamming 8mg dilaudid... I'm clean now.

  26. Moira Russell


  27. VCedraz Ribeiro

    Good to know! Sometimes I think if Palmcord Yajna could be related to Oceanographer's Choice because of the parte in the first tha goes "laugh lines on our faces Scale Maps of the ocean floor", but I didn't stop to think about it yet...

  28. Jaryn Clouatre

    I was given this for after my surgery.... I'm gonna go try one.

    Imperator Furiosa

    I had an injection a few weeks back for trigeminal neuralgia. Strong stuff- I kept feeling like I was going to freak out or fall down...

  29. Fiona Denton

    best song

  30. Zeratul723

    WHAT a song.

  31. Iain Snow

    This song is related to Attention All Pickpockets, according to John Darnielle on his Tumblr!

  32. Jared Recasens

    I used to snort 18~ 25 8 mg pills a day ! glad to be off it

  33. deniz yalçın

    This song is full of some sort of hate in my opinion.

  34. Sharron Fidler


  35. Morgan Howard

    I love the cello in this song, so awesome.

  36. Habbonovio

    This song is my dilaudid.

  37. Manny Quijada


  38. Morgan

    They gave me dilaudid when I had a burst ovarian cyst. It was amazing; the worst pain of my life one moment and a perfect contented fog the next.

  39. Emily DeMaioNewton

    SPOILER ALERT! I'm in the middle of reading it!!!

  40. Bfauckly Ferrel

    and that is why its so damn addicting when used IV

  41. C Money

    Don't respond to drug pushers online. You could do 5yrs. If they entrap you.

  42. Danielle Bruno

    Thank You John Green! I Finally Know What You Were Talking About!

  43. XxRicochetLuvrxX

    Gahh. )':

  44. Pixle Ration Reviews

    Why did you feel the need to remind me of that? The feels, man. The feels.

  45. thisvideoisover

    This reminds me of when Alaska crashed her car... :S

  46. thisvideoisover

    Omy, this is so beautiful... WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISING?!?!?!? WHY DIDNT I LISTEN TO JOHN SOONER!??!?1?

  47. nite mary

    i kept waiting for that song to start over nd over! lol

  48. nite mary

    i was waiting for that song to start!! over and over! lol

  49. humeanesque

    That was so full of awesomely badness.

  50. pinkwhiterose204

    Dilaudids are horrible. I had a serious problem with them for about a year and a half. It destroys you and everyone around you. By the end of it you just feel dead. & you're constantly in need of them in order to sleep or just get through the day. This song just reminds of the times I was doing it and it just makes me feel better that I'm clean. (7 months today)

  51. TheMilbauers

    I recognize the violin part from "This Year." Of course they are from the same album so...

  52. William Henderson

    Real good song. PAT

  53. Evan S

    yer a dumbass...they're doing China White HEROIN. Think about it...everytime they use it shows a little pile of dope drop...if it was coke they sure are bitches for only doing bumps all the time, and water in spoon being cooked is pretty synonymous with Diesel.

  54. gt2418

    In requiem theyre doing heroin you dumbfuck

  55. TheShadowstalker11

    in requiem they are doing coke and amphetamines

  56. youpooper1234567890

    what kind? how much? how big?

  57. Trollberzerk

    Wow as a heroin addict myself (same thing as a dilaudid addict really) this song really hit home for me to continue focusing on my sobriety. There isn't alot of lyrics, but somehow it feels like he's saying much more and its powerful. Maybe its the choice of words and maybe its the voice/music, but I really like it and it is very helpful for me.

  58. Spinelicker5

    I like your name! Ren and Stimpy.. lol Uncle! ha ha haa

  59. Kelly MacLeod

    True...but this song could easily fit on We Shall All Be Healed.

  60. Kelly MacLeod

    If anyone's seen the movie "Requiem for a Dream," just imagine this song playing in the background. Read the lyrics, you know which scenes I'm talking about. Devastating.

    God I love the Mountain Goats <3

  61. EPICGIRL99

    Thank you John Green.

  62. keef koolaid

    To all haters: let's hear your song

  63. skippyasqueeze

    stop babbling boy!

  64. CatcherIntheRiot1

    If you don't like the music don't go to the video simple as that!

  65. McTrots

    @coammaoc Well "noone" wants to listen to my shit probably on account that I didn't say anything... Hey this must be why you think that the sound of dog shit dehydrating is actually music! You hear people talking over the internet! @[email protected]

  66. TROLLon aROLL

    40 a day for a year now

  67. coammaoc

    It's music. If you don't like it, fuck off, because "noone" wants to listen to your shit.

  68. Jake Leis

    @jmillardwilson This album is about his relationship with his abusive step-father, We Shall All Be Healed is about drugs, meth specifically.

  69. McTrots

    k since noone else is saying it... the fuck is this shit?

  70. Gaius Cassius Longinus

    One of my favorite songs :D

  71. cellopants

    More bands need to play orchestra-rock.
    I wish this song was longer, I absolutely adore it.

  72. iinsanebaby

    This song makes me want to take on life... lets go

  73. James Wilson

    most accurate drug theme album that i can think of at the moment

  74. HardcoreJesus100

    no shit. its a crazy drug. crazy song

  75. Thomas Parella

    I like mostly heavy music, or at least music with lots of distortion, effects, etc. Not heavy metal much, but I like Manson, NIN, Ludo, DEVO, etc. Mountain goats to me are like a folk/country/rock mix with a style I'd normally not like. But I LOVE them because they dominate in their genre, whichever or whatever you call it. This song is proof.

  76. mark dickinson

    just think, if id never watched the vlogbrothers i would have never listend to this

  77. giftedangel6

    First album I bought on iTunes? THIS.
    Never knew I could think so clearly at 3 AM!

  78. Christopher Ruth

    when i tore my acl, lcl and had extensive nerve damage in my leg last year I got all the dilaudid I wanted. I never knew what it was until they administered it to me. It felt like my entire body, inside and out, was sitting in front of a fireplace eminating perfect warmth

  79. Niegel Meeks


  80. Dazed Yeti

    really wishing i had some dillies right now

  81. Drujienna Mecuria

    Ahhh I love this damn song.

  82. coolestpyro

    @JasViv you have the "come, come, to the sunset tree" version. this one is from the sunset tree, and it can also be found on the Dilaudid EP

  83. coolestpyro

    @FillOchs45 i dunno man this ones good but the marrtronix version is really growing on me =)

  84. Vitamin_C

    One of the most beautiful songs ever.

  85. jmcieslak0

    @AnonymousWesley lol that was so dumb but I laughed

  86. AnonymousWesley

    Watch this video? I dilaudid...
    Oh god, that was lame
    Dilaudisregard that comment.

  87. Guy van Dijk

    cwl... all my favourite mountain goat songs have no votes against xD
    This song is very special to me.
    uncountable times I sang (screamed) this songs lyrics with tears all over my cheeks
    he really throws all the mudd out <3

  88. stillborn

    Snorting dilaudid? what a waste of a potential rush

  89. pifan31415

    there are truly no words for how much i love this song

  90. haircut74

    i never realized that the little ditty at the beginning of the video for "this year" was from this song. the only version i had heard was the one from come, come.

  91. rainman85nc

    @SenorSlopez i have to disagree. because i think people have to be fucked up on multiple levels just to find out about The Mountain Goats.

  92. rainman85nc

    @SenorSlopez No! i applaud you for being brave enough to interact with a "loon" like myself.

  93. rainman85nc

    @SenorSlopez just rub in the fact you have more sensitive genitalia.... get it rub.... lol

  94. rainman85nc

    @MrLTW2009 LOL no but i've seen what it does.

  95. MrLTW2009


  96. MrLTW2009

    @rainman85nc U need to go hang out with DoctorBUDD on Carving a Giant.

  97. MrLTW2009

    @rainman85nc I thumbsed down you too LOL XD

  98. MrLTW2009

    @rainman85nc I thumbsed down you too LOL XD

  99. MrLTW2009

    @rainman85nc This is the best goddamn drinking and raping song ever