Motorhead - Walk A Crooked Mile Lyrics

If you were in the movies,
Who would you play?
If you were tried for murder
What could you say?
And if you were out to lunch
What would you eat?
We wanna know the answers
Who do you want to beat?

Don't show your fear,
Keep it out of site,
Don't loose your place in here
And you might be all right

Don't say nothing shut your mouth
Out of time work it out
You're leaving in a cruel world
And your face is out of style
Boogey man, magic word,
Walk a crooked mile.

If you were Armageddon
Who would you spare?
If you were judge and jury,
Why would you care?
And if you were out of breath
How would you breathe?
The world deserves the answers,
What do you have up your sleeve?

Can't show your hand
Find another way,
Can't play that ace in here,
Never see another day.

Plead no contest, pass the buck,
Running scared, you ain't so tough
We hold rehearsal for your death
We're tired of your smile
Boogey man, see what you get
Walk a crooked mile.

Standing in the spotlight,
What would you need?
If you were a soldier,
How would you bleed?
And if you were in the rain,
What would you wear?
We're hungry for the answers,
Don't seem right, bu we don't care.
Don't bring your friends,
Send them all away
Don't meet your end in here,
Don't throw your life away.

Don't you change, don't drop your guard,
Double bluff throw down your cards,
Death has put his mark on you
Man and boy and child,
Boogey man, back to start
Walk a crooked mile.

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Motorhead Walk A Crooked Mile Comments
  1. SPlNAFlX

    Stop and stay awhile.

  2. Edwin Moya

    Hijueputa cancion tan cerda!! AAAAAAGGHHHHH!

  3. Cody Bryson


  4. Marcos Rogero

    Base pesada!

  5. Mike Gervais

    I'm the 666th viewer and had a dollar with 666 on it this morning, Hail Satan!

  6. longliveavalon12

    God this song and all of Motorhead is so bad ass!!!

  7. Cumpliendo mis sueños

    Me gusta :p

  8. Debonaire Nerd

    - Rey from Star Wars has no character
    - Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
    - You're a better person if you listen to Motorhead

  9. Bobby Utt

    Why Do Commercials Why Can't Y'all Wait To Do Them Between Albums Not Between Songs

  10. Riccardo Campus

    Great vocals from Lemmy on this one.
    Awesome job, absolutely brilliant👌🏻

  11. claudio cruzat

    Lyrics a little bit..Charles Bukowski style.

  12. Frank Mosch

    Motor head I have to tell you Lemmy is comicle!! Mabie or not I just love the gothic giture not my favorite band tonight they are, they are good the thing is is I'm a motor head so I guess I can relate to this music Wich incompasis the things I like..🤨😏😒😜💥🐴🐤✈️☀️🌪️

  13. Гамбол Уотерсон

    Одно из лучших соло за всю историю метала и рока...

  14. paolo francescoli

    Saludo y recuerdo siempre Capitan Lemmy....diamante del rock and roll 💎♠️💎♠️💎♠️💎

  15. MrRocazares

    No disrespect for Lemmy and Mikey but man... 04:16 to the end

    Michael Chiaravalle

    You are so right....

  16. Simply_Blue

    I get a feeling that this album would go perfectly with those gruesome early 2000’s torture porn horror movies.

  17. Katy Kats

    Forgive me I don't mean to be stupid but could anyone shed some light on the meaning of this song absolutely love Lemmy and Motorhead. His songs are like the greatest poetry ever written but just like in college poetry class sometimes I fail to decipher the meaning this one has stumped me for years.
    🖤 Motorhead

  18. Pom Pom7x7

    Didn’t know this one yet, IT’S GREAT!!! 🎶👍🏻🎸♠️🤠👻🇨🇭🇫🇷😊

  19. Frank Mosch


  20. Thomas Ackerly

    Very gd tour. Saw them 2x on this tour.Miss u Lemmy



  22. Bruce Gruben

    This song is seriously BAD ASS!!!!’

  23. Sergio Menendez Iglesias

    Hammered climbing to my favs, every day is better album for me.

    matthew herron

    Ive heard some die hard fans say they didnt care for this album, personally, I think its fucking brilliant, every song is solid in ny book. Really like Red Raw, kill the world, and this one especially. One of my favorite Motorhead albums

  24. Frank Mosch

    If I'm going out to breakfast,I will have steak and egg,s,pan cake,s,haschbrowns and ice cold milk and orange juice ..... Frank misssssschief

  25. dave ferguson

    73 dislikes? i hate those fukheds.

  26. IbeAwesome

    They didn't make a single bad album. Amazing band

  27. Kyle Reese

    You first asshole poop scute dumbass

  28. Hitman Hart

    great solo <3

  29. Locutor Rockero

    I love that album, I love that song... I love Lemmy !! I miss you so much!

  30. Carlos Estrada


  31. Sauce Spicy

    sound is shit

  32. Domingo J. Barraza M

    no digan más descansa en paz Lemmy, el nunca morirá porque el metal le debe a él su furía y poderío, larga vida a mi banda favorita!!!
    larga vida a Lemmy!!!
    Motorhead por siempre en la cúspide!!

  33. Lucybaby666

    09 - 28 - 2018.

    I just listened to the whole Hammered album.

    Bloody great!

  34. Trail Blazing

    Lemmy is by far the most serious decent guy in rock music..respect

  35. Jack Rose

    Got to love those classics, that no one would ever drive. What a waste. In the car graveyard.

  36. Jack Rose

    I give my bike away to my little brothers like old toys anyway. Oh those handme 👇

  37. Jerzy Dziś

    Crooked Hillary

  38. Pablo Herrera

    In my shoes babe...

  39. Rusty Kuntz

    Love the fade out and that riff is so sad & emotional sounding.

  40. Lily Stoltzfus

    what a great track.

  41. Brian Pauley

    We are MOTORHEAD , and we play rock-n-roll ! I'll miss you everyday Lemmy ,until I see you play again !

  42. Claudio Casemiro

    motorhead, old style.. i love it.

  43. Tacklecentral Fishing Xo5

    3:45 *those harmonies are smoother than silk*

  44. TheRollinsband

    fuck 80 km in france

  45. Jack Duncan

    I loved this album. There wasn’t an album Motörhead did that I didn’t like. I love Lemmy’s inimitable style a man who can make albums with as diverse sounds as On Parole, Another Perfect Day and Hammered.

  46. Gage

    Livin it

  47. James Sowell

    8 les Valkyrie gatina ensartándose al PITÓN... 🐉🦎🐳🦖🦋🦂🐍🐢🦊🐎🦌🐫🐪🐐🐓🦃🐿🌵🌱🎋🌺🌝🌖🌒🌑🌘🌗🌛🌜🌚🌕💫🐭🐹🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  48. Isaac Franco

    Best part is 1:56

  49. PrismEdits

    Motorhead may just be the greatest band that ever existed

  50. JJ Taylor

    AAA it's all in the ore or the whores

  51. Oscar Gutierrez

    Mi chorba

  52. t1hero

    Many great songs but maybe this is my favourite. And of the non seventies stuff it is certain (assuming Ace for spades was made in the seventies even if released in 1980)

  53. Dany Ramírez

    that power.

  54. turbosebbz


  55. Gustavo Bc

    Orgasmo musical !!! larga vida al rock&roll

  56. Cristian Villaverde

    no words. just ears. Loud pls.

  57. Wolfgang Criollo

    I was in High School when I got this Album man It stuck In my head I remember like it happen yesterday thank you Lemmy for the memories created

  58. Игорь Петров

    классика жанра..нравилось все новое, что не приелось, ща услышал старика UDO..сравниваю с Ленноном..

  59. Brian Stears

    God I miss him

    patiance and resistance

    We all miss him , or we would not have been here ..

  60. Frank Mosch

    walk a crooked mile just kidding Frank missssschief

  61. Metal Prisoner

    "....and she fucks the gardener, and he gets it, and that's the c**** I'm after because he squashed my frog" lemmy's humor is what I will miss the most...... :-( :'( :|

    Frank Mosch

    metal prison absolutely Frank missssschief

  62. Harris Pj

    If you were anorexic,
    How would you weigh?

  63. nomad76

    Rest in Power you magnificent son of a bitch

  64. Secret Agent

    looking for girl to party with

    Frank Mosch

    Yessss please contact me, no strings attached, talk, go out , have a fun time who knows....thank,s frank misssssschief, you can print that.

  65. Pedro Neto motörhead

    motöhead porrra lml..😈😈😈😈

  66. Felclaw

    To the 20 people who "disliked" this song, Snaggletooth will impale you with him tusks and then make you walk a crooked mile!


    A lot of people hated this song when it came out because of the very melodic chorus. Lemmy himself admitted that people flat-out told him they didn't like it.

    Kris Sisu

    F 'em! This song is amazing!! @Bleak5170

  67. Albert Anvil

    I never heard this album before, but by default I knew that I were going to love it, and I'm doing. Motörhead is the law.

    Pom Pom7x7

    Albert Anvil YES IT IS ... !!! 👻🇨🇭👍🏻🤩♠️🤠🎶🎸😱👄😜

  68. Rafał Jałoszyński


  69. Dario Piñeiro

    hasta siempre LEMMY !

  70. J.D. Johnson

    to the 20 that gave motorhead a thumbs down.. on judgement day in paradise i'll be beating your ass in front of God, Lemmy and George fuckin Washinton. ..etc. .

    Michael J

    And Wurzel and Phil too.

    Hans Jensen

  71. Atthadassī Sāmaṇera

    los pelos de punta


    Great Song!!!!!!!

  73. The Great Gazoo

    Everyones ears are ringing in the afterlife...Lemmy isn't turning that shit down!!

    Sam Brook

    +The Great Gazoo I expect he's turned it up to 24 by now

  74. löwe raoss J.ralf10

    God is life and death ... everything

  75. sandro lombardi


  76. Rodrigão rodrigo


  77. WASTEem4LL

    The lyrics doesn't make any sense xD

    Harninder 1

    your sentence doesn't make sense you turd

    Mankind Divided

    WASTEem4LL i think if means stick to your guns be yourself defend your beliefs and live life as u choose

    Mankind Divided

    WASTEem4LL everything lemmy stood for and expressed in his music

  78. Vamo el Millo!!!

    All Hail The King!!! In The Name Of Rock & Roll!!!

    assessino sslayer

    Bo so de la B

    Ivan Romero

    Y a vos te rompimos el culo todo estos años 2 veces en 6 y deja de abandonar! HAIL LEMMY!

    Vamo el Millo!!!

    @assessino sslayer andá a escuchar cumbia boliviano!!

  79. PierAndrea Duina

    addio Lemmy R I P

  80. CaptainMetallica80s

    Rest in peace Godfather..

  81. Tomas Slayerovich

    Youforever in our hearts! rip Lemmy!

  82. Covek Rzve

    R.I.P legend

  83. Phillip Falcão

    RIP - Lemmy GOD kilmister

  84. K3yBoardMani4c

    I really dig this more melodic approach they took on Hammered, it's very different compared to the other albums.


    +K3yBoardMani4c Yeah, gotta love their ever so slight diversity with every album!

    Jerzy Dziś

    K3yBoardMani4c alternative

    Until it Sleeps

    Exactly, like Sacrifice is very thrash metal and Another Perfect Day is a bit proggy.

    John H

    @Until it Sleeps Another Perfect Day had Brian Robertson ex Thin Lizzy which is why lemmy never liked it, well either Brian or the end result, I do though but whatever!


    K3yBoardMani4c The Melodic sound was very definitive to the early 2000’s

  85. Iron Rottweiler

    Motorhead - Greatest band ever
    Bigger than Iron Maiden and Fakealica

    Havin Hadburger

    +john m cancer

    Harninder 1

    +john m about 3 days before your comment


    +john m You could definitely say greatest, but saying they're bigger than Maiden and Metallica is quite a stretch, Motorhead isn't the biggest, but who cares because it doesn't change the quality of their music

    Bravo Travo

    +crazycamkalani it's not a big claim who started the double kicker thrash drum style Philthy animal philosophy Taylor you listen to Lars and he even says Philthy and Motorhead invented thrash you watch int

    Bravo Travo

    +crazycamkalani it's not a big claim who started the double kicker thrash drum style Philthy animal philosophy Taylor you listen to Lars and he even says Philthy and Motorhead invented thrash you watch interviews with Cliff and he even said that Lemmy was his number one influence so Motorhead bigger I'm yes vote grandfather of thrash Philthy most definite overkill first official thrash song prove me wrong

  86. Paul Chester

    gotta love the true rawness

    Vinyl Diary666

    Always! \m/

  87. Jens Neborowski

    Complitly underrated....I love it

  88. Roger Demaine

    There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile,
    He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
    He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
    And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

    Tim Perks

    Roger Demaine when i saw congering 2 i knew that came right from moterhead..r.ip Lemmy


    @Tacklecentral Fishing Xo5 Her pussy was crooked

    Hgjjjcgj Bguj ki

    Tacklecentral Fishing Xo5 maybe he was so crooked that he was bent

    Yasmina Valls

    @Tim Perks i thought it came from Agatha Christie, and she took it from a popular english song... 🤔

    Kittelizer Laurelott

    He wasn't crooked. He got BENT.

  89. Manti Core

    You don't even know.......(shakes head) whats coming

  90. Daniel Barrett

    Motorhead rule live life loud and fast heavy metal 4 ever

  91. Daniel Barrett

    Motorhead rule live life loud and fast heavy metal 4 ever

  92. spittinslim

    seems to me that this album was produced lousily.


    +spittinslim how so?


    Damn millennial.

  93. kevin hanson

    Anyone talking shit on Motörhead, for any reason at all, you better not do it in my presence.

    badass mofo

    same goes here, im no tkugh guy and id happily give or take a beating defending motorheadds legacy

    Nicky -73-

    kevin hanson Let anyone talk shit about anything and don't worry about it. Lemmy could handle himself. He didn't need you to defend him. I grew up where he did and you get rained on a lot. He gave what he had to give. Take it or leave it and leave others in peace. I know Lemmy would've wanted it that way.

    Fredo Bulsara

    You better run

    Kristina Daniel

    I agree bro

    Tyrone Jones

    So you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're", but you're going to try to act like a condescending intellectual. lol

  94. Ernst Mailänder

    Fantastic Rock N Roll Song

  95. fluffydolly


  96. David Pigott

    This album is next on my list!

  97. Adam Mumford

    If you were in the movies, Who would you play? If you were tried for murder What could you say? And if you were out to lunch, what would you eat? We wanna know the answers Who do you want to beat? ... Who and what ...

    Austen Jackson

    Think hes talking in 3rd person about himself