Motorhead - Too Good To Be True Lyrics

I saw some sad times I said
I'd had enough of heartbreak
I told myself that I could never fall again
Then sure as fate she came, I,
Just had to get to her and,
She gave me all her numbers, gave me all her names

Cold and lonely without you
Don't know if I can make it through,
Maybe you'll hear this song
You been gone way too long,
Too good to let it go, too good to be true

We left and we went home,
I looked into her eyes, thunder in my heart,
And we were joined forever
Our bodies slick together,
I told her everything, confessions in the dark

Cold and lonely without you
Don't know if I can make it through,
Maybe you'll hear this song
You been gone way too long,
Too good to let it go, too good to be true

She painted inspiration
Onto my fractured soul, I
Was never sure she knew how much she meant to me
She never trusted me, I know she didn't see
The night she left she killed the heart inside of me

Cold and lonely without you
Don't know if I can make it through,
Maybe you'll hear this song
You been gone way too long,
Too good to let it go, too good to be true

Cold and lonely without you
Don't know if I can make it through,
Maybe you'll hear this song
You been gone way too long,
Too good to let it go, too good to be true

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Motorhead Too Good To Be True Comments
  1. Ghost 8856


  2. Seamus Jones

    Godamn this world needs an outlaw badass rocker to help us get over all the greats we lost the last 4 or 5 year's. Fuck me!

  3. Seamus Jones

    Death Metal with a twist of punk on the rocks please. Don't give a fuuuck!!

  4. Diego Amidai

    A veces Dios no es justo.....mirá vos llevarse a Lenny con el "glamour"del buen heavy metal y una voz raspada e inimitable única Diego Amidei ,argentino y sepan disculpar pero no hablo inglés

  5. Nikos H

    Motorhead Rules

  6. colemann76

    So underrated

  7. I am Mark

    This is the only "let it go" i want to hear

  8. Mark Salzberg

    I must cry because he was leaving this fucking world

  9. andrej dre


  10. poop farter

    I'd like to hear Devin Townsend do a cover of this.

  11. Andra Gruenenwald

    Going through the ice while loosing you and watching you just saving others was just to know now how we loose here new lost between the murderers that had done that to us what will be the real side to me what will be the wrong the decision is the answer to their next war it was cold there without clothes like a building company against the Russian house and their decision to let me feel much colder although i miss it like we knew... I miss our horses like they get them against ours i miss the good times the idears we had i miss to travel with you after marriage and blue chairs we married on i miss the oceans and the ships we lost on carrying the rests of us and everyone by your side next to your strong hands that i miss too... To know them somehow a lost dream in an horrorshow, you shouldn't go through..... A.... I miss you.... Until the piano is breaking.... Or wasn't it... I don't remember all true..... Musik broke us although like i would like to have a dance with you.... Lost in broken steps on stairs reality i feel here true so the heaven over me sometimes....and so they broke the musik too...

  12. Andra Gruenenwald

    I can not go to were i was missing my old seaman missing houses standing before while dieing in your arms missing to hold the flames away from you missing to go and to search for you.... Missing you in the smoke missing the man that my heart broke missing a way to talk to you......missing to break the chains for you... Missing the states we were going to... Missing the way we were standing up true missing to work like we were apart... Missing to loose like to die in your arms just for a little lifetime to take and not to be taken away...... By the wrong for their youngers that break me because of their lies..... That's the way they do that's the way we cry....... To all the adult children i knew and know around me and to the best men at sea, in the air and on the earth..... Don't let them make us to broken stars loosing in their sun and gunfire always yours arla.....

  13. xxjoeyladxx

    You’ve been gone way too long, Lemmy 😢

  14. Brian LaPrell


  15. Pom Pom7x7

    Lemmy forever 🥺🎼🤟🏼🤠🎼🎸👻🇨🇭🌺

  16. zeze do bone

    Nothing you do makes any sense, that is why any wonders you might have are not more than delusional dreams, which are 'too good to be true'!!!
    You lost this game!!!
    You're out of the game!!!
    Bye bye bye
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸

  17. Ali İhsan Elmas

    A Rock'n'Roll ballad!

  18. SlayerDaGamer

    Everytime something finally starts going right, it always finds away to get fucked up. Guess it’s all Too Good To Be True...

  19. Vincenzo Sallusto

    🤘🎸🎵🔫🎼💉💊🎸,,,,,,,,yeah. !!

  20. Matthias 18 56

    Einfach nur geil
    Viele Grüße aus dem besten Land Bayern

  21. mr ralph lauren 2

    Damnit good!

  22. Dariusz Filuś


  23. matthew d

    Great song off a very underrated album

  24. Cristian Leandro Gomez

    Frío y solitario sin tí!!

  25. Andra Gruenenwald

    And they will tell I a
    Will always be a sad daughter although my father was the best British man for to save politicians like myselve...... And we lost because of the germans I told the police.... So I will die new as someone I never was because of germans... Do you know that they sale our buildings for to make new war like they get our bodies and money?

  26. Andra Gruenenwald

    Do you know that some racisms here ask woman for illegal prostitution after taking their money for illegal war against states and unguilties? Zwangsbesamung schaendung und illegaler organhandel sowie krieg gg familien und Staaten stehen auf deren programm! Die wollten meinen richtigen Bruder faelschen und haben all those programme fuer sadismus und gg identitaetsanfragen! Sauerei!

  27. Designer Azevedo

    My fellow Motorhead friends... i used to put this song in my cd player everytime i got a big victory in life. I know the lyrics do not speak about this but well...

  28. Giorgos Venetis

    R.i.P Lemmy Killmister

  29. Blue Kenny

    My best motorhead song .LEMMY the king of Rock.Always ....I don't miss you coz U r Alive in me....

  30. Lemmy Rommel

    Viva lemmy canejo!!!! Lemmyrommel

  31. Abel Saso

    Lemmy forever ...con tu culo hago gimnasia... jaaaaaaaa

  32. Alin Deac

    This album is great, I don't care what others say.

  33. Ryan H

    Such an underrated song, one of the best of Motörhead in my opinion

  34. Trail Blazing

    Lemmy will return with Michael Jackson as spaceship

  35. Mariusz Budzisz

    it's fantastic

  36. eveningtsar

    Lemmy spoke the truth. Lemmy could put YOUR pain into words, and find the music to match.


    This song hurt,miss you kristsbelle. You have been gone to long

  38. Gabriel Gualeguay

    Amo esta canción!!!

  39. Marcelo Lescano

    Wooooooow!!! 👏👏👏

  40. mulyono s. umbara

    Lemmy left and Lemmy went home....unbelievable. Hail Lemmy

  41. Zorbas

    Motorhead feels my heart with love and all the anger and hatred i might feel goes away :)

  42. palhaco assasino esquartejador

    eeeeeeeeeee fuckkkkkkkkk leninn very good

  43. juan ignacio bolso


  44. Eva 1

    ''cold and lonely without you, don't know if i can make it through...''

    bro only those who felt like it once will understand that feeling.

    Mariusz Budzisz

    this song is just beautifull

  45. Kevin Davis

    Lemmy’s not dead.... he’s on vacation. He’ll be back 😥😥😥😥😥😥

  46. Otto Schneider

    Puta merda que som do caralho!

  47. jimmy kilgour


  48. carlos melo

    uma das minhas músicas favoritas.

  49. Mayra Alarcon

    Toda la vida voy a amar tus canciones ❤🙌

  50. wesoldoursoulforrock'n'roll

    Unbelievable...emotions flowing around...

  51. Warwick Dumas

    Too much pain.

  52. Antuan Betty

    Muy bueno tema 😍

  53. Neptuned 220

    2017 memorylane 😪

  54. сергей коломоец


  55. Jose Dio

    *L E M M Y* _FOR EVER_

  56. Ricardo Ferretti Moreira

    This song is fucking great. I like it.

  57. outta here

    to my best friend sioux, darling

  58. Nicolás Silva

    We still miss you Lemmy!

  59. Georgina Guillén


  60. jasinda Holland

    love Lemmy best tuneage ever

  61. Disc Burner

    I feel cold and lonely without Lemmy

  62. yoel gonzalez

    the starting riff gets me hard

  63. NiePrzeklinaj

    Cold and lonely without you...

  64. Mas Hendra

    RIP Lemmy...

  65. Zion Puch

    so pleased i'm raised with the löudest band ever....i never got to the chance to see you but it still feels like we Lost a Family member , it was the First Time I saw my dad cry when we heared you passed away RIP God Rip Lemmy

  66. Yisel Sanz

    great song 💗

  67. Adam

    I have a strong feeling this is about Lemmys girl who overdosed...


    Penus Overlord wait what!!? I've never heard of this


    google Susan Bennett


    Penus Overlord I can tell. that shit really fucked with lemmy. after all he was only 17 when the only woman he ever loved (other than his mom) drowned in a fucking bathtub while fucked up on smack


    And close again with wendy O


    a lot of his songs were...that shit hurt lemmy deeply

  68. Θάνος Μπλάκφλαγκ

    rip lemmy. you'll always be here in your music.

  69. Hamilton Coimbra

    JESUS!Too Good To Be True or the HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Saberia Cherniak

    Viejo no me diste la oportunidad de verte, siempre te voy a amar por Motörhead ♥

  71. Siavash Tamizy

    RIP , we'll miss you :(

  72. Mert Dervişoğlu

    ne tatlı şarkı değil mi


    Bir de saglamindan bir ayrilik

    Mert Dervişoğlu

    Neden buradayız zaten

  73. Michael Gurley


  74. nolo king

    They put quite a lot of effort into this album, lawls!

  75. Witold Domeyko

    I've listened to them all; there simply is no such thing as a bad motorhead album.

    Gabriel Justo

    Hell yeah!


    Let's be honest, Iron Fist and Another Perfect Day kinda suck.

    Witold Domeyko

    @ZeroSymbolic7188 My advice: Just listen to them so long till you love them


    ZeroSymbolic7188 Iron Fist is a classic. Get your ears checked


    @colemann76 it was good but iron fist was also rushed

  76. Emily Greer

    Still can't believe Lemmy is really gone. Still love Motorhead regardless!!

    Please Emily hate me!!

    I mean i want not this you accept like and love me even if i am your biggest fan and love you because when i am not anymore you feel sad and tear´s come thank you i love it this you are so shy sensible and cute just like me you are the reason why i even sometimes accept myself even like and love it is amazing to be so true cute and intelligent like me my none original sister and i invented it LOL! So i have all religions because i want not this some one feels discrimnated in any feel but its amazing this you give my life a sense this : i make you feel good with my comments its a honor for me and you can never imagine how much i love you for it !!!!! I wish i could be anytime there to yoou to hug and cuddle you when your parent´s and friend´s and fake friend´s and teacher´s make you feel bad and make this you make tear´s AW it is the best feeling making with my true awesome comments to you this you never give up thank you you for making me feel valuable! i want really not be a toady and slimy but your sexy as fukc too!! it´s all your fault this i feel so happy but anyway i want make you feel more happy!!!!!!!

    Please Hate Me Dear Emily Greer

    You emily it´s not even over yet it´s not all lost i still can try my best this you eat only vegetarian or vegan this you not Comes in the hell i have terrible fear actually because i love you and your motorhead female fan power and please trust no 1 really even if my favourite clothe´s are hunting camo realtree and all other´s i still not hunting and ever will be it´s just my favourite style of clothe´s ouch i have Tinnitus and backache and it is a life without you!!!!

    Thank you emily greer

    Emily I eat only vegetarian too it not even that hardcore i want rescue you from the hell because anyway i believe you must only eat vegetarian or vegan and really please you must trust no one because life itself is hard enough

    Please Emily Greer Trust No 1 !

    Emily Greer even if my favourite clothe´s are Realtree(and all related stuff´s) i still eat only vegetarian and i wish i could help you only too because i want rescue for hell i would never hunt even if i live in the deepest forest and has all gun´s this are not even invented because i accept animal´s this they a soul and more liek plant´s i accept animal´s as what god made them as livingform´s with feeling´s not food its especially hard because my biggest Love is a hunter and i can not find her anymore in fakebook because with all this backache and tinnitus and everytime on thinking on my biggest Love this i can not rescue she from the hell because i want rescue maybe when i talk one time good this she understand me and like me and trust me!!!!!!!

    Nicky -73-

    Emily Greer I can! I grew up near where he grew up and I have to say it's pretty grim there. He had a great time ROCKIN and ROLLIN all around the world and he lived in LA, near his favourite boozer. He did ok compared to a lot of people who came from there. The Irish say; "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Your life might have been Lemmyless! Think about that!

  77. Steamed Hams

    My favourite Motorhead song, I don't care what anyone says


    Damage Case,Ace of Spades,The Chase is Better than the Catch and this

    Go left

    @Bojan Djordjic Slazem se brate

    Bojan Djordjic

    @Go left Nemoj na srBskom, napasce nas englezi :D

    Go left

    @Bojan Djordjic Ok

    des ton

    all motorhead's songs are my favorite

  78. Thomas McCully

    Who the fuck dislikes this ?

    Guilherme Boggione

    im sure its miss click

  79. Enny lesoj

    que bello tema 👊😍

  80. ferox965

    amazing how unabashedly romantic these lyrics really are.

  81. ForcesReturn

    Gracias a el existe el black´n roll


    +ForcesReturn hi

  82. ThermoNuclear GR

    '' She painted inspiration
    Onto my fractured soul. ''
    Thank you Lemmy and thank you girl...both of you always in my soul.

  83. Harold Cagle

    Who are the seven who don't like this?

  84. Daro Blackheart

    Too sad to be true... RIP Lemmy

  85. David Heaton

    love this song.. RIP LEGEND

  86. Tim Špehar

    r.i.p lemmy you help me found who i am and i your big fan i am yust 14 years old but i live motörhead life live fast die old and born to lose live to win

  87. Lorne Malvo

    Descanse en paz!!! Brindo por ti

  88. ilias panagopoulos

    R.I.P Lemmy too bad for all of us that we will live in a world withought you...Only respect...

    Ray McCormick

    +raisedfist80 His mother does not play Rock'n'Roll and she is not the Head and Brain behind the rawest, dirtiest ,fastest, purest and HONESTEST ROCK'N'ROLL band ever put together ! That is WHY the world is never going to be the same without LEMMY KILMISTER blowing our ears every year ! And if you don't agree you can FUCK OFF !

    Very Triippy

    Lemmy care about his fans as much as a mother cares about her children, Lemmy would beat this shit out of someone if they made fun of you or what you listen to. So technically we did lose a parent figure

    yoel gonzalez

    ilias panagopoulos lemmy did all sorts of hardcore drugs, even after the blood transfusion, the built up kick back from the drugs would've killed him, cancer just did it quicker

    Jan der Fuchs

    I think we will met him after the live on and fucking awesome place :) R.I.P Lemmy!

    des ton

    all of us is lemmy

  89. Luiz Gustavo Marcon

    R.I.P. Old Lemmy, we'll miss you, Lurch! :(

  90. Creeper1010

    R.I.P Lemmy


    +Creeper1010 hi

    Евгений Голосов

    Lemmy рулит!

  91. Southofheaven

    RIP Lemmy, this was my personal favorite..rock out in heaven!

  92. David Heaton

    Bon Scott that is

  93. David Heaton

    Lemmy and Bon.. my 2 fav frontmen EVER !!!!

    Mislav Vonić

    rip Lemmy

  94. Стойчо Гърнев


  95. Luciana

    demasiado bueno como para dejarlo ir, demasiado bueno para ser verdad...

  96. WhatDidYouSay 145

    Killer song from the one and only Motörhead!!