Motorhead - Stone Deaf In The USA Lyrics

Crossed the ocean in a silver bird,
Flying into another world,
Flying down the Pacific coast,
Flying up in a silver ghost
Love to be back in Los Angeles
L.A.X. what a sight to see,
Stone fox women, crazy days,
Table hopping at the Rainbow, babe,

Stone Deaf in the U.S.A.
Stone Deaf in the U.S.A.

Coming back to New York City
Just as crazy, ain't so pretty,
People running like crazy fools
Know you got to break the rules
You can have yourself a real good time
You can have yourself a life of crim
Hit the Limelight, make my day
Get me back to J.F.K.


Been to Texas, can't get enough
Gold Virginia, fell in love
Detroit where the bad boys are
See Chicago, make you a star
Boston, Cleveland and Buffalo
Another shake, another show
Shake your ass, San Francisco Bay,
I hate to leave, I want to stay


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Motorhead Stone Deaf In The USA Comments
  1. Ted Nugent


  2. Ted Nugent

    I got to roadie for Lemmy.😳

  3. romaiak


  4. Nicanor Quispe Blanco

    Lo mejor Motorhead

  5. Seventy Below

    Bless the trouserless

  6. matthew herron

    Lem will always be as Dave Grohl put it: the baddest motherfuckin rock star ever!

  7. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    Last time I phoned they couldn't hear and redirected the phone to London!The phonetically to the Greek Embassy was made there and then with my WiFi on!(Another reason besides the money I am looking trust)

  8. MrMetalclay

    R.I.P Lemmy and Motorhead. This is rock n roll!

  9. vlad drac

    Great lyric and songwriter R.I.P. LEM

  10. Brit Lynx

    1:35 - 1:55 Eargasm in the USA

  11. Heruka72

    The trouserless

  12. anthony anthony

    Fuck Yeah

  13. Metalhead Fan

    Great Song, Philty rules

  14. romaiak

    Lemmy forever !


    Great song lemmy. ..Phil Taylor super drummer

    Jay Feelix

    KALOS DNA JUVENTUS if I'm not mistaken that's actually not Philthy Animal on drums it was Pete Gil ex Saxon it's sounds like Taylor's style but It says it's not him on my Best of Motorhead CD

    Kev Page

    Says Philthy on my Rock n Roll LP. @Jay Feelix

    Dimitris dm

    @Jay Feelix Gill was only in Orgasmatron here is Phil Taylor


    Lemmy said some negative shit about Phil's playing on this album but I always thought it was excellent.

  16. metallooney

    R.I.P. Lemmy!!!!!

  17. Francisco Garcia

    The USA said; Thank you..... biatches

  18. metallooney

    ok now that I hear it again it is Mr.Palin!! I had the vinyl version of Rock N Roll and always thought it was Lemmy--thank you!!

  19. Brucie-Magik

    Michael Palin of Monty Python fame did it. Lemmy is a big fan of Python stuff!

    Wolf Blood


    Omg hahahaahahaha yea

  20. metallooney

    love the spoken part at the end!!
    lemmy showing his humourous side!!

  21. twelve gage

    @RolandWieffering1 i'm a Christian and i'm not a hypocrit. so FOOK YOOOO!!!!!!

  22. Roland Wieffering

    Great !!!
    Those Fuckin' Hypocrit Christians. Lemmy hates that shit.

  23. PomonaPunkRock

    one of my favorites!