Motorhead - Stay Out Of Jail Lyrics

Still watching the sky
We ain't sure of you yet
New in town, been around
Heartbreaker for sure
Maybe running from the law
Just passing the time
Just moving down the line
Not time to fall, no time to fail
No time for anything at all
Stay out of jail...

Still facing the door
Just watching the street
City born, ripped and torn
Still turning tricks
Enough to make you sick
Just passing the buck
You might be real bad luck
Not time to fall, no time to fail
No time for anything at all
Stay out of jail...

Can't see you right now
We ain't got the time
Bad news, stand accused
A fool in drag, got your nose in a bag
Whacked out of your head
Y'all remember what I said
No time to fix
No time to bail
No time for one last call
Stay out of jail...

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Motorhead Stay Out Of Jail Comments
  1. Steven

    stay iut if jail

  2. alex alex07.01 2004

    Smoking in pace lemmy

  3. charles Middleton

    Psychedelic freak out solos by Wurzel

  4. andenmatten diego


  5. anders lindberg

    I just love this song....

  6. genie mouniele


  7. Gassy Irishman

    14 people didnt stay out of jail

  8. John Rhoads

    All I can say thank you lemme your truly missed

  9. Robert Cubinelli

    Rock in Peace Lemmy !!

  10. Spider Lover

    the 8 people who disliked this went to jail

    outta here


  11. Supernaut

    Puta música fudida, que riff do cão!
    Rest in peace, Lemmy! 🍺

  12. John Rhoads

    Lemme kills it

  13. Mayhem 74

    Total ripper!

  14. Domenic Vitanza

    Good advice from.the late Lemmy Kilmister

  15. robert damron

    If Ozzy is the prince(of darkness). and Elvis is the king. Then....... Lemmy is GOD !!!!!!!!!!!

    Motorhead Banger


  16. Sait Öztürk

    yeah forever rock n roll hell yeah \m/

  17. Trail Blazing

    Fucking record companies..They killed Lemmy

  18. Bebe Strumf

    The bitches knicked me on 16th oct. 2009 exactly... then.. 6 f**kin long years...

  19. Morpheus T

    One of Motorhead's best Motorboogie songs.\m/

  20. Angelo Sammarco

    Stay out of jail is pure rock and roll. When it came to writing pure, unbridled, joyous rock and roll, Lemmy just had "it", and this song proves it. Lemmy, you are missed. Lemmy, the master of rock and roll!



    Primo Favaron

    RENAN BANDEIRA DE LIMA trilha sonora do filme "fulga alucinada"

  22. Random Techpriest

    I'd love it if they didn't speak

  23. Adrian Sadowski

    RIP Lemmy, You are already missed.
    He was Lemmy and He played Rock'N'Roll

    Lemmy Antonis

    Wish I could play, yet all I am able to accomplish is cynical sarcasm. Hehe, makes me happy though. Lemmy was a legend, and I'm proud to bear his name.

  24. Edgar Agüilar

    R.I.P. Lemmy! You will forever be remembered!!

  25. Grim Reaper_1200

    My favourite song..
    R.I.P. Lemmy :(

    Rick Fisher

    Grim Reaper_1200 How can you have just one , shall we say, love me forever

  26. Fullmett Guitar


  27. Milan Kolarski

    [Chazz and Rex are testing Chris]
    Chazz: "Who'd win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?"
    Chris Moore: "Lemmy."
    [Rex imitates a game show buzzer]
    Chris Moore: "... God?"
    Rex: "Wrong, dickhead, trick question. Lemmy *IS* God."

    7 Angels 7 Plagues

    +Milan Kolarski who the fuck is chris moore?

    Milan Kolarski

    @Крейг Айзекс Movie:Airheads. This is a quote.

  28. Sergey Dukman

    Lemmy rocks!

  29. Thomas Ferguson

    great advice ...just listen..!

  30. Hitman1m1

    #Motorhead     Badass!
    #HeavyMetalHitman     face book

  31. bibro76

    Would be better at all  i `d say !!! ( no to talk about absolvin a boot camp in fuckin new mexiko or what elae)

  32. Raphael Digger

    I fucking love Motörfuckinghead!!!

  33. patrick martin

    2 persons didn't have time to bail



  35. tommystock64


  36. Ducatistreet74

    Lemmy est le plus grand rockeur de tout les temps!!!


    Un vrai génie

  37. jackson c

    hell yea lol

  38. Otar Magaldadze

    1 stayed in jail

  39. Kelly Hassar

    You know how you can get around the singing check out his early LP called Sam Gopal--He just fits right in somehow!

  40. Om ar

    no one give a damn shit about ur silly opinion ,Im almost 20 and this band are just fucking rulesssssssssss

  41. hans wurst

    the fuck. there is NO underrated MH song

    Ugga Ugmob

    Yeah there is. Many don't get the recognition they deserve.

  42. bingre

    great song, one guy is in jail.

  43. Pablo Galetti

    how did you do that

  44. eazybe1


  45. Werwolf09

    it´s change the color :D

  46. kingmackattack42

    First time I heard this I was visiting a friend of mine who had recently got out of jail. We were listening to the radio and this song came on. What a coincidence. We just looked at each other and started laughing.
    Cool song Lem!

  47. Charity Wattenburger

    does it get more metal than Motorhead?

  48. hitman

    love the WE ARE MOTORHEAD cover,one of their best.

  49. Steven McCarthy

    Pretty good

  50. devilive14

    'Stay out of Jail' Whatever you say Lemmy\m/\m/

  51. Self Aware Semi Insane

    Fuck yea. This is some real fuckin' rock/metal right here.

    Maximiliano Mejìas Gorkin

    Recién cachando está canción.
    ¡La raja Motorhead! Nunca pude ir a verlos.
    Gran banda🎸🔊🎵

  52. Domenic Sinatra


  53. wintigo

    1 guy is already in jail

  54. Westrocker 67

    I love this album better than most for some reason. i dont know what it is with this album bu they were just in rare fucking form for this one.

  55. Werwolf09

    thanks man!

  56. devilive14

    The heaviest voice in the universe...Lemmy rules

  57. Germane0815


  58. Brian Mooney

    This album is awesome.

  59. Brian Mooney

    This album is outstanding my absolute favorite Motorhead album. m//m

  60. Tilde Sikström

    can it be better??