Motorhead - Slow Dance Lyrics

Woman, what's your name?
I know you from somewhere
Vixen, playing games
Make me think that you care
I know what you're thinking
Thinking that you're too cool
And you know what I'm thinking
Just another poor fool...

Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Show me you're a mover
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Dancing all alone
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Come a little closer
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Drive us all crazy
But I'd rather drive you home

Woman, orgasmatron
Drive me out of my mind
Teaser, getting it on
Giving me a hard time
You know what I'm thinking
Thinking you look so fine
I know what I'm thinking
Wishing you were all mine

Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Show me you're a mover
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Fire in my blood
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Come a little closer
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Don't you say I'm bad baby
You make me feel so good

Woman, you got the moves
I wish you'd give it all up
Lover, whatcha gonna do
Gonna bring me bad luck
I got half the questions
And you got half the answers
I know you know, and you know what?
You sure some kind of dancer

Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Show me you're a mover
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Tell me what you like
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Come a little closer
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Show me something new
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
Keep it under cover
Slow dance, slow dance, slow dance
If I could do it over, then I'd do it over you...

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Motorhead Slow Dance Comments
  1. Robert Hancock

    This song is incredible!!

  2. Jean de Castro


  3. Jean de Castro

    Great song!

  4. vanaadya

    fucking great🤘

  5. Joshua Fortuna

    anyone know the solo tabs?

    12345 here hope this helps

  6. DamageCase1970

    Yes another great Motorhead song☺.

  7. Adnan Kurtovic kurta

    Woman,what's your name? I know you from somwere..

    Cranjis McBasketball

    Vixen, playing games. Make me think that you care

    Anna Evans

    @Cranjis McBasketball I know what you're thinkin.. thinkin that you're too cool

  8. David Pigott

    so do i!

  9. H0lvLight

    200thousand views...this better not be the most viewed upload of this video

  10. Descu

    Release that ass.

  11. Istodor Denissa

    hell baby yeaahh!!!

  12. MrLyvik

    Tecnically it is pretty easy to play, it's the speed that makes it so damn hard. You jump like a lunatic with the fingers through the song and I still have problems playing the whole song after practicing for more than a year. And on top of that Lemmy is singing. I get impressed every time. Lemmy is a fucking god.

  13. dato mindiashvili

    listening to lemmy and motorhead makes me think that there's no such thing as age <3

  14. Diego Jesus

    Aki tem a Realidade sobres os Devils...

    Galera ai do ESTADOS ... kkkkk
    principalmente OS ateus, Quere ver refutarem aki E
    Aki galera, Fala ATÉ Do Homem ter construido OS dinossauros ...
    Chega mais .....
    iae galera, fraga Só ESSA comu aki,,, de MoDo TEM Cara gente fina ..... Como sabem debatedor ninguem (NAO LEVE p / Lado mal, falo serio) ....
    NA COMUNIDADE entrem Debates de Religião x ateísmo no orkut.
    03:10 ta na Linha, gente NAO,,,, ASSIM olhando p ver ... kkkkk

  15. Brian Yates Music

    I just figured out the riff to this, last night. It's not a hard riff. I've just never sat down and tried to figure it out before.

  16. Métal Pesant

    bravo et j"en veux plus!\

  17. MrLyvik

    Only a bass player can understand how difficult the intro riff is.

  18. Freakylittlethingy

    this aint simple unless you have practiced when to enter

  19. Freakylittlethingy

    only a drummer can hear how advanced the starting beat actually is...

  20. cfmidenceh1

    @IMBACHABRI well, the important thing here is that we love Motorhead, and doesnt matter the songs we like the most, we know theyre the best!

  21. Agoraphobic

    @cfmidenceh1 snake bite love or we are motorhead are the 1st albums that i've heard by motorhead,and they blew me away.but probably the heaviest one is BURNER.

  22. cfmidenceh1

    @IMBACHABRI not so much, hear "Kingdom of the Worm", "The Game", "Born to Lose", "Brotherhood of Man", "Outlaw", "Mean Machine", and many others, but every song is a fucking piece of art!!!

  23. Ernesto Espinosa Tattó

    Motörhead rules!!!!

  24. Agoraphobic

    one of the heaviest songs

  25. Quentin kilmister

    Si quelqu'un connait un groupe meilleur que Motörhead c'est un menteur !

  26. Alex Kirfman

    My wife and I actually had our first dance at our wedding to this song. And yes, it was a slow dance. LOL. The Legendary Motorhead will never die. Satan himself trembles at voice of the metal God, Lemmy.

    Cranjis McBasketball

    unholydestiny1 where did you find a woman like that and are there more where she came from? lol

  27. Kristi Piu

    @Motorhead184 man*

  28. Kristi Piu

    @DerEchteBold its your opinion mad but "boring" and "motorhead" doesnt stuck.

  29. plisplis00

    @DerEchteBold you may not use the dislike button but i sure as hell am on ur comment hahhahaaaa

  30. Ицо Христов

    like it

  31. DerEchteBold

    man i love motörhead - but is this lame
    they barely did a good song after "rock'n roll" (could as well stopped recording back then instead of drifting into boring metal)

    but of course i will not use the dislike button!

  32. mcglynn670

    seeing them 3 times this year, cant fucking wait :D

  33. InfameLocura

    OoOooOoooH yeaaaaaaaahhhhh SlOoOoOoW HoneYYYYYYYYYY !!

  34. 101wardragon

    @whitewolfnumber13 Trick question. LEMMY IS GOD!!

  35. Adam Parent

    @whitewolfnumber13 Lemmy. And why would you ask such a dumb question?

  36. Diekroh

    5 little Pussys didn' t like it!

  37. Mikey77B

    Awfully loud and fast for a slow song - LOL. Lemmy's awesome!

  38. Cido e Jaque

    We are motörhead and we're gonna kick your ass!!!!!!!!

  39. ChaoticDawnLegionTea

    Slow Dance!!!!

  40. J. B.

    We Are Motorhead, We Are Barbed Pride!

  41. bingre

    great tune one of motorhead's best

  42. MrCicha

    very fuckin' dirt snaggletooth :)

  43. Miguel Angel Beltrán

    pinche riff chingon a la verga es imposible no ponerse loco

  44. Matte Black

    And then there was Motorhead....

  45. Derby14

    This is a great Motorhead song and my favorite from this album...I can have not listened to it for a long time and it just comes into my head sometimes.

  46. 666alikat

    @CameronDubzWTF lol so the worst maiden album, megadeth "least worst of" because greatest hits??? who are they kidding??, and the worst motorhead album. its too bad, you might have really gotten into metal.

  47. horselaverda

    rock n fuckin roll

  48. jtabor13

    Ultimate titty bar anthem

  49. s frederi

    you chose very wisely Cameron :)

  50. MrFearchen

    not my favourite song, but its good


  51. HaniiPuppy

    Metal did originate from British Blues, and Motörhead are quite true to metal's origins.

  52. Daemeon 93

    I like how Motorhead are metal, but to me they have a little bit of a bluesy feel to them. I dont know why they sound like that to me though

  53. Breadbin Massacre

    I would say it's more metal than rock N roll, but yeah it is awsome!!!!

  54. PiorovPL

    Lemmy is God!!!

  55. PomyCollingwood

    Motorhead's Motorhead!


  56. KnightOnE5Square

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat!! Motorhead's best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Diekroh


  58. Heavymentalmania

    Rock ''N'' Roll
    With Nitroglycerine.

  59. EternityInValhalla

    Or the few occasions he'll say something like.

    "We are Motorhead, and we're here too shag your daughters!"

    Either way.. you get the message haha.

  60. Marko Valant

    Maybe you should listen to what Lemmy said; We are Motörhead, we play r'n'r.

  61. anotimpul5

    :)) jesus christ are you for real?! THEY ARE ROCK N' ROLL!!!!!!!!!

  62. Marko Valant

    Motörhead are rock`n`roll

  63. KnightOnE5Square

    This is the best song of Motorhead.
    Pantera are other thing..they are pure hardcore metal..Motorhead are Hard Rock..Can't compare two different things.

  64. Marco Solís


  65. Marco Solís

    Who is pantera?.. haha

    you are wrong .. pantera is nothing .. i don't know shits band and i don't know pantera

  66. Sierra Tic

    OY! go fuck urself apemonger i can say what i want to. Pantera SUCKS, they have 3 really great songs tho but only 3.

  67. 7years7

    Motorhead fucking rocks but how are you going to talk shit about Dime's Pantera. Fuck you bitch...

  68. Sierra Tic

    Motorhead rocks all other shitty bands like pantera inflames etc. Inflames is a emo kiddo band! Motorhead is the real shit!

  69. Mambi94

    omg i love motörhead and this fuckinq nice song !

  70. Rodrigo Tarpinian

    no fucking way , what about smiling like a killer , all in the name of tragedy , thers no best song of motor , they re all ´´ the bests´´ hug from brasil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lemmy s GOD

  71. Philip Gouldman

    slow dance....story of my life

    Woman, orgasmatron
    Drive me out of my mind
    Teaser getting it on,
    Giving me a hard time
    You know what im thinking
    Thinking you look so fine
    I know what im thinking
    Wishing you were all mine

  72. jhnzr

    @ mt312006 : Yes very good album.
    Just buy it ,you dont get dissapointed!

    grts jhn

  73. horselaverda

    top class album/song.

  74. Joshua Davenport

    Wow. I cant believe I have never heard this song before. This song kicks ass. One of their best. Im definetly gonna listen to this for a long time.

  75. DerFerret

    Of course I'm right.

  76. Derek Henriquez

    whoa, ur right haha

  77. DerFerret

    Perfect strip club music, if ya ask me. Maybe a more private show than the main stage.

  78. Modlendingen

    This was actually good, I just hoped it was a bit fast even though it was named Slow dance