Motorhead - See Me Burning Lyrics

What's the matter, baby
What a wicked smile
You look like the ghost of Cinderella
You look like you'd go a country mile
My, my, my, my, you're coming on strong
Shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down
Gonna burn the whole world down
See me burning...

Where's the action honey?
Speak and tell me true
Even if you don't know what I'm saying
You look like you know the ones who do
My, my, my, my, you really fetch my bone
You're the one, you're the one
Shake your ass, bring it on
See me burning...

What's the matter, baby?
Don't you wanna play?
Come on over later, bring your sister,
I swear to you she won't be in the way
My, my, my, my, I wanna go for broke
Come on down, come on up
I got the magic, I can change your luck
bye bye baby, bye bye
I gotta move on down the road
Stand your ground, stand your ground
Don't forget me and I'll see you round
See me burning, see me burn

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Motorhead See Me Burning Comments
  1. HolyMuscleOfLove

    R.I.P. drum kit.

  2. Trevor Philips

    Uploaded on my 9th birthday, fuck yes

  3. Trevor Philips

    Badass riff and drumming and singing.

  4. Paweł Pawlus

    Who came after comment under Whiplash live?



  5. lieber gott

    hearing this i have a vision the galloping dead hunting me. no shit. the doublebass is incredible.

  6. IbeAwesome

    Mikkey dee is a fucing monster

  7. Tamás Viszló

    Great song!!! P.I.P. Lemmy.

  8. Fmc 2465

    That was so Thrash Metal

  9. Blazervania X

    The opening drums sound awfully similar to the ones in the opening of that pink panther show from the '60s

  10. ́ελιος

    324 bpm?

  11. Vernon Olson

    Seen MOTORHEAD Live 98...still dont hear right!...Worth it!😂♠✌❤🎶💚

  12. Apothtolith

    aggressive af

  13. Billy Strangeway

    The guitar tone throughout this album is just sick...

  14. BrutalThrash

    My all time favourite Motorhead song. Total speed and devastation.

    Cali Mero


    Sure thing!🐥

  15. John John

    Fucking good

  16. ONKYO мотэрхэдов

    слышатся как Заебёнен : )) и это прикольно !

  17. Max

    This song is 324 BPM!!!
    The drumming is fucking intense
    R.I.P Lemmy

  18. Irene Batso




  19. Steve's knives & hikes!

    fuck love. people are shallow cunts.

  20. Arquivo Confidencial

    R.I.P Lemmy, descanse em paz lendário baixista :(

  21. DexterLlew

    Great song. The drumming is insane.

  22. Shoe Badou

    One Bieber fan.

  23. HubertWolfen

    this just kicked my ass

  24. RsAssassin9754

    damn that was good from the very start.

  25. Visionary

    Yeah this song is a bomb and the drums is insane.

  26. Happy Chef Productions

    Under rated motorhead song

    Cali Mero

    Happy Chef Productions

    One of the very best, 100%....🐥

  27. grohlman

    most awesomest song ever