Motorhead - Rock 'n' Roll Lyrics

Well here, babe, look at you, in love with someone else
Turned out like all the others, leave me by myself
That's how it works I guess, and you like all the rest
Guess I can handle it, if that's the way it is

I'm in love with rock 'n' roll, it satisfies my soul
If that's how it has to be, I won't get mad
I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold
And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad
Rock 'n' roll

I never been a one to have no steady girl
I love the way I live, runnin' round the world
I like to fool around, I love to tear 'em down
And if I leave, you love to miss me when I'm gone

I got rock 'n' roll, it satisfies my soul
If that's how it has to be, I won't get mad
I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold
And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad
Rock 'n' roll

I can't imagine growin' old with anyone
Marching to a different drum, I hear a different song
I swear I love 'em all, I don't care if they're small
I don't care if they're tall, I love 'em anyway

[Chorus x3:]
I got rock 'n' roll, it satisfies my soul
If that's how it has to be, I won't get mad
I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold
And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad
Rock 'n' roll

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Motorhead Rock 'n' Roll Comments
  1. SollingSkater

    10.000.000 views in 2020

  2. Frank Cser

    If you don't know much about rock & roll am not a doctor but recommend it 2 u

  3. Rodney Ford

    Rock n roll will never let you down!

  4. Cenk Ambra Official Hellambra

    And when I leave, you love to miss me while I'm gone....

  5. texven tex

    Rock n roll 1Rock n roll Rock n roll 1Rock n roll Rock n roll motherfuckers mitikas!

  6. leandro_FC_

    Little boy: are you gay mr Lemmy?
    Lemmy: look here 0:00 stupid boy

  7. Anthony laFauce

    HAIL LEMMY!!!🤘

  8. Frank Cser

    He was the god of rock miss him but never died. Not in my life till I die

  9. Menschenfeind

    Rock n Roll

  10. MorsTantumExitum

    Doctor tells lemmy"
    "If you dont drink more water, you will die."
    *puts more ice in his whiskey


    I do the same.


    Meme meterial...

  11. aivopark

    Their last song.

    Bert Lamil

    This old, old, very old. I used to take girls to the dance floor on this song. Figure?

  12. Ghost 8856



  13. Mikhail Morgul

    F O R E V E R

  14. Javi Fernández Gran

    Larga vida a Motor

  15. Marito Monca

    9,726,976 views at 01.2020
    3.500.000 views at 01.2016
    1.500.000 views at 02.01.2013,
    1.000.000 views at 18.01.2012
    500.000 views at 30.05.2010
    200.000 views at 03.05.2010
    100.000 views at 05.10.2009

  16. Chris W

    I can't believe little Richard out lived Lemmy!! Lemmy loved little Richard

  17. Clint1 Burnall

    One speed freak to another u rock forever dude

  18. Slack Jobless

    Dqene does bestos shuld.

  19. Renatoramonetibirica Ramone

    Lenda pra muitas gerações

  20. Renatoramonetibirica Ramone

    Lenny que vocal

  21. El Russian Aguila

    This is my fuckin theme song

  22. Ravenstrike721

    lemmy''s all like "look at ma titta"



  24. Ted Nugent

    Play it to me!!!!😈

  25. julien farbos

    Lemmy t'est le meilleur !


    Seeing Motorhead being nominated for the hall of fame is nice but by looking at the numbers and votes. They not gonna get in this year. Here’s hoping they’ll get in eventually.

  27. Evi Kats

    I might forget you and the way you kissed me or hating how you treated me but you got me dancing into this and it is one of my favorite memories

  28. Gennady Josan

    Drinking to Lemmy! Let's Rock'n'Roll!

  29. Joey Lopez

    Lemmy can’t die, as long as we keep coming back to listen to him he’s still alive

  30. Ted Nugent

    I loved them all.😳

  31. miniclip7951

    Play it to me....

  32. 6.57 Crew

    Les Français j'espère que vous appréciez à fond cette merveille. rock n roll pour toujours!!

  33. Northern Fox

    I just snored a huge line of speed.. funny how I this crossed my path

  34. yu!peeter

    "I got rock 'n roll to save me from the cold"; heard it as " save me from the dole" :-)

  35. Enrique Juarez

    Desde los 10 años y ya tengo 23 que escucho Motörhead. Lo mejor de mi vida 😎

  36. yu!peeter

    Not bad for a 59 year old, I guess ;-)

  37. Nikola Jurenić


    Ted Nugent

    If their lawn is still alive u need to the amps man.

  38. 2299905

    How could a band reach this level of perfection? MOTÖRHEAD FOR FUCKIN LIFE!!!!!!

  39. Diego Mojica

    Rock N Roll.we salute you. Argentina!!

  40. Monika Langer

    anybody here november 2019

  41. X S


  42. Kozuchi Osu

    I read once on a Motorhead LP cover: "Born to Loose, Live to Win". The story of my life. Thank you Lemmy for being in my "life".

  43. Thunderchief1981

    Let's get it up to 10 million views!

  44. Velton Conoley

    Motörhead for Life ! Born to Loose ‘ Live to Win !!!

  45. Gene Clark

    Miss you Lem, but you will be reincarnated, because gods never die.

  46. Alexandre LEGRAND

    💀⚡ The Best Rock'N'Roll Sound ⚡💀

  47. im gstoich

    i collect pictures and gifs of lemmy on my phone. evertime my buddy is having a shitty situation, hard times or live is fucking him up, i cheer him up with a pic of lemmy.
    probably he also has a beer or whisky on the side. dont let the bastards grind you down fellas!

  48. Beenjamin1

    2019 presente

  49. Semih Topal


  50. Vinyl Fiend668

    we're motorhead..we play rock n roll! RIP Lemmy!

  51. Cletus Durand

    Is it just me or Motorhead s font and logo really have a Nazy style ...

  52. Orlando 1701

    "If that's all there is that's not so bad." - Why Lemmy was the man.

  53. thomas

    9.351.923 views 12-10-2019

  54. Acyd fuzZ

    Hail Lemmy😈

  55. Brent Haymon

    Rock and Roll will never die. RIP Lemmy.

  56. Mai- Lin

    Moterhäd is the Best

  57. BlinkinShark Fishmonger

    Rest in power Lemmy... The world's a lesser place without you man!... Keep Rockin' everyone!

  58. Sasquatch Dunfee

    Last comment was from three years ago I just need it to be known that it's 2019 and I'm still keeping the legend alive. RIP Lemmy!

  59. Goat Desecrator

    Long live Lemmy

  60. éric Manzi

    Rock and Roll !

  61. Максим Агафонов

    Боги верните Lemmy

  62. amigo delalleka

    lemmy is god

  63. Mafia Moscoloni

    Ideal para desashunar en familia☀

  64. Lucian Ganea

    I'm sad I will never hear his voice live...a cigarrete and a shot for Lemmy

  65. IndustrialDonut

    awesome song

  66. Matt D

    Lemmy crashed through some drywall into heaven on his motorcycle. Then he stole God's favorite bitch and flipped him off as he drove down to hell with her. Rock THE FUCK ON!!!!!

  67. David Lucas

    There not dead ......thyve just gone to the bar.....well catch them later🍺

  68. Tim Tegtmeier

    Want this played on repeat at my funeral. On 11

  69. Mike Spiegelhalder

    ŘÍP MAL SHON. BASTARDS a Greati. WTF cool mi too a host

  70. Mike Spiegelhalder


  71. Paul Savage

    Margaret Thatcher is a Beast of Burden!

  72. Paul Savage

    Fuck that Pussy and fuck it hard just like they fucked men over!

  73. Rivaldo Pires

    A alma do rock e ouvir motorhead

  74. Cyanide Sickness

    Motörhead you satisfy my soul that’s how it has to be. It ain’t so bad! Horns up forever 🤘🤪🤘 cheers (rises jack bottle) from the rainbow

  75. Metalhead 450

    "We are Motorhead,and we play rock'n'roll"!

  76. alfred anceloti

    I love fuckin rock n roll

  77. Darnell Hendeason

    This sucks!


    Get your ears checked mate. Or maybe shitty mainstream music is your thing idk

  78. nikola stankovic

    Kralj jan frazer Lemmy

    lukie mchughy

    Best bass and drums

  79. Jarosław Czubak

    co tu komentować .. ja jak słucham tych panów mam zawiechy ....

  80. Igor Stajnko

    Hard rock n roll die with Lemmy Kilmister.

  81. Alaska

    With 21 I still your groupi

  82. Hrvoje Romih

    Di si bio 91.?

  83. Bosman Hel

    Motorhead w moim sercu

  84. Makis Kallias


  85. Freddy Guitar

    Lemmy at his best ,,,,at aint so bad to be a rock n roller !!

  86. Ghost 8856


  87. Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    that's how it is and will be forever!

  88. Thea Verner

    wayfaring sons ..colin hey

  89. Prometheus π

    Eternal Lemmy

  90. Ethan Buck

    Lemmy, you are my idol even today. The world could benefit from more people like you. A gentleman badass in every sense of the phrase.

  91. Lee Whizzkid

    My son is named Rocky for this song.

  92. Sinisa Ivankovic

    R. I. P. ♠️

  93. Grzegorz Bestia / Kozik

    To mi w duszy gra ..Lemmy (*)

  94. George Sklavounos

    You hear this all other rock n roll, sound like nursery rhymes to me.

  95. Deetroiter

    Had the greatest dream ever last night....I was walking with Lemmy down the street and we saw a house party. We walked in and they had a houseband playing. Lemmy and I then got on the instruments and played Thin Lizzy's "Southbound" for the party goers....true story. Don't know why I dreamt it, but it was awesome!

  96. Miki Domeny

    work out music.. song that made me to do my 530lbs deadlift PR.. thank you Lemmy!! see ya

  97. James Ice


  98. Reggie Regenfelder