Motorhead - On The Road (Live) Lyrics

You know the rules, you all know the game
Try and do whats right
But you know I can't complain
If I die tonight
'Cos you know it wouldn't be so easy
'Cos life ain't that way
And you know I've got unfinished business
Got a word to say
On The Road

Bet your life it ain't no easy livin'
But you won't hear me bitch
Spent as much time taking as giving
I've got the ten year itch
But I wouldn't change the situation
If I could start again
'Cos you know I've got a bad reputation
But I don't feel no shame
On The Road

Don't you listen to a single word
Against rock'n'roll
The new religion, the electric church
The only way to go
There's only one thing that I need
To make my life alright
I just want the one I want
I want her every night
On The Road

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