Motorhead - Joy Of Labour Lyrics

Woke up dead, you know I woke up dead
Give me time to get it through my head
They hanged me by the neck, I heard the devil laugh
I was a nervous wreck, I was the first in line

Do you want to look right in the devil's face?
You must have seen the ground where we upheld the Law
I was a young man then, I was a young man then
Spending time on the killing floor
Do as you would want to be
Joy of labour, sets you free

Woke up scared, you know I woke up scared
Give me time to show you, how I wound up there
They put me in a cell, I heard the ghost in there
I wasn't feeling well, I was the first in line

Do you want see right through the devil's eyes?
You must have seen the ground where they all stood before
I was a young man then, I was a young man then
Spending time on the killing floor
Be more than you seem to be
Joy of labour, sets you free

Woke up dead, you know I woke up dead
I was the only one, that saw the road ahead
They beat me with their fists
I did the devil's work
And I was on their list, I was the first in line

Do you even know what the devil does
He drives a man 'til he can't take no more
I was a young man then, I was a young man then
Spending time on the killing floor

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Motorhead Joy Of Labour Comments
  1. Motorhead Banger

    Only the king only those who lives from and for rock and roll can do such amazing masterpiece...the great ever

  2. James Griffiths

    A forgotten classic rip the iotolla of rock and rolla

  3. MMB 1215

    I dig this song but it’s mixed like total ass. All I hear is this guitar riding over the mix and I hear no bass. Rip

  4. Diamond road

    Fazla iyisin

    Saul Hudson

    Diamond road türk mü ne

  5. Andrea Sozio

    Rude and badass Heavy rock loudest !!

  6. Elëctric Elf

    Fucking GROOVY

  7. Evan Maynard

    it will always be the songs like this one, one short life and just cos' you got the power that are my favorite motorhead songs. just like slayer, when they slow it down they get heavier in the process and the emotion really pours out in the riffs and singing.

  8. be4stable



    and your M.O.M?

  9. Comrad B

    I swear motörhead has a song for everything. Medicine for the soul. Lemmy saves!


    That's the spirit!

    Dainius Satas

    totaly and absolutely agree with you

  10. Stepan Filatoff

    Сочный,проигрыш в серёдке-очень понравился.))

    Kirill Boldyrev

    а упыри критики зачем-то разбили этот альбом и прекрасный Another Purfect Day

  11. Tyrone Jones

    it's sad that so few recognize what a brilliant songwriter he was.


    Tyrone Jones dude millions know.

    Bob Maze

    Tyrone Jones amen

    Rising Star Handmade

    I agree

    melissa Tracer

    Full conserts sold out, , people know ;)

    MMB 1215

    His names printed atop songs on No More Tears, dude. I discovered him from “Mama, I’m Coming Home”. People know.

  12. Gypsy Rose

    I'm still your Joy!

  13. Charles L

    RIP Lemmy, really sad day, Been a fan since i was 12, 34 now. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING

  14. Kirill Boldyrev

    RIP Lenny

    Swedish Rock 'N' Röller

    +Kirill Boldyrev Lemmy*

    chase from earth

    Swedish Rock 'N' Röller lol let's hope his phone autocorrected that to Lenny


    He left behind a squiggy.

  15. Stephan Ayotte

    So good. Beast mode!

  16. MustafaK

    another one of my fav

  17. jovanisis


    Aleš Chytil

    which one do you have ? Im owner of Iron Fist and I cant get enough from it ! sooo fuckin brilliant !


    lol :D
    me too


    But my one side is not working sometimes :/
    and you got the 2.5m cable? i checked and it wasnt there


    I got the Marshall headphones, they have excellent sound for Motorhead, at least.

  18. Melissa Sites

    My favorite Motorhead song.  Am a Supernatural fan, and love to think of Demon Dean singing this. 

  19. Adolph Oliver Bush

    Fantastic song.  Especially the 3 part harmony at the end.  Love ya, Lemmy. 

    Adolph Oliver Bush

    Oh, and Phil's solo is one of his best.  

  20. 123TauruZ321

    Whenever i feel like proper shit, i listen to this for a couple of hours straight and i'll be fixed.

  21. Espen Løken

    Love this Motorhead song. Got kind of a Live Cream feeling of it with the bass and guitars improvising at the same time

  22. marko1978st

    true, sadly, saw them at the end of 2012 - Lemmy should start thinkin' of going slower, maybe even dismantle Motörhead and form something for the ending of his ubelivable run....
    I know, death before dishonour and valhalla and all that - you wouldn't dissapoint anybody if you started smt that you can actually keep up with while you play live Lemmy, c'mon, this will kill you !!!!

  23. fortheloveoftunes

    Yeap and sadly do they play way too loud live, so you don´t get in a good groove (and I´ve been to many heavy metal concerts) So far these guys and "Airbourne" play too loud for pleasure .-)


    Yeah they crank up the Amps big time

  24. MrTxumari

    Aupa el Lemmy y los Motörhead, que son los mejores con diferencia

  25. Fish Bowl

    Anyone who thinks Motorhead is a Nazi band need only listen to this song, straight from the books of Marx!

    Zenyatta Mondatta

    Fish Bowl

    Lemmy stated many times in interviews that he hated communism.

    Pat Delatte

    This song is literally written from the point of view of a SS Officer.


    Lemmy stated he hates Nazis, he just thought the uniforms looked nice.

  26. KR4FT W3RK

    his joy of labour makes him carry on :)

  27. Mika Koponen

    Now is 2012 and is fucking true that Lemmy cant make any noice, only old tired sings.Better stop now.........


    Lemmy had fucking cancer, what's your excuse?

  28. LauVl

    Love the song! Nice quallity too, though I really feel the need to point out that there's a bunch of flaws in the lyrics! XD.

  29. Kirill Boldyrev

    @DamgeCase SBL - is My favorite albume (as a 1983's)

  30. Kirill Boldyrev

    @jon81jon I think the hole albume is underrated.

  31. inclineallacondanna

    Grandissimo pezzo ! Set you free !!

  32. Farctow

    @DamgeCase Every motorhead song is brilliant, the fact is that some of those are more brilliant.

  33. fortheloveoftunes

    I just dig Motörhead´s midtempo songs!