Motorhead - In The Year Of The Wolf Lyrics

In The Year Of The Wolf,
all the world smelled good,
In the snow and the ice,
all the rest was blood,
In the time of the tribe,
we took a thousand lives,
When I ran with the wolves,
and the hunting was good,

See me now, I was another,
Not like me, when the wolves were brothers,
See me now, you cannot know,
The kind of food that me grow,

It was the wolf in me,
Body and soul on fire,
In the cold, full moon,
Blood, red, desire,
It was the wolf in me,
You know it felt so true,
The night I ran with the wolves,
Tonight I come for you,

In The Year Of The Wolf,
how could you ever know,
There in the forest,
I had teeth to show,
In a different time,
when the world was mine,
When I ran as a wolf,
and the sun burned low,

See me now, I was another,
Mean and vicious, fast and clever,
see me now, you would not dream,
The food I ate, the food that screamed,

It was the wolf in me,
And all my soul was fire,
By the cold, dull moon,
Blood, red, desire,
It was the wolf in me,
I howled the cold night through,
The year I ran as a wolf,
Tonight the food is you,

In The Year Of The Wolf,
all the tribe ran mad,
On the frozen lake,
and I felt so glad,
With tooth and claw,
all your blood and more,
When I ran with the wolves,
and the hunt turned bad,

See me now, this is not me,
Not like the one, I used to be,
See me now, you would not guess,
A different heart raving in my chest,

It was the wolf in me,
When the world was cold,
It was the life I lived,
In the dark world below,
It was the wolf in me,
Crying and howling too,
I was crying for the hunt,
But I was hunting for you

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Motorhead In The Year Of The Wolf Comments
  1. 21st Century Muse

    Catching the wolf isn’t that hard, skinning it is another story.

  2. Jan te Wierik

    He there, wolffood, hand me your thumbs!

  3. Martin Aston

    Too all the lone wolfes out there..hoooooowllll

  4. Jack JFT96

    House stark

  5. Lord Bosquimano

    Joder hermano....

  6. Diamond road


  7. strahinja basher

    Fuck you to whoever disliked this masterpiece

  8. Jeroen de Ridder

    i wanna rob my own house now!!!

  9. Jamin Jones

    Woven head
    Voices of
    The reeling mlnd

    ( Jamin Jonathan Jones )

  10. Walla


  11. Trail Blazing

    If you remember hunting your breakfast in the morning,then you had an awesome childhood!!

  12. pablo15-5

    Fuck daryl and the walking dicks

  13. Fernando José Señor Toca

    Simply awesome!. THE FUCKING MASTER.

  14. Ethan Crytzer

    At my school we train to this song. We also sometimes play it for home games

  15. Rayyan Irsheid

    RIP Lemmy you will live in our hearts forever
    RIP Legend.

  16. romarssi everything!!


  17. txmetalhead82xk

    Damn, love that riff!!

  18. Tim Condon

    With all the talk of wolves in for honor, surpriswd they didnt fit this song in.

  19. Fernando Domenech

    holy shittttt

  20. Rick Manzuk

    Let's ride!!!

  21. WXOLF

    Reminds me of my Wild Youth
    It was the wolf in me,
    And all my soul was fire

  22. Mario Cellura


  23. billy hill

    They will never be dead they live in the dark when we walk in the shadow

  24. Testeur Natha

    *Wolfe howl intensifies*

  25. Johnathon Mcdaniel

    I'm here because I love rock n roll not a overrated TV show!

  26. Wild Man

    Right on

  27. chris miller

    thin lizzy the boys are back in in b.g.

  28. shawz10

    Lemmy eats Norman Reedus for dinner and shits out Daryl Dixon before breakfast.

  29. Diego Martinez

    1 Year today when he ascended.

  30. Keiffer lover

    I hope lemmy is fucking rocking out in heaven!

  31. Alan Morrell

    Dammit, Lemmy! Couldn't you make at least ONE bad song? R.I.P.

    Daniel Giovanniello

    @Andrew Manning Eh. I feel like Motorhead's style doesn't fit the natural style of the song itself. While my opinion has changed (that being that I don't think Motorhead really have many if any bad songs), I still think their cover of The Trooper is kinda crap.

    Andrew Manning

    @Daniel Giovanniello... You're obviously just biased towards Iron Maiden because Motörhead's style, especially Lemmy's vocals actually suit the Trooper better than IM. They make it a rougher, more brutal song which totally suits a song about a soldier's experience in battle. You have to listen to it objectively and forget about Iron Maiden's style; it is not meant to mimic IM style in any way.

    Daniel Giovanniello

    @Andrew Manning I'm wearing a Motorhead shirt right the hell now lmao; they remain to this day my favorite band of all time. If anything, I should be biased towards Motorhead, especially since I'm not a massive Maiden fan.

    Andrew Manning

    @Daniel Giovanniello .. Then I don't understand how you think their style doesn't suit the song perfectly. And just for the record, Lemmy only does the vocals on it and Phil's on guitar but the rest of the players on it are actually not Motörhead. Motörhead's one my all time favorites as well. You know which song of theirs I actually don't like tho, 'Blackheart' from Rock 'n'Roll.

    Daniel Giovanniello

    @Andrew Manning that's what's great about Motorhead; they have so much varied music that any lover of Rock n' Roll can find a song they love and maybe a song they dislike. I personally like Blackheart, but that's because Rock n' Roll is the album that introduced me to the band back in 2016

  32. cool

    Wtf all of he's songs are fucking awesome I am really amazed

  33. A Darker Day

    Lemmy will live forever within our minds!!!!


    and HEARTS, bro!

  34. MPCB11 23

    Makes me wanna jump on my motorcycle and ride for days.

    KoG GoK

    whats stopping you?

  35. Lycan Seijin

    Hello new theme song!

  36. waldchinese

    geil das ist musik!

  37. timijai22

    Ugh why the fuck can't I buy this song from the us iTunes Store?!


    Motorhead always did their own thing, companies like apple don't want you finding people like this.

    Zenya Okinaga

    buy the cd in the store

  38. TheSWolfe

    RIP Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, from one Wolfe to another :9

  39. drvannozzun

    Motörhead is dead. Thank god we got them on tape. Tonight the food is you.


    Motorhead will NEVER DIE, Yes, they are gone ..they will ALWAYS live on through the fans and their music

    I am Mark

    @Walla bro 😓🤘🤘🤘

  40. Samuli Kiiveri

    RIP Lemmy.

  41. harish srinivasan

    Stark's-game of thrones

  42. Vercingetorix de Gergovia

    una obra maestra!! que grande motorhead! \m/

  43. billyjeanbluehealer

    a lone wolf,,,,,wolf wolf

  44. Bobby Thompson

    Ride in the the big Texas toy run and you will feel like a wolf in a pack!

  45. Leah Bee Walker

    Daryl Dixons theme song

  46. mikeysclips

    Awesome BadAssness! When I hear this song I picture my dogs when they are dreaming.

  47. GirlyGamer89

    daryl dixon is coming!

  48. john stock

    daryl dixon!!!!!!!!

    Mark Bullen

    More like the Hound from Game of Thrones <3


    He sent me here lol

    Maniac1031 a total war fan

    @Mark Bullen he wa referencing the fact that the actor who plays Daryl listens to motor head to get in character. In terms of asoiaf characters this fits Arya so much more than the hound

  49. 1Nyro

    Bestiality never sang such a cool song.

    "There was a wolf in me..."

  50. MurderInc707 Tarkov

    I bet most people that are viewing this is because of Norman Reedus/ daryl said he listens to this/ before shooting episodes lol

  51. DimatheManiac

    orgasmatron, the best one

  52. Les Deffner

    nope. But I'm happy for those who ( by way of Norman Reedus) are learning how awesome Motorhead is.

  53. Les Deffner

    Crushing badass-ery.


    Hell this is crushing!!!!!!!!!

  55. jazzy j

    YES! I thought I was the only one that came here because of Norman Reedus, he's such a little dork

  56. The Sibearian Bearserker

    Haha, the wolf isn't on the Zodiac.

    gordan bajda

    it is now

  57. italianeyelashes

    I'm surprised it's not illegal to kick as much ass as Motörhead does, especially in this fuckin song.

  58. Walking Doctor

    So I'm not the only one here because of Norman Reedus?

  59. LetoAtreides82

    Daryl Dixon's theme song!

  60. binklillypad

    I'm here because of Norman Reedus!!!

  61. Rebeccaa54687

    Norman Reedus :)

  62. MrCGrobes

    Haha here because of Norman reedus

  63. Ronni Abshier

    Norman Reedus' mention on Talking dead brought me here lol

  64. bumman117

    Damn that does fit daryl

  65. darthvaderthe2nd

    IM DARYL!!

  66. Someguyoknyb

    Daryl Dixon's theme ;) lol

  67. KandyKoRn

    LOL how awesome!!! Daryl Dixon's theme song!!! ;)

  68. Cpt Dank

    This is Daryl's Theme Song!

  69. tordlarssxn

    no, no.
    daryl dixon.

  70. smashinNdashin24

    Norman reedus!

  71. MotörheadBander

    what an irony than my brother is the biggest walking dead fanatic I know, he's really obsessed with the show, and he can't believe Norman Reedus tweeted one of my videos, he's making me write this.

  72. kbop567

    Lol I'm only here cuz of Norman

    Patrick Barnes

    Ok I understand but I'm not your cuzz your not anything of my blood line

  73. JuustLikeThat


  74. MotörheadBander

    Listen to this albums: Ace of Spades, Inferno, Bastards, Overkill, The World is Yours.
    I have all their albums on the channel as playlists.

  75. mrzombiesbo

    New to Motorhead, like what I hear so far. Anyone got some song suggestions for a newcomer??

  76. Jäeger

    ...Do you even speak english?!

  77. KR4FT W3RK

    "all this gangster rap shit looks like pussies in front of MOTÖRHEAD (gotta spell that right) they are born badass"

  78. Shoe Badou

    Man. I wish Steve Vai wouldn't have been so intimidated my Motorhead. If he could've found his groove, it could've been scary.

  79. DarthArgh

    I've been wondering about that for weeks. Even passed it on to my old English Professor. We're still unsure.

  80. Fríði Djurhuus

    What the fuck did you just say?

  81. Caiaiman

    fucking awesome!

  82. davve horn

    testosteron at its best hahahaha

  83. Varun Shenoy

    this song want me makes to cheat at a bitch :-)

  84. bort112

    Why a fucking dislike!? If you don't like it don't fucking come here!!!!!!!!

  85. MrPino3666

    troppo forti !!!

  86. bigcrazewolf


    Every year is the year of Motorhead my friend.

  87. CrushEveryone2

    @kujtafull gansta rap sucks LOL ;D

  88. Cannedscourge

    has anyone cared to look at kujtafull's page :)

  89. KGN

    Isn't this the year of the Motorhead?

  90. EastFrisian

    @UltimateSanga Actually it's "Motörhead"! :-)

    Still right, though...

  91. Liam Stewart

    @kujtafull I am glad you enjoy motorhead but please, for the love of god, learn to spell.

  92. Comrad B

    @SimaoFan Actually no, it doesn't. That song sucks and this one rocks the shit out of you..

  93. Comrad B

    @kujtafull Let me re-Write it please xD.

    All those gangsta rap shit looks like pussies in front of Motörhead. They born badass

  94. Amones-Ray


  95. Richard Clark

    decide to di 1 thing
    open to window por and motorhead
    porn was good got jizz
    but with motorhead i got a
    asuperduperhipermegaultrahadokenwithsayayinlvl3withkyubifuckinghugeeargasm hellyeah lml!!!

  96. Roland Wieffering

    @possiblespammer Haha... Motorhead does that to porn.
    Motorhead is (for me) the best and loudest band EVER.
    Nothing compares to MOTORHEAD.
    I mean the guy is 66 years old and still ROCKING

  97. possiblespammer

    i decided to do something.
    i opened the song and opened a porn video
    the porn got better

  98. SimaoFan

    Does this remind anyone else of Of Wolf and Man by Metallica?