Motorhead - Hellraiser Lyrics

I'm living on an endless road
Around the world for rock and roll
Sometimes it feels so tough
But I still ain't had enough
I keep saying that it's getting to much
But I know I'm a liar
Feeling all right in the noise and the light
But that's what lights my fire

Hellraiser, In the thunder and heat
Hellraiser, Rock you back in your seat
Hellraiser, And I'll make it come true
Hellraiser, I'll put a spell on you

Walking out on another stage
Another town, another place
Sometimes I don't feel right
Nerves wound up to damn tight
Don't you tell me it's bad for my health
'Cos kicking back don't make it
Out of control, I play the ultimate role
Don't know how to fake it

Hellraiser, In the thunder and heat
Hellraiser, Rock you back in your seat
Hellraiser, And I'll make it come true
Hellraiser, I'll put a spell on you

[Repeat first verse]

Hellraiser, In the thunder and heat
Hellraiser, Rock you back in your seat
Hellraiser, And I'll make it come true
Hellraiser, I'll put a spell on you

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Motorhead Hellraiser Comments
  1. open peace

    me vs the gas vs the clutch vs the frozen brakes lol

  2. Mikey Schilling

    Pretty cool him and ozzy did things for each other

  3. paul4mula

    Fuck yes.. Rock 👊🏾

  4. gordo da gironba Santos

    GTA San andreas

  5. SimoExMachina2

    It's so nice to see Lemmy in his birth-stache for change. We all know he grew the bushier version at the late age of six. This must be a recording by his mum and paps when he still learning the play bass.

  6. Trevor George

    Rock n roll

  7. Michael Graves

    Lemmy vs Pinhead!!!

  8. fat head

    Motorhead was and always will be the best legends of rock ever.

  9. Harrison Neel

    Lemmy is a patron God of the gods of all beliefs

  10. Bjørn Veiviser fra eventyrrike

    Little bit beer to get the right quickly slow ahead drive have to be before the operation

  11. Bjørn Veiviser fra eventyrrike

    No, Lemmy. It's France

  12. Captain Canuck

    I always preferred this to version to Ozzy's.

    A friend of mine went to a strip club and a stripper was performing to this song. His reaction: "Hey, this song is pretty good."

  13. 1sunstyle

    Motorhead rocks! I've been listening to Ace Of Spaces for years but never checked out anything else. We had the same pot connection. I almost met them but the man told me to leave, but he almost let me kick it. Everyone got kicked out when Motorhead came by. I used to kick it with the man a lot and smoke reefers with him. Love, Mike.

  14. Manuel Merschmoeller


  15. stoner bob

    Metal God!!! Drug's ,rock , and sex

  16. Wicker Billy

    I'd kick his ass.

  17. J Carlosdib69

    Que pena no pudieron seguir dando de lo suyo , fiel a su estilo en el tiempo, buenos temas , buenísimos hits casi himnos. La música q denominamos de toda la vida. Ha,a ja. Ha la película había que echarle imaginación. me flipa el terror , ésta te deja un tanto indiferente. VIVAN POR SIEMPRE LOS MOTORHEAD Y TODAS LAS BANDAS ROCK . HAN DADO CUNA HA OTROS ESTILOS DE MÚSICA.

  18. Metalhead

    i don't know what the fuck i just saw but it was metal af

  19. Kadir Salman

    Only 13mn this world is idiot

  20. Allison Chains

    Lemmy looks *exactly* as you would imagine he does if you had only ever heard his voice - like an American badass biker!

    Matt Paben

    'Cept he was English.

    Allison Chains

    @Matt Paben Lol I know, but that's not what I'm trying to say. I'm saying that he _looks_ exactly as he sounds.

  21. Mel Fruscider

    Lucifer was just keeping the throne warm for Lemmy.

  22. William Haynes

    Sorry to say this..but Ozzy's version will forever reign.

  23. Zapdog

    i don’t like the sound of lemmy’s voice but this song doesn’t sound right without it

  24. Odin

    Anyone else here from Bon Appetit and Claire giving a shout out to the song?

  25. Wolfgang Trubshaw

    And the cheesiest cheese in a cheesie video is the Windsor fuck's delusion of "a horror icon" …

  26. el vampiro sanson

    mi padrino lemmy kilmister😉😉

  27. Gigs in the Streets - music, busking, cover songs

    Lemmy, you’re a legend man! Here’s a tribute to your talent:

  28. реальный дальнобойщик

    Лемми-нацист и гореть ему в аду,мы их закопали 7000000 и он в числе их и US армию закопаем,помните наполеона и гитлера

  29. Jet Jaguar

    Yeah feel the power Cenobite.


    7 of nomber of 2019 and still like east talent musical

  31. FanboyFilms

    So if Pinhead had 4 kings and Lemmy had 4 aces, Lemmy had already won. Why so much anticipation for Lemmy's final card?

  32. Tyrone Koumoundouros

    Satanic movie

  33. kati kontio

    Send this for religion-persons who hate heavy-music ! (And it is NOT SHAME !)

  34. Jeremy Swope

    Ozzy's version felt alot harder than this. But still respect to motorhead still jam.

  35. huntercannibal

    Halloween 2019 :)

  36. Captain Galaxy

    The title track from Hellraiser III simply kicks ass!! Helluva classic movie, one helluva classic tune from a helluva band. Also appears on the "March or Die" lp. RIP, Motorhead. Rock the heavens.

  37. Rupika Suriapperuma

    Lemmy sounds like a cooler Brian Johnson that sings a couple of octaves lower.

  38. Martin Doll

    Lemmy arrives in Heaven, God looks at him and says hello we have been waiting for you. Lemmy says to God, hey mate get the fuck off my throne and get me a jack and coke ,and get me a lighter. Thank you mate

  39. bully •w•

    с русского по лайку🤘

  40. Pranav Chaudhary

    Lemmy was the coolest man i have ever seen in my lifetime.

  41. eveningtsar

    God and the Devil, playing cards. . .

  42. fat head

    MOTORHEAD, the best ever

  43. Zephyr Cobnito

    He was Lemmy He Played Rock And Roll.

  44. robert oday

    Lemmy and pinhead what a team R I P LEMMY

  45. Jan Eelen

    Hell it

  46. Berserker5150

    When God meets pinhead for a card game

  47. Lobo Nada Solitário

    1,5 mil people was fucked by cenobitts.

  48. Frank Noel

    Pinhead vs Lemmy? My money is on Lemmy!

  49. enmanuel palacios romero

    🇵🇪2019 Peru

  50. Kas58223

    Pinhead fears Lemmy the only one who could be bad ass enough to face pinhead and beat him in a card game and walk away like a bad ass 🤘🤘

  51. James arends

    Fucking rock on!!!!!! How did i not see this in the 90s!!!!

  52. Bjørn Veiviser fra eventyrrike

    - It's Lemmy On line, you are the fucker?
    -.....Master,.....normally YeSS.
    - It's mean you have to hunt them sometimes exactly. Alex
    - Normally Lemmy I owned to fuck any time I want.
    - Master
    - Thankful, I learned have from you.
    - LoL
    - For sure

  53. В В

    Класс!!! Моя молодость!!!!

  54. Dani Rocksaurier

    R.I.P. Lemmy & Wurzel

  55. Andrasus02

    Only Lemmy could beat Pinhead in poker.

    R.I.P. Lemmy

  56. Gus Cleitus


  57. Bjørn Veiviser fra eventyrrike

    I only know that I coming

  58. joan catalan

    GTA San Andreas and Triple H???

  59. The Aussie Viking

    If you're feeling sad, just remember that the world is over four billion years old and yet you managed to exist at the same time as Lemmy Playing cards with pinhead.

  60. Frank Westphal

    Never knew they did this song too. It's pretty good. I'm still in favor of Ozzy's version though. You cant' beat Zakk.

  61. Alexandre Santos

    Música conhecesse a árvore pelo seu fruto para ir para o fogo.

  62. TheLM281

    Did I just see a Borg?

  63. Bulldog Mccorrister

    What If ?? I Raised Hell On You

  64. Blackout Metal

    Nice song

  65. Jack

    I’m living on a English moon 😂

  66. Vitão GamePlay

    rock de qualidade nunca morre , não importa o ano ou o século ..

  67. James DeWitt

    Lemmy Vs. Pinhead. Lemmy Wins. Was there any doubt?

  68. BorisBass

    Pure RNR!

  69. 瑠夏

    Lenny's not dead, he came back to hell with Pinhead.

  70. Naruto Uzumaki

    Amazing song!

  71. юрий Барабинск

    Профессионалы! СИБИРЬ.

  72. Fear57

    I always get a kick out of the fact Doug Bradley appears in full costume.

  73. Dylan Undead

    No matter how old they are, no matter what people say, Motörhead is fucking Legendary.

  74. Pasi Turunen

    Only guy which could actually flip the bird to devil...give it up terrorists, there is no more virgins in Heaven.

  75. Timothy Hyde

    Lemmy wrote this song for Ozzy. I always thought the Motorhead version was kickass. Not to take anything away from Ozzy, but still. This song is a Motorhead song.

  76. aldahir chavira

    Rip larry 💔

  77. KiLL DoZeR

    Ozzy's version is 100x better fight me

  78. Игорь Алексеенко

    You too fell like Pinhead is not the one, who is born to rise hell in this video, do you?

  79. Vando Trujillo


  80. AntManYT

    When I was in 1st grade I screamed HELLRAISER and my teacher didn’t notice. >:3 r.i.p. Lemmy. You were a king to us.

  81. Dale Harvey

    Hellraiser is a good movie and pinhead will tear your sole apart

    Sam 980

    Just watched it for the first time because of this song

  82. thomas palmer

    I love both, but Lemmy's voice gives this a power Ozzy's version does not match. EVERYTHING LOUDER THAN EVERYTHING ELSE!

  83. Celine Gloeckner

    Warum ist Motörhead so geil und warum kenne ich erst 3 Lieder (mit einem Cover) namentlich von ihnen? Was hab ich eigentlich mit meinem Leben angestellt? ALTER DIE SIND JA MAL ULTRAGEIL AAAAAAA

  84. Austin Oetken

    I didn’t think this song could get anymore metal when Ozzy made it, I was wrong, so wrong

  85. Sam Loomis

    Ozzy wrote this and did a better version but this version does kick ass.

  86. Bernardö Oyster


  87. Felix Ferdian

    Know this song from GTA San andreas nice song 😍😍😍😍👍



  89. Luke Hames

    Lemmy and Pinhead playing poker.

    The levels of badassery in that sentence alone are off the charts.

  90. The Aussie Viking

    lemmy didnt die he just went to valhalla to drink and fuck and create bad ass music for the afterlife

  91. Roadd Jack2

    ugly old bugger but he could sing!!

  92. Marelfan 8677

    Not even pinhead can touch Lemmy long live Motörhead!!!

    Jon Ericson

    You do realize Lemmy flips him off, right? 3:42. :)

  93. SidneyMADMAX

    ヾ(⌐■ ω■)ノ

  94. Alejandro Brull Gutierrez

    Metal + Horror Movies = PERFECTION!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  95. William Still

    2019 and still rocking to Hellraiser


    I am here


    Yes, a great music video for a great horror film.