Motorhead - Evil Eye Lyrics

Look at me what do you want
I'm a man as well as you know
Evil in the air tonight, we better make it right
Dollar for my mercy, tell you what I know

Look see, look see, see you down upon your knees
I see sorrow coming down, quick and sly
You must leave don't come back, there is something on your track
Bad Magic evil eye

You better watch your step
Time be getting hard if you don't go
Rattlesnake in your hand, don't you flinch be a man
One silver dollar, help you if I can

Look around, look around, look for sign there on the ground
I see sorrow in your way by and by
On your way lonesome road, poor boy heavy load
Bad magic evil eye

Swamp mud can't get free
Don't look back you don't want to see
Voodoo coming on your trail if you live to tell the tale
Give me a silver dollar, I'll try to make your bail

Listen up, listen up, listen good, keep it shut
I see you in the fire, flame & die
Leave me now and change your shape, put a mask on your face
Bad Magic, evil eye

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Motorhead Evil Eye Comments
  1. geothon

    I became a Motorhead fan on the day the radio announced his death and played Electricity upon the announcement (95.5 KLOS).

  2. geothon

    What a great song in such evil way. Thank you Motorhead!!!

  3. Tourkat37

    Best kut off the album! -X Cheers!

  4. Tourkat37

    Luv Me Some Motorhead Cheers! -X

  5. Tourkat37

    Best track off the album! Cheers! -X

  6. edgelord eddie

    What did we do to deserve this goddamn band? RIP, they'll always have a special place in our hearts I guess

  7. plop888

    In heaven, Lemmy is enjoying the cigarette trees, speedfruit, & the endless river of Jack & Coke.

  8. Andrea Sozio

    the Motörhead played Heavy rock crude and noisy! Lemmy rest in peace !!

  9. Cristhian Fuertes

    I feel like taking amphetamines when I listen to them (sorry for my bad english)

    Keith Kafe

    Worded perfectly 👌

  10. 1911 VsGlocks

    About a year ago I started listening to Motörhead 💀 Love their music

  11. Vynn Draven

    does anyone know where to get tabs? I'm trying to teach my son as I strap on bass.

  12. Andrea Sozio

    And a song heavier riff is a cross between Orgasmatron and Assasin, launched at breakneck speed

  13. oudbierblik ijsselmuiden

    awesome! as always , after 25 years i still love this! and dont forget mr cambel he's really good!

  14. Jaykito

    great song. R.I.P Lemmy \m/

  15. christoph hoefflin

    Lemmy Let us hear your Bitchin rifts from valhalla so that it will guide us on the path of pure awesomeness. \m/
    RIP mate you will be miss.
    Well be sure to crack a cold one in your honor.
    nod ya heads

  16. mitchlovin lopez

    Such a band, such power and pure gritty metal. I take comfort knowing he will influence people not yet born. R.I.P LEMMY!!!

  17. Edgar Agüilar

    This song is fucking dope. R.I.P. Lemmy!

  18. löwe raoss J.ralf10

    Lemmy Lemmy

  19. Des K. .Des K.

    So powerfull..One of my favorite song from new album!!
    Rock in peace



  21. Jessy Mello

    i just knew this band 3 days ago...and even after his death he gets a new fan!

    Dick Tickler

    I only started listening to Motorhead five or six months after Lemmy's tragic passing. I knew Ace of Spades of course but now I've heard every studio song/album and the majority of Motorhead's music is astounding.


    Dick Tickler
    That's awesome to hear. Favorite album?


    welcome to motorhead...welcome to lemmy


    Never too late. Cheers.

    bert Salinas

    Well now I’m an even new fan it’s sad tho what happened I didn’t know much til I did some research but I love the music also a new fan

  22. Skullduggery

    You may have gone to pastures new,but will always remember you with buckets of love and affection,Lemmy you will be sorely missed,whilst your up there Lemmy give that twat up there a kick up the fucking harris .Give him a bit of Overkill,should sort him out Peace Lemmy,you will live forever.

  23. Pierpaolo Mondelli

    marlboro i breathe....budweiser i drink....but i'm so sad tonight. rest in peace lemmy! you was the rock 'n roll!

  24. Darrin Jones

    Losing him diminishes the world, but what he has wrought for us goes far towards balancing said loss.

  25. ValleyoftheKings64

    RIP Lemmy

  26. Wes

    God, they sound just as good as they did when "Bomber" was a new album. Fuckin' A for Rock and Roll! \m/

  27. reggie king

    I don't know what I like best lyrics or music,what the fuck all this shit is the shit!

  28. fluffydolly

    motorhead in 2 Tuesday will rock!!!!!

  29. Jere Preisinger


  30. macaron3141592653

    Lemmy is a beast- all he's doing is using a low voice, but He's practically growling....

  31. vaggelis mina

    motorhead just can't do a bad album...TRUE rock n roll gods

    Edgar Agüilar

    Because Lemmy is God.


    Not metal, not punk, not hardcore. Like Lemmy said, straight up rock 'n' roll. I raise my gin & tonic to you, Lemmy. Rock In Peace!

    Shaggy Rogers

    plop888 he has done more genres of music to scare off queen. Blues, prog, rock’n’roll, hard rock, heavy metal, (metal)ballad, thrash metal, speed metal etc

    Andrew Manning

    @Shaggy Rogers .. What was the prog??

  32. GH HG

    omg this album is very very good like all but this !

  33. Racket

    Listen to the LP, bastards! Motörhead is not about how cool you look with you fucking mobilephone and show your wimps what the grannies are doing! Live it or leave it!

  34. Csaba Molnár

    awesome! or something like that...simply fucking good!

  35. Paul Hadfield

    this album rocks, love every track, rock on

  36. Lord Of Darkness

    Motorhead always present the best intros!

  37. info warrior

    Chills up my spine.

  38. benny beirlaen

    Hell Yeah keep on playing fucking Rock  &  Roll ,, best thing in live is MUSIC