Motorhead - Dogs Lyrics

Here we are in confusion
Could be it's all an illusion
Who knows the times to come
The years to face, the race to run
We believe in graven image
We believe in the fight to the finish
We desire the almighty dollar
The pound of flesh, the golden collar
Lick the hand, we give our land to dogs

Here we are in the years
The blood, the sweat, the tears
Have made us bondage slaves
In a world that we never made,
The politicians lick our bones,
The tacticians, hearts of stone
They turn us against our brothers
Make us fight and kill each other
Locked in lust we put our trust in dogs

Here we are again,
The dead still look the same
Who cares they're soon forgotten
Nobody loves corpse that's rotten
Your fathers, mothers, daughters, sons
Have been taken by the chosen ones
But don't forget you made the choise,
You made your mark, you raised your voice,
They're all the same, you're all to blame
You're dogs

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Motorhead Dogs Comments
  1. Blackpool 2014

    I play this outside a police station

  2. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    I used to have a German shepherd(rare breed) and she would never look into my eyes!Too shy to share her emotions such made her no different to the sheep she was looking after!Many years down the line I can understand how could she possibly expose her feelings as a different nature!

    Μανωλης Φιολακης

    Σε αγαπώ μην κοιτάς κάτω!

  3. Lemmy Cash

    The Johnny Cash of metal

  4. TheJohanIII

    The best Lemmy-song ever !!!


    DOGS .....................................................................

  6. Sait Öztürk

    yeeaahh \m/


    GoddeSS God BleSS FaST Eddie...
    BE In Paradise With
    LemmY Filthy WurZel
    And The AnceSTorS.....

  8. RocknRolla

    omfg i cant see americans bitching about politics....ur nation is fucked up anyway

  9. Teddy Dog

    Right, left, white, black, Obama, Trump. We sure bicker and hate each other over what truly matters, don't we ? So long as they keep their wealth and palaces, it's music to their ears. Oh, and let's not forget whose god is bigger than whose. Those are the fucking dogs he's talking about.

  10. Jorge Martins

    GReat Lyric!

  11. Omar Pavone

    Your Legacy will never die,Lemmy.Fuck NWO.

  12. Pinas

    "they turn us against our brothers make us fight and kill each other".Don't desecrate Lemmy's memory(Rock In Peace) talking politics,listen to the music.


    Lemmy was always eager to talk about politics. Numerous songs of his speak about just that.

  13. Ray McCormick

    I would suggest that ALL REPUBLICANS, ALL RIGHT WINGERS SCUMBAGS LUNATICS withdraw themselves from ALL MOTORHEAD videos. You fuckers do NOT belong here.You have NOTHING in common with Lemmy Kilmister and his political views and ideology. Go watch and listen to some fucking retarded Rapper or some Idiotic Hillbilly Country singer. NOBODY WANTS YOU MORONS HERE . OUT !! GET OUT ! WITHDRAW NOW ! GET THE FUCK OUT !!!


    I think you should seek professional mental counsel is quickly as possible. As for Lemmy, this song and others he wrote seem apolitical to me. In other words, he had no use for no political party or politician. You going specifically after all Republicans is just your own feeble minded agenda. I know the British tax structure is brutal concerning the profits of British musicians. That fact probably fueled a lot of the attitude Lemmy had in songs as this.

  14. Ray McCormick

    Another piece of pure raw brutal Rock'n'Roll dedicated to SCUMFUCKING BAG DONALD TRAMP : Just 'Cos You Got The Power IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU GOT THE RIGHT ! This song is dedicated to biggest CON ARTIST, SCUMBAG MORONIC FUCKTARD,FRAUDULENT PIECE OF CRAP who ever walked this planet : DONALD GARBAGE TRUMP

  15. Rob de Jonquieres

    A belting track.

  16. Todd Springfield

    Dedicated to the Racist Dog Mr. FONALD LUMP !


    A lot of the rhetoric of your posts is nothing but a full out loco embrace of decadence on a national scale. Societal decay. That is what extreme liberalism amounts to these days. I guess you were hatched in a nest manned by a couple of pole smokers.

    Trump is no angel. However he can not be bought and manipulated like a puppet by a sleazy billionaire elitist like your little friend, Hillary.


    You have a hate for Trump that transcends a conniving wealthy dude. if that was your lone gripe, you would hate every politician in DC. Most would throw their mother under the bus for the right price. Trump is not even in politics for the money, he could make more in the private sector. I even heard he is taking no salary as president. Get those millionaire senators & representatives to do that? No your gripe is about Hispanics. You are just too damn fucking ornery to admit it.

    The thing is. You bring enough people from the third world in here. This will eventually become part of the third world. Those economically extremely depressed places don't just happen by bad luck over centuries. It is caused by the severe corruption and greed of a very few in charge. Those few can strip away regulatory laws here when they can control the population. That will be a bitch in one respect though. Most Americans currently are very well armed. I don't want to see it come to that. That is why I want a wall. People like you are fucking idiots. The more the merrier.

    Ray McCormick

    My fucking god ! How can you be soooooooo out of touch ? First off : Donald TrAmp is NOT a Billionaire and he never was. TrAmp "fortune" was investigated months ago and even his former accountant came forward and told he is far from being a billionaire. TrAmp net worth is actually around $150 million dollars which are a good money for the average joe but he is far from being a REAL Billionaire like Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet and Bill gate. These are REAL Billionaires and you don't see them bragging about their fortune. Now fucking TrAmp keeps repeating over and over that he is a Bilionaire....What a fucking SORE LOSER !!! TrAmp's whole entire life has been a FANTASY, a LIE. Why do you think he refuses to display his Income Tax Returns, sucker ? He knows by making his tax returns public he will be exposed, yet once again, as the HUGE PATHOLIGAL LIAR that he always has been. Not only the whole nation will be aware of his finances, his income but also we would know about all his ties with the Russians and wall street bankers. YOU ARE A HUGE SUCKER !!! LOL !!!


    You don't know how much he is worth and neither do I . He has never made any of it public. I think it is because he has tax shelters and uses tax loophole and pays very little Federal Tax in correspondence to his wealth. Most billionaires do not pay much Federal Tax in the US in correspondence to the billions they are worth. Good or Bad, Trump does not want to reveal that.

    I have seen his net worth sat at 8 & 10 Billionaire on internet Billionaire listings. They could be wrong and so could your information.

    Nick Wright

    Ray McCormick @,

  17. Greengoggles American

    This song could be Obama's theme song

    Ray McCormick

    +Greengoggles American Obama ? No it should be fucking BUSH song. And it will be Donald TrAmp song if he would become the president of the USA but luckily he will NOT .

    Greengoggles American

    he might

    hornswoggle lover39

    Ray McCormick whats that?

    Nicky -73-

    Greengoggles American or any president, left or right! As Lemmy said "You mothers daughters and sons! Have been taken by the 'chosen ones'. The last one who stood up to 'God's chosen ones' got a bullet in the head!


    Ray McCormick  welp that did not go as planned

  18. Emil Bubev

    Here we are again,
    The dead still look the same
    Who cares they're soon forgotten
    Nobody loves corpse that's rotten
    Your fathers, mothers, daughters, sons
    Have been taken by the chosen ones
    But don't forget you made the choise,
    You made your mark, you raised your voice,
    They're all the same, you're all to blame
    You're dogs

    John Doe

    @HEIL ODIN SIRE oy vey

  19. Mike Farrell

    I saw Lemmy at the rainbow in LA! very sad! He was a nice guy!...


    Mike Farrell he ain't no nice guy after all

    Ivan Monev

    You saw Lemmy and it is Sad,,,, ure and idiot

  20. joselito M.

    RIP Lemmy

  21. DreamVikings

    Eat the Rich, Dogs, Traitor, Just cos you got the Power... Whenever I get pissed by the system, Rock n' Roll is the CD i listen to. :)

  22. Hanisch97

    Ace of Spades and Dogs are the best

  23. makouras

    exaclty, spot on lyrics by Lem, true after all those years

  24. WarHog38

    Some more Great Social Commentary by Lemmy.

  25. Rain W


  26. hausofjulia

    Daryl's theme song.

  27. Jjhuffines1989

    @JenF617 It Could! Ace Of Spades Could Too Lol

  28. Jen Flower Email for Justice for Austin and Kim

    Yes they are - It Is a great song! AND could be part of a Daryl Dixon Theme song CD ;)

  29. Peter Marron

    brace you self the norman reedus sent me comments are coming

  30. Marcel LAZZER

    one of the last good Motörhead's album...


    Yeah. After this, Motorhead made only more 14 good studio albuns...

  31. planet1250

    Thank you for the upload

  32. David Muriel

    thanks for the upload