Motorhead - Choking On Your Screams Lyrics

We are the homeless, lost in space
Wandering searching out of place
Now we find you, our journeys end
You must vanish, your world must make amends

We are coming to kill you, declaration of war
You have seen us in the sky, now you must die

We bring you sorrow, no time to say goodbye
You have seen a thousand years of fire in the sky
We come to battle we will end your hopes and dreams
So die now choking on your screams


You will not see us, but we are here
Breathing deep, your atmosphere
Your world is ours, and now we call
We are the others, inside your walls

We all come to waste you, to watch you die
Some of us among you, our trusted spies

We are your masters, we feel no remorse
You have no chance against us, we live for war
You will be gone forever, no fever dreams
Die then choking on your screams

Your time has come now, accept the fact
We are the stronger race, you will die like rats
Bow to the eternal law, cruel and extreme
Die choking on your screams, on your screams, choking on your screams

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Motorhead Choking On Your Screams Comments
  1. Bert Lamil

    Orgasmatron sound anyone?

  2. Meme Warehouse

    Sex penis

  3. Ænimal Sawchains

    We are coming to kill you

  4. shane deacon

    Rejoice God lives amen

  5. jim weiss

    Oh yeah !!!!!!! Eat the rich and die now chocking on UR screams



    Bert Lamil

    Lemmy is dead and Motorhead is no longer, fact. Your snowflake thought is alive as well, however.

  7. Dark Demon of Hell

    Like a sequel to Orgasmatron and brotherhood of man

  8. Harry Hepworth

    Dedicated to the elite class .

  9. Sait Öztürk

    Hell yeah Rock 'n' Roll \m/


    monsters of ROCK N roll

  11. Hayzyy

    Sounds kind of like Brotherhood of Man.. EPIC!

    Thomas Ackerly

    Hayzyy faster version of Orgasmation

  12. Bratislav Metulski

    wow - this song is very modern for motorhead but fits perfect!

  13. Löwe Raöss ... orgasmatronish ...

  14. clayton jones

    At the beginning before Phil starts his guitar part you can hear what sounds like lemmy saying something in a slowed down sing song manner and it is apparently being played in reversed... Any ideas?

    Jay Feelix

    @Nasse shut yo bitch ass up lmao

  15. thedarkotaku88

    can anyone else decipher the backmasking in this song? he laughs slightly at the end of that part too. i've been trying to isolate everything.

    clayton jones

    thedarkotaku88 been trying to do that as well no luck though, makes the song even more creepy

  16. King El Chapo

    Sounds like Orgasmatron

    Jakub Marszałek

    More like Brotherhood Of Man.

  17. Professor Fez

    Oh wow. MAGNU with sharp Teeth!!!!

  18. Supernatural Forever66

    Lemmy forever

  19. Tony Matijašević

    Rest in Peace Lemmy <3

  20. Edgar Agüilar

    Lemmy was so diverse, he could sing in so many styles and different ways. The man was born to rock n roll. R.I.P. Lemmy

  21. Grinder Splatter


  22. Audiojack

    I'm sorry if this may sound a bit silly, but I heard Lemmy liked to play a lot of videogames.. Could the lyrics to this be inspired by the Mass Effect series?

    Dick Tickler

    He said it was inspired by Mass Effect or just by games? Looking at the lyrics, it makes perfect sense if it's about the Reapers from the Mass Effect universe.


    Go back to playing your little boy's games. Grow up, bitch. Read a book, go outside sweaty little virgin bitch.


    Wow, that escalated unexpectedly.

    matthew herron

    Wow so what if he likes to play games a couple of ya dbags on here need to get laid for fucks sakes, no need to grill the dude for enjoying games and asking a simple question. I guess some people just got no life so they gotta hate on others cause their own life is pathetic and are too afraid to admit it.

  23. patrockfree


  24. SergeantSilly

    Lemmy is passed away today .Rest in peace my friend. Lets have a drink on you

    Butler Crow

    Lemmy liked (stuff) but what he liked best was trying to play the bass and sing. He was HORRIBLE, but he never stopped tying, and that's important. His English headmaster taught him how to sing during after school hours. Is it any wonder he drank himself to death? He seemed like a really nice old guy after retirement. It's just too bad that he never loved. He was never happy yet his lyrics expressed the goodness that only a man filled with love could truly convey. If that ain't irony...what can you say?! My all time favorite of his was his rendition of Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows by Lesley Gore.

  25. Stian Jorge Jarnæss

    Great song, Orgasmatronic ☺

  26. R GC

    I'm pretty sure this song is about alien invasion

    Stephen Roche

    Off a videogame

    jim weiss

    First song is

  27. williamgeorgefraser

    This is Lemmy out-Hawkwinding Hawkwind from the classic years! This would not be out of place on the Space Ritual or The Warrior On The Edge Of Time. Probably the most amazing track ever recorded by Motorhead. Takes me back a lot of years to when I interviewed Lemmy before the Ritual gig in Edinburgh for my uni radio station.

  28. Jose Ramon Vila

    Motorhead es la banda mas fiel y respetuosa con todos los que seguimos a verdaderos musicos...motorhead una autentica forma de vida sin aditivos puro rock and roll...lemy puto amo...

  29. WarlikeLockes

    Not AS brutal as old Lemmy, but the MOST fucking brutal for a 70 year old man. Going real strong still!

  30. Brucie-Magik

    bit of back masking at the beginning

  31. Racket

    get on your knees you fuckers!

    Sub Terra

    +Racket Not me

  32. 59mar

    Buy that fuckin' album and make it CHART on NUMBER 1 !!


    @***** in Germany then.


    Austria too :)

    woody Vallallellalunga

    +59mar i 2nd that comment.

  33. Lord Of Darkness

    Wow! Lemmy got his voice back? at this age? this man is a miracle! no,seriously no one can still rock like this when he's 70 years old for fuck sake! good job lemmy! you continue to be an inspiration.

  34. benny beirlaen


    House of Rock

    +benny beirlaen definitely

  35. Michael Campbell

    Sounds like a fast version of Ogasmatron. \m/

    Thomas Ackerly

    Michael Campbell that what i thought to my friend

  36. Jackesmiperro

    Heavier than heaviests.

  37. info warrior

    USA out of Iran!