Motorhead - Brave New World Lyrics

So this a new beginning, as the new century dawns
The world's a better place for you and me
Shouldn't smoke or drink or watch that evil filthy porn.
Be Christian and God will set you free.
But being poor is worse than having AIDS,
The homeless live in boxes at our feet
Living in a constant state of dull frustrated rage,
The innocent shot daily in the street

Brave new world, brave new world, brave new world

The government has always been you pal as you well know
Absolute corrupted power play,
If we all wipe each other out, it only goes to show
While the bureaucrats get richer by the day,
Smoking dope will get you more than murder one,
And even worse than statutory rape,
Don't understand your children, so you send them all to jail,
Believe me, you will never make a worse mistake.


The government is coming and it wants to be your friend,
It wants to show you how to be a snitch
Inform upon your children, the inevitable end,
Is everyone's a victim but the filthy fucking rich,
And religion, like the monster that it is
Keeps telling you to turn the other cheek
God is on your side, but I don't think that you're on his,
If Jesus showed up now he'd be in jail by next week,


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Motorhead Brave New World Comments
  1. Chilled Mellow Heat Channel

    Happy birthday Lemmy! 😎🎸🤘

  2. L7D

    I'd always like Motörhead, but when this came out, I loved it beyond belief. This is a 10/10!

  3. L7D

    I love it in 1.25


    it sounds like burner

  4. Tacklecentral Fishing

    *if Jesus showed up now he'd be in jail by next week*

  5. Chris Drummond

    The pharmaceutical companies are the real enemy with their carrot and stick bull$%&t. Poor people are the most unhealthy. The companies mock us. You can be healthy if you have the money, but you don't, sorry .


    Lemmy would have turned 73 on Christmas Eve...raise your Jacks and Cokes

  7. Jason Vernon

    One of their best! 🤘

  8. Olivier

    Lemmy was an Apostle of God worldwide. Now, he smiles with Jésus, her brother. Hammered is a fantastic album.

    Jon Aleksandr

    Im sure he'd screw u

  9. Michael J

    This song doesn't get old, no matter how many times I play it.

  10. VinMetal

    Song is more relevant in 2018 than when it came out IMO