Motorhead - Blackheart Lyrics

Two sides to all of us, with me you get 'em both,
My good side's wonderful, tho' I don't like to boast,
Better not cross over 'cos the other side's a beast
But don't expect the most if you can't take the least

Blackheart, what you think of me,
Blackheart, you want to believe,
The dark side's all you want to see
Blackheart, Blackheart
What you wanna do,
You know it's always true
Give back what I get from you,

I know the ones I win, I know the ones I lose
I can't apologise, I know I paid my dues
I can't be sorry, if I ain't always a saint
Like to be a nice guy, but don't blame me if I ain't


So that's the story, what you see is what you get,
No doubt there's better men than me
But I ain't met one yet
No doubt the dancer calls the tune,
So you can call on me
I'm all I''ve got, and what I am is what I'll be

Pay your money, take your choise, everybody's free,
I know nobody's perfect and if they are it won't be me
I'll be the bad guy in the movie of your life
Just thank your lucky stars I didn't use a knife

Blackheart, what you think of me, Blackheart,
You want to believe
The dark side is all you want to see

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Motorhead Blackheart Comments
  1. IbeAwesome

    Man this whole album is terribly underrated

  2. Nekro Mantik

    One of my FAVES!!! 🤘♠️🤘

  3. Motoroil

    Ill be the bad guy, in the movie of your life... are we kidding!!! This is classic street poetry!!!



  5. Μανωλης Φιολακης

    This dark.!

  6. Chris Lynott

    The other side's a fukin beast:

  7. Chris Lynott

    You want the black bass power side?? It starts here,,See yous in Glasgow

  8. Michele Toscan

    I'm all I''ve got, and what I am is what I'll be

  9. Cristian Valenzuela

    es una bestialidad lo q suena este tema y este es uno de los grandes discos de motorhead .lemmy forever.

  10. Motoroil

    One of my favorite Motorhead... It moves, rocks, has Philthy, perfect Rich sound, super lyrics.

  11. Michael Campbell

    I can't be sorry, if I ain't always a saint....Like to be a nice guy, but don't blame me if I ain't

  12. Sait Öztürk

    forever motörhead, rock 'n' roll world hell yeah, rip rock 'n' roll father \m/

  13. noces62

    I always wanted to have this CD cover on my car's hood. Some day I will. Lemmy says" I know there are great man , but have not found one yet and if there is. I know it won't be me." But those who know him, found a great friend and person that he was in this planet.

    Josh O

    What kind of car? I was thinking Trans Am or Camero at first but for some reason having it on a hot rod truck like a warlock or something sounds just right too

  14. windonmysoul

    I love this song from the bottom of my black heart. Long live Lemmy.

  15. kosorg

    most epic motorhead riff ever!

  16. Jeff Indigo

    My favourite song off of Rock 'n' Roll. Surprised hardly no one does guitar covers of this.(except me haha)


    my favorite too!it is a greatlly underated song!

  17. Matt M

    Got the cassette tape in front of me! '87 0riginal !! Toronto Canada!! Cheers!! R.I.P. Lemmy!!

  18. NV Johansson

    2:15 most kick-ass riff ever.

  19. PierAndrea Duina


  20. heather foskett

    RIP to a true god of rock....we love you Lemmy

    Ed Junior

    +heather foskett Lemmy Kilmster THE KING OF KINGS \m/

  21. Hellraiser Gordon

    What an underrated track.

    Feukka 1

    Hellraiser Gordon yup. they played this when i saw them


    What an underrated band.

  22. rodolfo oliva

    Uno de los mejores temas de Motorhead!!

  23. carstengerm

    Love it !!!

  24. 16babacool

    One of the best ones!

  25. Witold Domeyko

    I love that one.

  26. Child of God

    I didn't watch the video, but it's cool that a band has covered this gem from Motorhead. One of my favorite Motorhead tracks.

  27. Simon Lloyd

    Love Philthy's drumming on this track. Class Philthy Boogie!

    tom dick

    Philthy wasn't on this album, sadly.

    Ploumen R.

    that's not true, Philthy played on this album. He didn't on Orgasmatron and every album after 1916.

  28. Paolo Pestalozzi

    My band covered this song, could you guys please take a look? watch?v=5ZojFaPN_ZE

  29. Bisaflorian

    0 Dislikes!

  30. Lopze Poote


  31. Brooster

    Great song, thanks.

  32. x a

    Hell yea

  33. Derby14

    This is a great song...blistering guitar solo. Thanks for posting.

  34. Ray McCormick