Motorhead - (Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve Lyrics

Clock is still ticking
Why don't you listen?
Ain't got the time that you had yesterday
Can't be so blind, way out of line
Thinking the world wants to hear what you say
Nobody ever knows why
Nobody ever knows who
Nobody sees that we're all on our knees
Looking for reasons to do what we do
Hey, what the hell
Get out of your shell
Time to get back to when truth was all true
Get me some danger
Get me a stranger
Time to be counted and pay up my dues
Stand or fall
Get ourselves something that we can believe
Fight or crawl
Use what you find in yourself to succeed
Stand or fall
Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Politics suck, you'll be shit out of luck
If you ever mess with the methods they use
No way to doubt, three strikes you're out
You against them, it's your freedom you lose...
Nobody questions the law
Nobody questions the man
Nobody cares 'cos nobody knows where
We go to so we can kick out the jams
Hey what the hell
You know yourself well
Get back to your honor and pride
Time for some slamming
Time for some jamming
Take us away from the snare of their lies

Stand or fall
Get ourselves something that we can believe
Fight or crawl
Use what you find in yourself to succeed
Stand or fall
Wearing your heart on your sleeve

We're on the run, we're under the gun
Sneaking and hiding, away from the sun
Breaking the law, don't know what for
Our generation is made up of whores

Get out of town, get out of jail
Nobody here gonna make us our bail
Don't really care that my life isn't fair
Hard on your head in the electric chair
Out of your mind, deaf, dumb and blind
Don't know how people can be so unkind
Grown up too soon, grown up too soon
Too many wolves looking up at the moon

Way too clean, too fucking healthy, you know what I mean
Way too rich, every executive son of a bitch
Way too mean, they're all to eager to feed the machine
Way too smart, gonna come down and break all of our hearts
Way too slick - way they schmooze, like to making me sick
Time to leave, wearing your heart on your sleeve
Wearing your heart on your sleeve

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Motorhead (Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve Comments
  1. Jerzy Dziś

    Most power metal band play at this sort of heaviness.

  2. Motorhead Banger

    That's the true: only Motorhead can do something like that.

  3. Zenyatta Mondatta

    Man, this song just kicked my ass XDXD

  4. Motorhead264

    Criminally underrated.

  5. WatcherFromThePlateauofShorn141

    Only more than 14,000 views? This song? You gotta be kidding me.


    StygianTraveler141 this band lost most recognition close to a decade before this album. All the worst for it. Their music ages better than most of their contemporaries. They by and large continued to just make rock n roll. Their later albums seemed to toe that line to being metal much more closely but they still had the playing style of a RnR band.

    Jerzy Dziś

    People will come to understand this type of playing, but not yet, slightly more with power metal coming into play back in 2,000’s. I can’t remember any massive hit ever that had used double kicks while singing a lyrical song. The time will come ... 📀

  6. Musicman 5122

    R.I.P Lemmy Kilmister

  7. Meme Queen

    All bout the guitar solo bitches

  8. Buttdead

    @theqman24 This is not metal...its rock and roll!!



  9. theqman24

    now this is metal