Motograter - Parasite Lyrics

You feed upon the soft of heart
Seeking solace in their sympathy
Your person mask is slipping now
Face it motherfucker you are dead to me

I can see right through your lies
I can see right through your lies
And I know just what you are
I know just what you are

You're everything that I have grown to hate
So save your lies your words mean nothing to me

You are a plague all consuming
Darkness hiding deep within your heart
Your tainted touch is pestilence
This is the addiction that tears you apart

I can see right through your lies
I can see right through your lies
And I know just what you are
I know just what you are

You're everything, that I have grown to hate
So save your lies, your words mean nothing to me

And who's to blame
No resolve or conviction
It's all the same
Time to down the dying sun
You're as hollow
As the bottle that you clutch
The time has come
To face the monster you've become

You're everything that I have grown to hate
So save your lies your words mean nothing to me
You're everything that I have grown to hate
So save your lies your words mean nothing to me

Nothing to me!

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Motograter Parasite Comments
  1. Krystie Way

    Hi mylon and nuke

  2. Krystie Way

    U rock mylon

  3. Xviper

    Nice song

  4. Baron Lovat

    This is not fucking Motograter get the fuck out.

  5. Gregor Black

    Singer has sort of a 'The Crow' thing going on. Lol I Dig the sound here & Dorian.

  6. 813lynch

    Ok...i Have a few questions...
    #1. When did this come out ?
    #2. Is this Ivan cuz I really don't hear him

  7. RED ALERT News


  8. Emory Womack

    I like this guy. He's brought motograter back fuck you cry babies

  9. Andrew Hart

    Whatever happened to that Angel guy that sang for integrated for a while after Ivan Moody left? Wow I'm behind on times

    Andrew Hart

    Meant motograter not integrated. Damn auto correct

  10. Tito Lebowitz

    Wow,sounds like everything else.not mg.

  11. Daviana Mordor

    I fucking love the clean voice of this dude

    Christopher Regan

    Me too! It sounds like a metal version of Phil Collins!

  12. John Cleven

    Too be honest, this band has kept the name alive, the origin of what they sing about somewhat.... and the fucking tribal paint. Shit, that is good in my books, at least they didn't become a boy band! WOOT! win for humanity!

  13. Darthsikk

    Nuke rides a bike with no seat on it. He rides it hard.

  14. Corpse Midget Official

    Vocals are the only unique thing about this band anymore. Everything else is just...typical.

  15. rot105and

    i liked it with Ivan and with Angel, even the tracks before Ivan were pretty cool, but while the new vocalist is not that bad they are totally missing that motograter feel.Boring, predictable lyrics

  16. Clockwork Hermit

    Great live band! Seeing them again live very soon. Singer and bass player were very cool to me when my geek ass approached them and said 'hey what's up, great show'. Great guys. Support their live events and buy a T-shirt at least.

  17. Brian Brown

    Corey taylor does slipknot and stone sour so why cant ivan fucking do ffdp and motograter??? Fucking bullshit replace a badass with a fucking prepubescent sounding fucktard

  18. werdism

    Stop being bitches.. It's great.. Ivan is in FFDP, Respect different bands for fucks sakes..

  19. Martin Schmidt

    I liked the old stuff with Ivan, but I also like the new album without him. It's a nice album.

  20. Richard Foff

    First off.. Ayeee it's better than FFDP. And as a fan of the first album, after listening through this whole album, it's not bad at all. Welcome back MOTOGRATER!

  21. Extreme Charisma

    It's likes Metalcore.

  22. benblackwood1

    I'm deeply disappointed this is what Motograter has become. Those vocals are horrible too.

  23. David Carter

    Cool shit ! Much better then 5finger ass fk !

  24. N. M.

    Sounds kinda generic. The lyrics scream, I'm an emotional teenager! Pretty shallow. Oh well. I'm disappointed.

  25. Jesse Sutherland

    Pretty generic from the lyrics onward. While I understand the sound would change up considering they only have one member left from the last album, it's still extremely disappointing that a band with a unique sound is now apparently doing generic metal core. Still much love to the band and its members. They're all great dudes.

  26. M Renee

    I love Motograter. This song took a few listens to get into but I love it. The new album Desolation is really good! \m/

  27. Mike Delong

    Kind of reminds me of that disturbed cd immortalized

  28. Tomislav G

    Sounds like late Soilwork. That's not a compliment

  29. Zuckerton

    I made to 45 seconds and heard the Auto-tune vocals. Stopped immediately after that.

  30. Dope

    not bad. but for me, too much clear vocals.

  31. Jordan Saks

    This was pretty good but not the classic old motograter Im used to like DOWN and SUFFOCATE... a little more mainstream than I'm used to

  32. H B

    Terrible band.

  33. Valentin Sidorenko

    Pretty good, actually

  34. John Smith

    I really liked OLD Motograter. This though could be any of a couple dozen bands. Which is probably why it will do well commercially. It has that illegible and generic screaming and overly loud driving drum beat that so many other bands have made a mint of the younger metal generation with. To me.. all I hear is RAA RAAA RAAHWH RAA RAAG!

  35. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971

    I think they'd do better with a name change. They still need to use a motograter in their music though so we can keep the feel... also, this feels like a more metalcore version of Slipknot.

    I love it.

  36. im retarted

    Lmao people complaining about it being 13/14 years later and I'm just here like, they were doing shitty "tribal metal" way before that. Not to mention the singer before this sounded better and everyone saying they sound generic is right.

  37. allen 00

    Too bad motograter turned into this

  38. Jay 99

    this shit sound like emo band FUCKING GAY

  39. Leroy Najatahn

    This new sound is WAY better than their older material.

  40. Tyson Cott

    meh, good music but the vox suck

  41. pixel lite

    No,no, no......this is not Motograter.
    Sounds like one of many LaLa-Metal bands. Very sad.

  42. Josue Vargas

    Good Groove Metal with Gutturals and Phil Collins/Peter Gabriel type cleans

  43. 9288Savior

    I will always like the old Motograter much better. This new Motograter is like a canned and processed metalcore sound.

  44. Bud buddy

    Sounds alot... like the band " gemini syndrome" Look them up and you'll 100% agree.

  45. aw55550

    Ok just to clear everything up, the Motograter plays troughout the whole song, just listen for the distant "RRRRRRRRR" in the background. Just discovered that now. Also way more audible on the bandcamp track

  46. Henry Mullins

    This doesn't sound anything at all like the old Motograter but I'm okay with this new sound.

  47. Chris Seljestad-Furúkawá

    I'm just glad that after years of developmental hell, they've FINALLY have a line-up that's committed to play! ^__^ \m/

  48. Brian Brown

    Ivan could have sang, shit Corey Taylor does slipknot and stone sour

    Brently Jones

    Ivan quit this band for many reasons. He hates these guys more than I ever knew possible. I heard somewhere that 5FDP 100 Ways to Hate was made in honor of this band

  49. Tom Amon

    Blah. Without Ivan, they're just another band.

  50. HeidiTheChubbyBunny

    what is this emo shit. I miss Motograter.

  51. Metalheadbryan

    this is fucking trash, withought ivan moody this is gonna b a mainstream sellout garbage album

  52. Kirk Gifford

    This dude is so much better than Angel! This sound is perfect

  53. Stepanov Rock

    to be honest, if i didn't knew the name, i would've turned this song off after a minute

  54. GoRila Game

    save your words it means nothing to them they will feed on you. if u talk trash lol Lord is Lucifer

  55. Zachary Miskin

    It's weird when a band gets new singer cuz their stuff either has to be the same as the last or completely different

    Stepanov Rock

    the whole band is different besides Nuke

  56. CannibalCarWash

    Its no Ivan Moody but it'll do *Claps*

  57. Firas Soudeni

    Every time i listen to it i remember A world of warcraft Killing montage or any other montage xD they always use music like this

  58. Psycho Vampire

    Great to see these guys back at it. Can't wait for the complete album.

  59. Robert Breeden

    Wow, wasn't expecting this! While it's a different direction than I thought, I like it. Reminds me a lot of Blinded Colony's later stuff (The Blinded) which I'm totally cool with. Don't let all the negativity discourage you. Can't wait to crank this album in my car!

    matthew nunes

    Thanks Robert!!!!

  60. Steven Smith

    it's not Motograter without Ivan. Goodbye.

    Stepanov Rock

    more like without smur, crispy & grater... these guys were gold


    Steven Smith ivan is busy with ffdp fuck head. i wouldn't expect him to be in this. plus. it's still got that motorgrater vibe, you just don't hear it.

  61. Quattroboost

    still a good band but ivan will still be my fav...

  62. Tony Drümz

    espero que el nuevo disco sea mejor que esto

  63. Francisco Rivera

    This doesn't scream motograter.... This sounds like any other band... When you hear motograter you know its them. I wish they were like they're older songs. I see what's next for them. Not digging it. Motograter is unique. This... this isnt

  64. alacard 0malley

    These bitches think they invented Djent, when motograter built the instrument that would become djent in the end. I hope its not all metalcore though. Motograter is back! \m/

  65. doseofreality100

    I've been waiting a decade for these dudes to release a follow up to their badass debut effort. Was skeptical when I found out they got back together but really comprise of no original members with Matt Nunes being the closest thing to original. Was really hoping for a full blown reunion effort, but oh well. Having said that this isn't too bad. DEFINITELY not sounding anything like their old shit, but I was expecting that. IMO this is a brand new band that just happens to have the same name as a badass band from the early 2000s. Solid band. Definitely not Motograter though IMO..... at least not the Motograter I know of. And I'm not just saying that because the new singer sounds nothing like Moody. The instrumentals sound nothing like old Motograter. This is more toward hard rock/pop rock than anything. Motograter from 2002-2003 was metal/nu-metal/industrial metal or whatever sub genre of metal you want to classify them under. So it isn't just the singer sounding completely different, but the band as well. Definitely less brutal sounding IMO.... which isn't a bad thing per se. Then on top of all that there are no truly original members of the band in this band. I don't understand why they "got back together/reformed," AKA formed a new band around a guy who was in Motograter for a minute, and then decided to call themselves Motograter again. This is like Pete Best (original drummer for the Beatles) forming a band with completely new guys and calling the band The Beatles.

    That said, these guys sound good in their own right. Just don't get why they adopted a different band's name.

  66. Umysłowe Ghetto

    Five Finger Death Punch?

  67. ian gorneault

    guys... stop hating on this song, they did a good job and you don't have to hate it because it sounds similar to whatever tf you've heard before

  68. Jester of Destiny

    So we went from a cool and unique band to a dime a dozen melodic metal group. What a letdown.

  69. Bill Billy


  70. Bill Billy

    I like it, but it doesn't compare to old motorgrater

  71. Dan Higgins

    I'd have to here more...
    Sounds good, don't get me wrong... But you cannot replace the past.

  72. Blake Carper

    This is motograter? WTF HAPPENED!?

  73. TobiasTheClark

    I miss the real motograter, this new song is so uninteresting

  74. David Smith

    dont what this shit is supposed to be! but not motograter!!!

    David Smith

    Spine Smith. no its called fucking great music up into gay b.s!!

  75. Derick Brown

    Sounds like this is written about Ivan Moody....

    Derick Brown

    Well I'm enjoying it either way.

    Michael Stewart

    Haha. trust me. It isn't. Can't tell you who it's about though. That's a secret. ;)

  76. Leroy Najatahn

    I like this style better than Motograter's earlier music (:

    alacard 0malley

    Got no qualms with taking your life

    Leroy Najatahn

    I can't believe I didn't bother to read this! You can't just threaten someone even if it is over the internet. Screw you!

    Plastic Ninja

    It's a quote from a motograter song, dum dum.

    Leroy Najatahn

    Plastic Ninja, man I don't care! Why say it? As a joke? I get why it should be funny, but I don't find it funny. Then again, I'm a bit touchy, so I apologize if I overreacted.

    Leroy Najatahn

    Spine Smith, yeah I don't know what I was thinking. However, in my defense, I only heard of Motograter recently and looked up like one old song to compare sound changes, so I didn't get the reference.

  77. Radish Horse

    Nice relaxing song. Reminds me of Ill Nino a bit.

  78. Colgator

    What happened to Portrait of Decay? I can't find it on iTunes anymore.

  79. Steven Gross

    wtf is this

  80. DKed Krow

    I'll listen to this all day

  81. alberto0290

    This song is amazing, I listened it for first time yesterday in brick by brick show, finally I found the song in youtube

  82. MrShitfire420

    Sounds like Ill nino to me, I sure the mindless masses will enjoy it.

  83. Dingo

    Well this feels like a totally new band. Totally diferent from the first album.. Not a bad thing really but I'll stay with the previous one thank you

  84. cosp 77

    my favorite new band and favorite song 👿👿

  85. Pablo Henriques

    this song deserves a lot more of views...

  86. Brooklyn Sonneville

    I'm ichin' for that new CD man. lol. <3

  87. 00CrazyJOE000

    love how it sounds... but its whole lot better live... a lot harder... that the Music Factory in the background i was there when it went down fucking killed it

  88. korn74

    I'm really not sure how people expect current Motograter to sound like old Motograter considering the changes made within the band I'm digging this new sound and liking the word but cool pauses in the vocals can't wait for the rest

  89. Johnny Evil

    singularity will arrive in 2025.
    humans will achieve it in 2029; four years behind machines. the social integration will occur simultaneously.

  90. Newcomer181

    You guys were great at Sioux Falls! I am definitely getting your new album \m/

  91. Matt L.

    This sounds like any bands song. It doesn't scream Motograter.

    Reveu Le'Sean

    No, when they started out, they were unique.


    Well, there are no founding members left in the band.


    yeah doesn't sound experimental/industrial metal at all more like something on the radio.

  92. Eversti Parila

    Nothing special. Pretty "meh" actually, like someone already said.

  93. kenneth gray

    this dude is so much better than ivan and his generic ass singing

    Ethan Starkey

    kenneth gray how so? The new vocals are really generic. Sounds like they found dude on a YouTube tutorial for a "how to sound metal" video

    kenneth gray

    I guess to each is own because that's exactly how feel about ivans vocals. .

  94. West texas Wills

    Am I having a stroke or does this say this is a new motograter song because my childhood is freaking out right now

  95. Duke Bowers

    do you guys still use that crazy badass industrial spring bass thing?

    Alexander Weiser

    They do indeed, its just mixes up with a bass guitar on the new record


    Listen closely to the bass sounds. You´ll notice a distant RRRRRR noice. (EDIT: Its everywhere troughout the song.)


    they do

    Andrew Trader

    its called the motograter
    they made that them selves

  96. MP4A1

    well, not bad, but I hear DevilDriver, not Motograter

    Jarred Williams

    what devildriver song sounds like this?


    @Jarred Williams almost

    Dmitry Barinov

    DevilDriver don't have a clean vocals and clean choruses, so nothing similar.

  97. Justin Gardner

    gonna see them open for dope on October 1st

  98. Cold Sluts On Fire

    Love the song and love the kickass art too!

  99. Cranium Kicker

    I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. This song has actually grown on me. I really wasn't feeling it when it was first released but I'm digging it now after a few listens and time. It may have helped to see them do this song live the other night at one of their shows with Dope. It's not the same sound but change can be good and this is a positive change. I'm proud of them for how far they have come and the effort that they continue to put into their passion.

    Frank Gonzalez

    They have been busting ass man.