Motley Crue - Too Young To Fall In Love Lyrics

You say our love
Is like dynamite
Open your eyes
'Cause it's like fire and ice
Well you're killing me
Your love's a guillotine
Why don't you just set me free

Too young to fall in love

Run for the hills
We're both sinners and saints
Not a woman, but a whore
I can just taste the hate
Well now I'm killing you
Watch your face turning blue
Not yet a man
Just a punk in the street



You say our love
Is like dynamite
Well its no surprise
Cause you've got one-way eyes
Well you're killing me
Your love's a guillotine
Not yet a man
Just a punk in the street

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Motley Crue Too Young To Fall In Love Comments
  1. Catherine McCurry

    🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊😁😁😁😁😁😁GOT MOTLEY ON DA BRAIN???!!

  2. Doggos Attack

    Spider man

  3. veronica vibes

    Tommy is so baby omfg

  4. George Harley Rider

    Love listening to this song in a high performance muscle car.
    The rock of the 1980s here on YouTube

  5. Mauricio Luzia

    E pensar que essa música é de 37 anos atrás, realmente 2020 chegou.

  6. lil vampire

    3:20 this scene owns my ass oml

  7. caseyann Gregory

    Happy new years

    caseyann Gregory

    2020 fuck yeah

  8. Grertchen Gillespie

    I think all pimps and the shit
    like them, human trafficking bastards should drop fucking dead. Oh by the way this is my mom's account, but she would agree!!!

  9. Mr. Lucky

    Motley crue you all alright

  10. jeff deathrage

    Crue was the least talented rock band in history. Worse, even, than kiss, n that's hard to do. Tommy was ok, and nikki could be ok on a good night. Just bein real.

    Carpe Diem

    What a load of absolute bollocks. They shit all over KISS

  11. The Cowboy

    Back when rock literally kicked ass

  12. Chyann Collins

    At 0:43 when the kid comes up to Nikki and stands up like let's go

  13. Eric Randoll

    Mom used to play this when I was a kid while she cleaned the house.

  14. Carlos Santos

    Que Bela música do Motley Crue

  15. Lady Stardust

    Franchement il péte ce titre j'adore ❤💪 surtout Tommy Lee a la batterie les riffs également sont excellent !

  16. Randy Clinch

    What does the video have to do with falling in love too young?

  17. h_i_p_t_o_e_k_i_r_i

    They were too young and too fast for love

  18. alfredo ricardo hernandez hernandez

    defensores de las causas justas

  19. Velvet Von black Thorn

    I’m a weeaboo and I like Motley Crue so this is awesome 😎

  20. HollowKing

    I like this mix of the song a lot better

  21. Jake Saunders

    This track was so Kool I grew up on metal iron maiden some glam metal was shot but there was some bands that killed it ratt motley and they invented the shit kiss was in

  22. Theodor


  23. Renee Pepion

    love em till the end of time motley crue..🌹💙💌💖

  24. Jeremy Alexander

    Junkie losers, nothing more. Shit music as well.

  25. Jeremy Alexander

    Yawn, Fucking bore fest. This must have been really cool 50 years ago when people respected the mullet. Now this is a corny kiddie joke. Ooooh, the "devil"? Fuck off pussie retards.

  26. xXSnakeGameplays404xX

    Greetings from Vice City...

  27. Manny Freshh

    Don't worry she got the point 😜😜😜😜😜💪💪💪💪💪💪🖕🖕🖕

  28. Meredith Wilson

    The old Vince got eaten 😂

  29. steven roscoe

    To old to sing this sooongg, to old to sing this soung.

  30. Steven Ryburn

    My pop played an Oriental man in that video. He was convincing.

  31. doublebasser razzmuss

    Drivin the to Beach, got a bag of KGB, Crankin this on my Super Tuner II, good times..

  32. Imaginos Desdinova

    This my children, inspired Double Dragon!


    bunch of little dope head little girls

  34. Haircuts Ms.Robbie Love-Lendon

    To young to fall in love, Motley Crue

  35. Tony Martinez

    This is the REAL MOTLEY! Not the "Stadium Tour of BUMS they're pawning off now. SAD!

  36. ali royfan


  37. life of

    Miss the 80s

  38. Michael Salazar

    Motley crue best song ever


    can someone actually explain the idea? :o

  40. Johnny ScareCrow

    People say Motley Crue are" sexist" but if you look closely with their doing here is taking down a Human Trafficking Organization with rock and roll and kung fu. I asked you is there anything more American is there anything more heroic I think not.

  41. TheVincent666

    motley crue are american heroes i love the sound of mick mars ps I am writing a BLOG about schitzophrenia as next to hear my music on youtube=TheVincent666 God Bless!

  42. Comatose

    This sounds like crap. This is not the song I used to blast. Redo this.

  43. Donald Chase

    How many people would like to see motley crue in 2020?


    Donald Chase- I AM. making the trip to chitcago August 28.
    291 miles to see my favorite band for my 10 time.
    \w/ CRÜE FOR LIFE...!!!

  44. Jay Wyche

    I was 16 when this one came out,I'd play it loud every night at 12a.m.

  45. sam maudlin

    Now it's Too fat gotta lose some weight.

  46. from the father

    You usually fall in love at a young age and it starts with a first kiss.

  47. metalhead65

    Who here is an og fan And not here cuz the fuckin dirt?

  48. Robert Truelove A...garage...Pounding...out the Damn tunes.....together FANS will always Appreciate this man....

  49. Franceska Tha Queen

    Too Yung to fall in love but that don't stop me anyway LOL


    Who the fuck disliked this video lol?

  51. Liam Sagucio

    Lmao tommy at the end

  52. eric hughes

    I gotta say, the sound of Mick Mars' guitar and his style of riffing definitely had an effect on why I got into playing guitar. I was 11 years old when this album came out


    He was a little sloppy in some instances on the lead guitar but overall, I like his style on lead and rhythm guitars.

  53. Bien Lazorchak


  54. stone cold fan 316

    Loved when they came in and kicked ass.

  55. Ras Alghul

    Is this video racist

  56. Hotspur37

    i feel this video deserve a full length movie of some kind

  57. Laurence Pinney

    Ugh! It's amazing how cheesy this video is, and I cringe at the idea that I iked it as a child. This was the last album I listened to by them. I hated Theaitor of Pain so much that I never listened to them again after that.

    Jordan Herkowski

    Dr. Feelgood album is awesome, you missed out.

  58. Типичный Блэкушник

    Полный отстой.

  59. galnhus56

    Ahhh the 80s. Fun times and great music. There never be a decade like that again.

  60. Aria Curran

    Freakin awesome!!!

  61. James Paul

    Still rockin this song at 50. Never too old to rock.

    G P

    James Paul this was our era our youth teen years I'm 52 I'm still rocking ..

  62. Catherine McCurry

    Turn it up to 11!!!!🎛️🎛️🎛️🎛️🎛️🎛️🎛️🎛️🎛️⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

  63. Zorn Casteel

    Still love this tune!

  64. Janice Herbon

    Good Band!

  65. Michael Rutherford

    I seen them on tour the girls girls girls my first concert and been a fan ever since they fcin rock

  66. Benjamin Lees

    2:44 the Asian Tommy Lee

  67. Jensen Finland

    2:36 Nikki has the force

  68. Leon j Buie

    Sounds more like a 1990s love song that black people listen to

  69. Tyler Keller

    The glory days of metal. God I wish I was in my teens & twenties during this age

    Richard Oranger

    Tyler Keller they were NOT Heavy Metal. They were GLAM.

  70. Ziege Eule

    When I walk through town I walk like Vince.

  71. Siddharth

    Thank you GTA VC for introducing me to metal and this song 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥❤️

  72. Kian Garshasbi

    You can only see these music videos in the 80s,just like nikki said in the beginnig of The Dirt movie,
    The 80s,the worst f***ing decade in human history😂😂😂😂
    Oh I love the 80s🤘🏻🤘🏻

  73. Henrik Andersson

    This is an edited video, in the original they showed the girl they rejected.

  74. Rhoda Yackez

    I'll never understand why bands make stupid videos that have nothing to do with the song subject.

  75. Rhonda Nolan-Bryant

    I made my Grandma watch this video in the 80's.

  76. 1251wire

    Cat like reflexes on a martial arts fight...all under the effects of some awesome smack !!! Kinda like Peter Griffin scene eating a guitar. Beautiful. This was a great Crue phase ! Hands down!!!

  77. Rômulo Soares

    Gta vice city

  78. Mauricio Luzia

    Que música do caralho pqp
    uma das minhas preferidas do Motley

  79. Akin Cook

    The 2nd verse is hilarious. Nikki at 3:31 is crazy!!

  80. Grant

    I learned my lesson. Now, I'm too old to fall in love. Uh, scratch that. I mean I'm too smart....


    song for child asian anti trafik........ :)

  82. Tomasz Słowik

    Yeeah !!!

  83. Twin Taurus

    Yeahhhhhhhh this was a good one!

  84. Slash Thayil

    like 2019
    comment 2020
    like and comment 2021+

  85. anusheadproductions

    such a sexy hard hitting song!

  86. Cool beast458

    Mick Mars is the most bad ass guitar player s in the world


    A GREAT SONG Thanks

  88. Diego Slim

    The Best mötley creü album 👍

  89. Chris Melito

    Great guitar solo!!!!!!!!

  90. miguel angel Gómez castillo

    Motley crue never die !!!


    Was young enough to get harassed by every adult (except my mom) about these 'satanists' and listening now, they are still great.

  92. Renee - KingsDaughter


  93. Aryn Fatt

    So what's number 2 on the top ten best music videos of the 1980s?


    Mi banda favorita, My favorit band, conectas canciones aprendi a tocar batería, With this i learned to play drums

  95. Italo Lopo Matos

    Motley Crue e massa demais,porem esse clipe foi uma bosta hahahahah

  96. Marco Romero

    dope song and even more intense video. literally displaying child brides in China and how they used to be sold for the gain of the family/// fucking deep. I had to go to college to ge this video.

  97. single string sideshow

    Pretty old ass song to be uploaded a mere 7 months ago .. lol

  98. Omkar Ghumare

    Gta Vice city anyone??