Motley Crue - Red Hot Lyrics

Fight for the black shark
See what evil brings
Can't you see we're out for blood
Love from a shotgun
License to kill
Can't you see we're out for blood

[Pre chorus:]
The kids scream in fright through the night
Loving every bite with delight
And we blow out our minds with your truth
And together we stand for the youth

Red Hot, Red Hot
To the top, we are
Red hot Shout at the devil
We've laughed at your wars
Can't you see we're out for blood
Run with the pack, now
Always ask for more
Can't you see we're out for blood

[Pre chorus:]




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Motley Crue Red Hot Comments
  1. Ray Caruthers

    Oh, how I miss the 80's

  2. Annah Anguiano

    The 80's.....back when Nikki Sixx covered my bedroom walls.😍

  3. Manny Aries


  4. Leo Cavallo

    Una de las mejores bandas!!!

  5. Captain Barrett Coldyron

    As a huge thrash metal fan I must say these first two Crüe albums are fucking phenomenal. Pure fucking metal. I love these guys.

    Samo Jakub

    @K at first i hated glam metal but crue and dokken are those better ones since they combined glam with heavy.

  6. wolf pack

    Well alright!

  7. Damian Pavinich

    One 0f the best non-punk songs ever mutha fuckas

  8. smitty wilton

    One of the best fucking raw hard rock songs ever, no doubt and no ifs ands or buts, period. For fucking ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Graham Conrad you got that shit right on the money, you could never play this song loud enough anywhere when the Crue was young they rocked I personally saw alot of their shows in Cali early 80s I was very fortunate enough to be in southern California in Marine Corp at that time especially when they were just coming up and played at US Festival 83' Vince's voice was wrecked for that show but they still did a fairly good job, anyways thanx God for letting me be at the right place at the right time miss the 80s😭😭😭😭badly!!!

  9. Johnny Pereira

    Underrated song from the Crüe and a crying shame how underrated Mick Mars is!

  10. Manny Aries

    My shit 💪💪💪💪💪♈♈♈♈👑👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🥃🥃🥃🥃🤑🤑🤑🕺🕺🕺💃💃💃💃💃

  11. Douglas Aprile

    one of tommys best drumming

  12. Benedikt Saurer

    Yeah, to the top, we are RED HOT!

  13. Stoo Harris

    Overkill by Motörhead much???

  14. Bradley Serafin

    I remember my uncle put this album in my hand while he drank I stared at this album for the whole time
    Hypnotized lol...
    Even though I knew of Fastway and slayer and maiden but still this album kicked ass

  15. Bradley Serafin

    Surprisingly these guys dont have much views when this album was one of the hardest played back then.

  16. Jayme ELLSWORTH

    Best crue Alban hands down

  17. Puff E. Upagus

    Vince Neil's new band, Motley Stew.
    I love red hots and tater tots.
    Both are hot
    Both are hot.

  18. TheMan ThatWasHere

    First time I had heard double bass on drums and didn't know what it was. I was a small child then 😆 fr

  19. nicko boyo

    Kids don't know 5they're born these days

  20. Mike Leaving


  21. Chris Melito

    This is the freaking greatest.

  22. Johnny Pereira

    This song gets my leadfoot itching

  23. Mark Lawless

    216 dislikes? You fucking losers!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Andrzej G

    Motley Crue fan from Poland


    Pozdrawiam. 😁

  25. ed mountain horse

    Your aLWAYS RED HOT FOR LOVE........

  26. Kelly Davenport

    all you assholes.....making fun of Vince Neil...go fuck yourself...he was and is hot

  27. Vintage Lazer

    Metal Horns: 🤘
    Glam Metal Horns: 🤟

    Butt head

    Ok and?

  28. Howard Witchel

    this is musk.

  29. Chris Hoak

    That's Tommy our drummer he makes a lot bad decisions

  30. 1chadstone

    motley crues most underrated song, imo

  31. Dave Mieze

    The double bass intro couldn’t be tighter.
    That’s what she said.
    Crue at its best.

  32. Manny Aries


  33. Manny Aries


  34. Utopian Websurfer

    My 150 watt line 6 half stack is waAAay harder. And kooler.

  35. Mike King

    Used to fast skate - roller skate for all you kiddes, to this when I was like 11 years old good times

  36. Me JP

    She is beautiful in any light and worth the my time.

  37. James Spada

    My favorite song from crue...I remember being 14 in 1984 just got shout...I remember getting ready blow drying my long hair and meeting up with my buddies usually 5 of us walking to the meriden mall(square)armed with a boom box smoking a big joint and listening to this song...our goal for the night meet chicks at the mall hoping to get laid...those times were the best and crue transformed me to a good looking rocker.....ty CRUE

  38. Tim Jeffries

    Still kicks my ass!

  39. William Brandis

    Love it makes you want to floor it

  40. Led Zeppelin

    Man those guitar riffs are just so fuckin phenomenal!! Mick Mars the best!!

  41. Father AxeKeeper

    Randy Uchida took the intro to this song for his band Gism's song 'Good as it Is' and the solo was copied in his band RUG's song 'Deathly Fighter'.

  42. Manny Aries

    Lol I put this on again little to words🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♈♈♈♈♈♈🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁♈♈😜😜😜😜😜😜👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  43. Me JP

    She said, Slim, child, have you met this skinny white boy? She said, Slim, look at him closer. See him, that is little white terminal-ill Sug Knight. The CEO of Death Row Records. Big Suga need too see, little Sug is fucking aggressive as fuck , half his size with 1,000 I.Q.

  44. Me JP

    He has already checkmated the global economy in every country, he knows their secrets and now, Big Gabriel the Archangel says, "Your his step-dad? We drugged you stupid and took everything. How the fuck did you beat me?

  45. Me JP

    No, Drake said, Super Daddy will be perfect is the nuclear man he is faster then anything on Earth and will kill everything for ME, I AM DRAKE GABRIEL

  46. Eric Bock

    Take me back to the eighties

  47. Me JP

    Omg, Jimmy can do, What?

  48. Me JP

    She said, Nevermind, he scaried the fuck out of everyone making shit talk long-distance like Jeff Dunham

  49. Arley Simpson

    "Fight for the black shark,
    See what evil brings,
    Can't you see we're out for blood?
    Love from a shotgun,
    License to kill,
    Can't you see we're out for blood?

    The kids scream in fright through the night.
    Loving every bite with delight.
    And we blow out our minds with your truth.
    And together we stand for the youth!

    Red Hot! Red Hot!
    To the top, we are
    Red hot!

    Shout at the devil,
    We've laughed at your wars,
    Can't you see we're out for blood?
    Run with the pack, now,
    Always ask for more,
    Can't you see we're out for blood?

    The kids scream in fright through the night.
    Loving every bite with delight.
    And we blow out our minds with your truth.
    And together we stand for the youth!

    Red Hot! Red Hot!
    To the top, we are
    Red hot!

    Red Hot! Red Hot!
    To the top, we are
    Red hot!" - Mötley Crűe, "Red Hot."

  50. sr166

    An era were I was spraying hot ass chicks with water weenies during spring break in Lake Havasu. Beers & T&A half naked chicks banging only the best

  51. New Man

    This song is FUXIN EPIC!


  52. thekrou C

    I wish I would have heard this song in Stranger Things 3 ...

  53. Richard Coffman

    And special thanks to krell and jack daniels

  54. Russell Tech

    Seen them at the metro center in Rockford Illinois. The drums were so loud and badass it was unreal. Mick is a badass guitar player hands down. Motley ain't going nowhere. People will always love Motley Crue.

  55. dave piercy

    great album

  56. Freddy Myers

    I never understood how Mick Mars would get a lot of criticism toward his guitar tone. That's the very thing that hooked me into becoming a crue fan, specifically this whole album.

  57. Lonnie McGuire

    That blonde girl is hot top right corner.

    Martin Doll

    Uh that is a guy dumbass

  58. Count William Jannusch

    One of my all time favorite songs!!! Kick ass!!

  59. Gobstopper 9T6


  60. Sheila Hellman

    Maaaaan. Just the thought of never seeing these guys is a blow to the gut.....😎😭

  61. Pablo Moreno

    These guys r tex hot next stop red carpet hall of fame awww

  62. Skull Chaser

    This actually sounds like heavy metal, I'm pleasantly surprised.

  63. Kimberly Werden

    the 80s rule

  64. Hated Neighbor

    Roses are red, violets are blue, when I listen to the Crue, my neighbors do too!!!!

    jim kon

    That is a kickass saying man

    Gregory Chapman

    That is awesome good way of putting it lol


    Absolutely love this!!

    Tyler Donitzen

    😂Oh yea it i'm sure it doesn't piss them off

  65. Eddie Thomas

    Try to play along the tempo is really bad

  66. Deki vleki

    For me coolest is nikki

  67. Outlaw 86

    "We weren't a band, we were a gang, a gang of fucking idiots". - Nikki Sixx

  68. Janell Bauer


  69. Harry Nuttz

    Tommy beating the life out of those drums, Mick whaling on his guitar, Vince in rare top form and Nikki, well Nikki wrote the song. By far my most Favorite song by the Crue and still listen to it everyday!


    Same here man


    How can you not want to punch someone in the face when you listen to this?


    Our brains would short circuit at parties and we'd destroy the house. High School in the 80s. Nuts

  72. Barbra Burgess

    Love damn bad ass especially in concert

  73. Christopher Hoak

    That's Tommy our drummer he makes a lot of bad choices

  74. michael Castle

    This is the Crue at its best!

  75. George Katsaros

    Motley Heavy Metal Song!

  76. adamantium112768

    First band I saw when I was 15 to bad it was the third album literally their worst album

  77. bridger jokela

    Tommy was beating the drums to death in this song, going to break my neck! 🤘

  78. Beth Tollas

    Fucking fire

  79. nahonice

    could I feel more ENERGIZED? I don't think so!!

    sonny AWOL 1

    Scrolling through your page.....And.....There it is! My thoughts of late have been about the word "addict",having been a so called addict myself,I believe we should eliminate that word,label if you will from our vocabulary.Or,at it.

  80. James Spada

    Best album ever...for early metal

  81. Danfrombackhome

    One of their best songs cos its not cheesy

  82. Mick C.


  83. Estevan Fraga

    I lost my virginity to this!!

  84. beachlover

    This song was stuck in my head for days after I saw them in 1984

  85. marlene miller

    I can remember partying all night on the beach in the rain listening to THE CRUE in the rain laughing and screaming THE CRUE will stop the rain!! Good times!

  86. Zachary Dunlap

    A lot of people today think Motley wasn't heavy or they were just a glam band...yeah...totally.

    Samo Jakub

    This album is mix of both heavy and glam my option, but this song is pure heavy metal

  87. Nancy Hanson

    things just scary now! ahhh.....nostalgia!

  88. Alan M

    FUN!! Great classic raw (roughly glam) METAL!!!

  89. jaybax begay

    Red Motley Crue Hot!!

  90. Samo Jakub

    2:27 - very cool solo!

  91. Jason Manieri

    blew many of stereo speakers with this one.

  92. UMadBro

    I can't believe this came at 7th on the LP, maybe it could have been as a pick up song!

  93. NO BODY

    good metal song by Crüe

  94. Seven Inch Nails

    Play as loud as you can!!!

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    Losdos ballanse ala berga y soy mexicano asta la madre cabrones

  96. Bill d

    For me, this is one of the two most underrated rock songs ever. The other is " Fast Road" by Great White.

  97. southern hot mess

    What a way to start a song... this is just a kick ass song...the beat of Tommy Lee ....oh yeah...

  98. Glenda Sessums

    Umm you bad boys

  99. Leonel Fist

    Los amo putos crue