Motionless In White - The Seventh Circle Lyrics

The sun is silent in this place (the sun is silent),
throw these hopes into the flames (and throw these hopes into the flames).
Place these dreams in the palm of your hands and crush them.
And crush them.
And crush them to dust.
And crush them.

I'm reaching out to a hand that no longer extends.
Letting go has never been my thing.
Letting go has never been my thing.

Lets wave one last goodbye (wave goodbye),
to this nightmare that we once knew.
Lets wave one last goodbye (wave goodbye),
to this nightmare that we once knew.
We once knew.
We once knew.

This is a...
This is a... tragedy.
This is a...
This is a tragedy.

And I fear that we are all doomed.

No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.
No one will make it out alive.

I fear that,
that we are all doomed.
We are forsaken in the eyes of the truth.

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Motionless In White The Seventh Circle Comments
  1. Leandro Toro Jr

    The time of TJ is over....

  2. brenda fajardo

    1:34 I know why you never take your eyes off of me, I've used my lungs for everything but breathing


    Its 2019!! Still fuckin love this!!! Always!! MOTIONLESS!! #creature 💯💚💜

  4. Antonio Quiroz

    This album sounds more like real emo music, which I like.
    I’m not saying their new stuff is bad, but I prefer the older stuff better.

    Chris Napier

    I am also here with the same thoughts.

    Adam Beasley

    Same bruh

    Hi, I'm Lure

    Agree 4729484%. I'll always listen to WLMD, The Whorror and the 2005s demo. My favourite ones by them, although I love all the discography

  5. Courtney Kreag


  6. Dustin Sims

    those clean vocals and the rattle chords at perfect

  7. Javier Areco

    Unico comentario en español? En serio?

  8. fallen138angel

    For some reason I still prefer to listen "No, I will make it out alive..." instead of no one, even though no one makes more sense with the lyrics, cause this is a tragedy. Whatever :/ Great song.

  9. Ian Stinson

    I like this stuff much better than any of the new shit except some of creatures that retains this quality, oh how popularity kills
    what really matters

    David Snow

    A. They're growing up, their tastes change. B. Their new stuff is good. Different, but good. C. They're modest as fuck, are you nuts? D. I like this stuff just as much as anything they put out now.

    Nothing was killed at all. Their music is different because they are different. I honestly don't think you understand musicians at all.

    Rawr Rawr

    @David Snow He doesn't. I like there newer stuff. It's all really good.

    Hi, I'm Lure

    Their recent stuff is pretty good tbh, they've grown so mature that I don't even mind the change of style. Disguise has some metalcore roots tracks on it tho.

  10. LJ Deyampert

    I honestly dunno why their label at the time had them cut this down to an EP. It's not as strong as Creatures, but its not a bad place to start for your first LP. 

    Hi, I'm Lure

    There's some story about leaking some songs off this album on Myspace if I'm not wrong

  11. James Charles

    Love this song

    Clorox Bleach

    +Metalheads family bye lmfao

  12. Josue Parada

    i know bro! i was sooo bummed when i heard he was leaving.

  13. Matthew Williamson

    the real tragedy is angelo leaving

  14. mattwest1234

    they should redo this song on the next album. it would be way badass

  15. Reckless Gaming

    i used to think TJ was cool but not so much now, this band will go on and get better and better without him though.

  16. TiffanyTheEmoDino

    I heard that he was playing for Escape The Fate and lying about it so they kicked him out. I don't know what to think of TJ anymore. He seems like a dick

  17. Reckless Gaming

    someone may have answered this already but TJ also said he didnt like the band and was only doing it to avoid working. thats why they got rid of him.

  18. Reckless Gaming

    i would die to get a chance to play on stage with this joke

  19. gothsteeze

    I know I read both statements the band made about TJ... the first one said stuff about his drug use and bad things about him so they deleted it and rewrote it so it wasnt as mean/personal stabs towards TJ. Doesnt change all the tweets I read from TJ talking about work and him posting pics of him at work while he was in the band that I saw with my own 2 eyes.

  20. Mia Pernille

    This is a part of something the band wrote about TJ leaving the band: " its time for you guys to see the REAL reasons we let TJ go. The more major reason that we made this tough decision is because a few days before he ended up leaving, all of us in the band got into a pretty big conversation and Tj stated his admission to us that he doesn't like any of us and is only in MIW because he doesn't want to go home and have to work a real job.." It was on their Facebook page..

  21. gothsteeze

    I agree I liked the old line up with TJ way better than the new line up with Ghost LOL

  22. gothsteeze

    Im a HUGE MIW fan but that TJ only being in KIW cuz he didnt want to get a real job is a load of bs. Ive been a fan since 2008 & when MIW were touring TJ was one of the only members who had a job he worked during off time from touring.

  23. sasuke2483692

    Original version isn't as good as the studio version. Love this song but the original quality one sounds so fuzzy lol.

  24. Lord Xenu

    if this gets 100 likes ill upload me doing a duel cover of this song with my friend as a video response!!! like it up people!!

  25. Mia Pernille

    When he left the band he told them that he was in the band just because he didn't want to get a job. He also said that he didn't like any of the band members... So it was the best for the band and TJ that he left :/ (Sorry for my bad english)

  26. Uriel SalasFranco


  27. Alex

    Holy shit. Why the fuck aren't these on creatures?

  28. Molly Von Vanity

    epic band, love them all <3

  29. shnoogums1

    The sun is silent in this place,
    And throw these hopes into the flames.
    Place these dreams in the palm of your hand,
    And crush, and crush, and crush them to dust.

    I'm reaching out to a hand that no longer extends.
    And letting go has never been my thing,
    Letting go has never been my thing.

    the lyrics and that part is amazing

  30. Jade Pascoe

    can we just have in the band, Chris, Angelo, Ricky, Balz, Ryan, Devin and TJ....<3

  31. Nia Whitson

    I love this song so much.Motionless In White are amazing!

  32. matt hat

    Wow didn't realize my comment got any attention haha.. but yes!

  33. 로라

    BRILLIANT band* :'3

  34. Tori

    Cant wait to see them at Warped Tour:)

  35. Draculitis__

    oh haha thanks

  36. jlrsmiles

    chris <3

  37. volvagia466

    old miw>new miw

  38. Draculitis__

    wrong song my friend XD

  39. Draculitis__

    is that ricky or chris?

  40. Takashi White

    @imbored92100 Motionless In White is way better!!!!

  41. Damon Vaters

    This reminds me of Alesana's new album!..But I can't decide which band is my fav...I'll juzz go with both.:D

  42. Levi Zuber

    @Fa110ut97 put your teeth to the curb!

  43. Salty Platypuss

    This band is my fav. for sure but Immaculate Misconception always will be my fav. song

  44. nascargot

    Can we agree that this is the most beautiful song on WLMD? I didn't say the hardest or the heaviest, but the most BEAUTIFUL.

  45. Felix Sena

    @Deadheartsdie Yes, is the first.

  46. Cody Holbrook

    Maybe..just maybe my favorite song ever..<3

  47. riku

    I fucking Love these guys! :'D ♥

  48. LoL Palinoia

    No dislikes? lmao ;D sick


    121 likes an 0 dislikes. ill cheers to that !!!!!!

  50. Ryan Hill

    They are by far my favortie band
    I listen to Creatures every single day and now I'm listening to this more and more often

  51. xRAZORBACK1692x

    how does this only have a little over 16,000 views?? such a great song

  52. gaby platt

    no dislikes(:

  53. Deadheartsdie

    I'm pretty sure that this is the first version of this song, because the version I have of it has slightly better quality. But I love them both.

  54. Trig Vein

    this is so beautiful

  55. ryan francis

    i can't belive this has such little views