Motionless In White - London In Terror Lyrics

And all the rain is full of ghosts tonight, London in mortal terror
You can kill a lifetime without feeling anything but skin

Your eyes are labyrinths of lies (labyrinths of lies)
And all the dead will rise
And I will walk the earth searching for candlelight
And I will let you drown (I will let you drown)
Turn your world upside down
And I will walk the earth searching for candlelight

Real beauty on the inside does not apply to you
I am the ripper and it's killing time in this cutting room
Our worst wounds we inflict upon ourselves
I am as hollow as my willingness to let go

What could be more beautiful than death?

Your eyes are labyrinths of lies (labyrinths of lies)
And all the dead will rise
And I will walk the earth searching for candlelight
And I will let you drown (I will let you drown)
Turn your world upside down
And I will walk the earth searching for candlelight

And when the dead walk the earth
All the living will fill these coffins
And at the end of the world
I'll remember to bring you flowers

And when the dead walk the earth
All the living will fill these coffins
And at the end of the world
I'll remember to bring you flowers

London in terror, London in pure terror
And when the dead walk the earth
All the living will fill these coffins

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Motionless In White London In Terror Comments
  1. Ricardo Gonzalez-Argoti

    One of my all time fave albums

  2. Riteful Death

    jack the ripper <3

  3. Rusty

    Perfect song and imposing end!

  4. Axel motionless

    Pero al spanish fucket... 😠😠😠

  5. José Hernández

    Fuck you !!!

  6. Riteful Death



    for all 46 of the cock slaps that disliked this song... FUCK YOU


    really beauty in the inside don't apply to you...

  9. Hunterbtww


  10. Alix x Mirror98

    This, We Only Come Out At Night, Puppets and City Lights are like my fave songs on this album. City Lights probably being my favorite I like the atmospheric feel it has to it and to me it's quite relaxing and inspirational and it's great to listen to when candles are lit it makes the experience a ton more cooler :)

  11. Tanzim The unstable

    Requiescat in pace,Jack the Ripper..... come on,AC syndicate? anyone?

    Serby 302

    Tanzim The unstable_ yes...

  12. Luminary Of Spheres

    This will always be my favorite Motionless In White album, the instrumental is fantastic, I really dig how 2/3 of the lyrics are based on Horror tales and Horror films and the other 1/3 are very personal lyrics. I really dig it.

    Luminary Of Spheres


    ESE PHREAKY Get Feria

    what tales

    Kry Kry Stott

    Same bruh

  13. Mihai Posdarescu

    hey guys is someone who know why videos of reincarnate album is blocked in my country?:(( "the video contains content from umf who has blocked in your country on copyrights grounds"

    Vøid Wanderer

    Mihai Posdarescu this is happening to me as well, its probably because motionless in White is no longer afilliated with fearless records and it may have caused some issues with copyright or something

  14. Mr.BoiKid

    how does he sing like that

  15. oddity 209

    bauhaus shirt cool

  16. Captain Dugog

    Jack the ripper 😀

  17. Kaul Watson


  18. Goran V.

    Ni rodjena majka ga ne razume ;)

    Marta Tadic

    Ma mozemo mi zato xD

  19. Bret Core

    "SEXY" is the word for this song...

  20. Christian Delgado

    Lol I like this song but don't say its badass just because its about Jack The Ripper... Better shit about Jack The Ripper would be The Somatic Defilement album.

  21. Stephanie Jane

    Ive liked marilyn manson since i was like 12/13.. but tbh his gimmick is a bit piss poor now a days.. I came on here til see if marilyn manson was in the song but obviously not. As if i couldnt love chris/MIW anymore he manages to do yet another style of singing. SMFH haha

  22. Devin Cohill

    =) miw anyone

    Hunt Maguire

    Freaking love them C:

    Devin Cohill

    er awesome!!!

    Hunt Maguire

    Haha, I'm actually downloading their songs right now

    Devin Cohill

    whhhhhat right now XD i have all of em on my laptop not phone thoug bvc its keeps on studing down -_- and my headphone broke on my phone so im screw

  23. BerrettMAOfficial

    why does it say "debut full length" ummm excuse me but there was an album released in 2008 titled "when love met destruction" and im pretty sure that motionless in white was the recording artist on that album


    the reason it says that is because when love met destruction was actually an EP not an actual full length and the same with the whorror which was their first EP so saying creatures was their debut full length is actually correct @BerrettMAOfficial 

    Daniel Skoldberg

    @5chanal Wrong.. there is a version of WLMD that was a full length before they re-released it as an EP

    Christian Delgado

    They mean that its their debut major label release.

    Isaac Frazier

    +BerrettMAOfficial Dumbass.

  24. Sylar Driftingmemory

    I love this song and Count Choculitis

  25. Moon Orchid

    I like the lyrics

  26. Beierle Brandon

    These lyrics are genius!

  27. eli joe

    song about jack the ripper?

    Swink is Dead

    yup it's about the Whitechapel murders (or Jack the Ripper is you prefer)

  28. ZOBIUM Band

    2:03 is Marilyn Manson?

    Moon Orchid

    It would of said ft. Marilyn Manson if that were so -_-

    Caleb Tuinstra

    @Nemy Enemi Juliet Simms is in Lost It All by Black Veil Brides but it doesn't say ft. Juliet Simms.

    Violet Prison

    No it's not, Chris is just very good at impersonating his voice. Also in the Black Veil Brides song Days are numbered, it features Bert McCracken (sorry if I spelt that wrong) but doesn't mention it in the song title.

    Jeff Ayotte

    You have a Manson's picture and you aren't able to recognize his voice lol Chris can sound a little bit like MM but c'mun , they have a big difference

    Yoku Costanza

    @Moon Orchid *would have

  29. Lilo Demon


  30. Brianna Dunhaam

    My brother walked in one time while I was listening to that part and he asked me if I was listening to him. XD

  31. Dayton Unger

    I just had an eargasm.

  32. Steam-powered Bowtie

    One of the Sherlock Holmes ones?

  33. Kevin Grzybek

    1:06 - 1:10 Dani Filth was also invited to the party as well

  34. 450bignasty

    Who cares about if it sounds like or doesn't it u either like the music or u don't

  35. Presumedatom 886

    This sounds nothing like manson actually

  36. Ryker Blade

    "And when the dead walk the earth, the living will fill these coffins." I know that's from a movie but I can't remember which...

  37. TheAndroitBoss

    fuck yeah

  38. karla motionless

    this song sounds like marilyn manson and i like ia awesome

  39. Jason_Metal0101

    im not trashing manson but im not really a fan of him, i honestly dont like him and i have reasons but chris sounds a little like him but i would say manson isnt as good as m.i.w js

  40. Nelli

    i love how he says 'terror'

  41. Antony Tedstone

    Why bother coming to this video then, whats your problem ?

  42. Ricardo Alfonso

    i love this song n.n lml

  43. Tre Johnson


  44. Chelsy Llamas

    I love this song <333

  45. V-Ron Pahomova

    nice to know you're at least happy.

  46. Shayla Beavers

    Not nice to make fun of yourself. You'll never get anywhere in life.

  47. Josh Nunez

    your mom is GAAAAAAAAAYY

  48. Haley Golightley

    Ales.. YESS!

  49. Alex Poole

    M.I.W. killed it with this cd. there new one is ok but creatures is so fucking good

  50. J Groovy

    Please light your computer on fire.

  51. tony coppock

    so do i:) and im possibly going to see them mayhem fest:):):)

  52. Jono B.

    That comment just gave me cancer.

  53. Craig Lambert

    this should be the theme song for game of thrones :3 as London is King's landing and the dead are white walkers...


  54. Jaden Monroe

    fucking love this band ;) ugh.

  55. Vaas Montenegro

    best motherfucking song ever

  56. J Groovy


  57. BryanBloodsin

    haha it's almost indentical haha

  58. Adrian


  59. TheStoneBreak


  60. Coby P.V.L.

    2:03 kind of sounds like Marilyn Manson. Anyone? No? Okay.

  61. Jason Obando

    Motionless in white!!! Fuckin rules:)

  62. Mortis Thorne

    There are the smartasses saying "Omg does manson feature in this song?1?!?!?11? XD" and then there's the logical one that actually says that Chris sounds like Manson in some parts. which he does. well done.

  63. Kyler Whalin

    i do too :)

  64. Maria Tereee

    Love this song

  65. Lilo Demon

    2:03 - 2:49 Marilyn Manson, i had no idea you were invited for this song XD.

  66. Justin Luna

    How tolerant of you.

  67. MrMitchDressing

    Leave then, we don't want you- "American."

  68. Bryan Ayala

    lml xD !!

  69. RockMcBoulder

    He doesn't sound THAT much like Manson, I see the similarities, but Manson pronounces things strangely unlike Chris.

  70. Carl Shewring

    I cant belive how much my Chrissy can sound like Manson. :')

  71. samantha middleton

    to be honest i like their new sound :)

  72. Justin Luna

    That's what I meant, yes. Americans fear any change, so they attempt to twist things and make them just how they want them, and this is coming from an American.

  73. Alexs Lifestyle

    I don't really like Devil's night. so I just watch this :PP

  74. Justin Luna

    That's in your region, Americans spell it without the "U" along with the rest of the words with an "or" suffix.

  75. simpleprods

    London in mortal terror! my favorite part :) Amazing song.. This and City Lights

  76. Niall B

    Yeah but theyre talking about a place in england there would be rain you silly goose xD

  77. BMcknightC

    I get the dumbest look on my face when I hear those triple kicks!:D
    I look so weird in class! XP

  78. Connieandblyde Monsters

    theres these three girls in my school that think i worship satin because i like this band. i dont give a fuck about religion but seeing there the ones always bringing satin up doesnt that make them the devil obsessed assholes? im just here to smoke weed and listen to some good music not sacrifice virgins or wat ever jesus freaks think i do.

  79. NecessaryEvil926

    is it just me or is Motionless In White obsessed with rain?? cause they mention it in a lot of their songs

  80. haileycierrah96

    I know!! But its not. Marilyn Manson is one of MIW influences.

  81. ModernMarine

    From what ive seen these guys have alot more girl fans then guy fans. And if you were a real fan of them you would have gone to a concert and would have obviously seen other females. So stop wanting attention.

  82. Guarddog33

    Sang this at a talent show. They didn't agree with the mentions of death but gave me 9s and 9.5s of 10 because they thought the song was cool. I came in second but it was one hell of an experience to do. Got a lot of shit at school for it though but it was a lot of fun

  83. Skyler G

    i fuck my cat to this song

  84. Nick Groves

    2:02-2:50 sounds like Marilyn Manson???

  85. Surgery Season

    Totally. A badass band full of dudes with long hair and tattoos, as well as kindness and sincerity, and you are the ONLY girl that likes them. That makes sense.

  86. ells44200

    way too underrated

  87. MsFallenangel4eva

    That did sound like Marilyn Manson, omg

  88. sketchlock

    Done well*

  89. Anthony Morales

    Holy shit I thought that was Marilyn Manson for a second

  90. jonathon williams

    Around two minutes in it sounded just like manson!

  91. Fatima Oyaifo

    are you marilyn manson?

  92. Fatima Oyaifo

    this my favorite MIW song!!! the chorus is just fucking amazing: the riffs and Chris's vocal harmony just puts me in a hypnotic trance :s

  93. Kayla Mock

    @scytheraz you better have money if you're actually planning on doing that. Just sayin'

  94. jonnera brown

    O.O but that would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! XD

  95. Scytheraz

    Part 2

    And then all of us singing the cleans that are next. And then Marilyn Manson sings until "London in terror..." And then Danny Worsnop appears on stage and screams "London in pure TEEE RAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOORRR!!" And then all of us screams the last line! :D How does that sound? Unrealistic, I know :)

  96. Scytheraz

    Part 1

    OMG I had the greatest idea; although unrealistic. *Worth the read*! Refer to lyrics in description :)

    Ok, i'm hoping to do a school performance to this song since I scream. So it'll be me on stage singing the first two lines, then Chris Motionless walks on stage singing the cleans. Randy Blythe appears on stage and screams the next two lines. And then Andy Biersack comes onto stage and sings the following clean vocals. Then me screaming the next line.

  97. jonnera brown

    "What could be more beutiful than death?" <3

  98. Mister Fister

    Ricky Olson marry me!! -3