Motion City Soundtrack - True Romance Lyrics

You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do

I'm a screw up of epic proportions
A walking hand grenade
Hyper-manic, a dime store dramatic
A conduit for pain
She said, "Don't speak, don't think
Just take it off, take it off"
I said, "Don't speak, don't blink
Just mess me up, mess me up"

You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do

Don't speak, don't think
Just take it off
I'm pathetic, overly apologetic
I'm a tightrope tragedy
You're Chicken Little, I'm the monkey in the middle
There is something wrong with me
She said, "Don't speak, don't think
Just take it off, take it off"
I said, "Don't speak, don't blink
Just mess me up, mess me up"

You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do

Humming a slightly varied tune
Opposite angles of the moon
Buried in layers of ourselves
Leaves room for no one else
I believe it's true
Cause nothing matters when I'm all wrapped up in you
I believe it's true
Cause nothing matters when I'm all wrapped up in you

You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do
You better believe it's true
You know I do, I do

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Motion City Soundtrack True Romance Comments
  1. Deny Pratama

    everyday. I still thinking how beautifully made this video is. The complexity to shot those movement is incredible.

  2. Donald Spillane

    Dope video


    a texan pornographic actress brought me here.

  4. Moon Over Tides

    Then his boss got him fired due to Title 9. He gave her an inappropriate hug.

    Moon Over Tides

    Holy shit, I wrote that 4 days ago, I have got to quit drinking.

  5. ss4benji

    It is a crime this video does not have over a billion views.

  6. Canal do Rico

    I just want to see the making of this amazing video!

  7. cholosabban

    its been 5 years since i've watched this video. I still dont understand it fully

  8. troutdancer

    Is the girl in blue Joslyn Davis?

  9. Vlad the Inhaler

    Damn, that women is sexy as fuck.

  10. queenwyntir

    Omg Twin Peaks flashbacks!

  11. Will Flems

    one of the best videos I've ever watched

  12. DelusionsOfAxeyl

    does no one realise shes a robot or what?

  13. CheckerDuck

    I'm so confused

  14. copelarry

    This band should be much more famous than they are.  What a shame.

    Joseph Montoya

    They choose to not be mainstream.

    The Supreme Allied Rod and Reel Commanders

    Yeah this band had several chances to break out. They chose to stay with small labels

  15. ihear3kittens666

    It's moving forward, but his mannerisms are backwards lol

  16. Sion TheSilver

    54 people don't believe it's true

    Ruby Little

    Well you know I do

  17. Random__itch

    Oh, the lovely Kleio!

    Voltaire Felgrand

    Who's Kleio?


    +ryan wiley Kleio Valentien, the beautiful woman in this music video.

  18. Mike Miner54

    is it backward?

  19. ippobusta

    After all these years I just barely realized that the girl in this video is Kleo Valentine.

    Will Flems

    ippobusta I thought she looked familiar...

  20. Jeremiah Fernandez

    too. many. questions.

  21. Michael Marks

    Moral of the story is that if your super hot boss gives you extra work totally means she wants to fuck and by no means wants you to do work for the company

    NEET Magnet

    Michael Marks CLEARLY

  22. Dawn of the Thread

    How was this shot??? I kept thinking I figured it out, but nope! Amazing job on this one.


    +Dawn of the Thread yes, he walked backwards down the streets, not THAT hard

    Dawn of the Thread

    +marinlarin wait... Can you record yourself walking backwards off a cliff... And play it forward? I think I'd be interested in seeing that...


    @Dawn of the Thread you go do that then tell me how it went

    Ivan Stjepanović

    Damn, dude. The guy just told you how it was done and you burst with insults. Take a chill pill


    hi people arguing 4 years ago

  23. Alexander Stagg

    This was an awesome music video :)

  24. A.K Wardhana

    Forest Kline?

  25. Ban Fasso

    20 seconds into this vid, I forgot it was a music vid and started pulling my dick out...

    Sw Exotic

    +Ban Fasso ummmmmm!?!?!?!?


    lol Kleio Valentien ❤️

    Chris Stanford

    Ban Fasso 😂😂😂good one

  26. Jared Studelska

    he is playing a video game of the office he is currently sitting in.

  27. SolidSnakeCG

    Thank you mcs. For the longest time for showing me who Kleio is. Fapcity to the max. One love leads to another.

  28. pntbller14

    Is that SaraX ?

    moody den

    +pntbller14 she a pronstar from burning angels 
    name : kleio

    eg Gaz

    +moody den Thank you kind sir..... thank you.

  29. Brandon Y

    No don't put on that wig your hair was so much better before D:

  30. Casey McGowan

    Lol is that fuckin Kleio Valentine in a MCS video?!


    Yessssss that is Kleio. Haha I found out about her through mcs and have ever been in love. Fapcity. One love leads to another lol


    +Casey McGowan I watched a video of her "other" work while watching this music video.

    Lost it.

    Nick Anthony

    +Casey McGowan it looked like the tattoo guy he bumped into was Mick Blue

  31. TheBigManUno

    Im assuming they did it all in reverse then simply well reversed the film. hha thats why everyone is walking so weirdly.

  32. Son Goku!

    don't speak, don't think, just mess me up

  33. Wayne compton

    If your a big fan of Motion City Soundtrack then you should check out entire album commit this to memory

    Kiki Hammel

    Best one

  34. Wayne compton

    Christian Choo, I don't know what you have listened to, but if you haven't heard the "future freaks me out" that's where you start.

  35. Sarah Emmons

    didn't there used to be a behind the scenes video for this?

  36. Christian Choo

    Hey I just discovered mcs and I kinda like it. Any songs you guys can recommend from them?

  37. Davis Cordova Avalos

    hello I saw in you tobe the entire concert they did in YAHOO SCREEN copyright and erased what someone has the full concert that attentive subir.estare again, thank you very much. Peru

  38. Patrick dos Santos

    Fantastic, sensacional

  39. Adam Donnelly

    I love your videos, MCS.

  40. CloudsDaze

    kleio valentien <3 (\o_o/)

  41. CloudsDaze

    kleio valentien <3 (\o_o/)

  42. Bree Rose

    t'd be better if that girl would walk backwards.

  43. dr.ismoon Luna

    I want this on react

  44. Zach

    I love that the HUD on the game in the beginning is from Crysis

    Brandon Y

    I knew it was from something!! thank you

  45. dr.ismoon Luna

    i want this on react

  46. dr.ismoon Luna

    there is a light out in a car

  47. James Callaway

    omg i cant even wrap my head around this timeline 


    don't you mean TIMELINES?

    Christopher Funez

    OHOHOHOHOHOHO! That's funny.

  48. Oliver Marlow

    PLEASE make a channel on Spotify

  49. Miranda Davis

    omg sonic youth t-shirt i love you!

  50. Greg McMorrow

    Who plays the boss?

  51. z0mbait

    Did anyone else get that Justin is her pimp?

    Joseph Montoya


  52. Aaron, The

    Where does she pull out those papers from? She clearly doesn't have them at the end.

    Mickey On VHS

    she has the papers before she walks in, not after.

    so she wouldnt be carrying the papers she just put on his desk after she leaves the room unless she took them with her

  53. CommonKTD

    It's like the pharcyde video but whiter

  54. Jordan Connor

    Did he really walk back words all the way to work?

    John Anderson

    yep i only caught it second time.

  55. Creature

    wow he lost so much weight @[email protected]

  56. Lee Dang

    lol crysis hud

  57. Reyn Watanabe

    ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Il███████████████████]. Copy and Paste this all over
    ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. Youtube if you are with us!

  58. evilsean1

    This weirds me out, cuz the main characters seem to be going in reverse but the world around them seems like it's going forwards.


    Watch it again, the lead singer stops, moves a bike "magically", and rides away in reverse. 

  59. zerotheheromusic

    Motion City Soundtrack is one of our biggest influences. If you're in search of new music, and miss bands like this, you should give us a listen. You won't regret it. Sorry to spam, but we're just trying to get our name out there! MCS rules!

  60. Onikukki

    I don't think anyone familiar with the band would call it feel-good or poppy :o

  61. glorp

    I'm still trying diagram this video to figure out in what order things happened.

  62. Dinosaur Hunter

    Strikes me as generic feel-good bubblegum. Just too poppy

  63. jeremy miller

    wasn't this music video one already by someone else

  64. Marc Terrace

    MCS FTW! i would love to see them on tour with Your Favorite Franchise

  65. Brendon Pirc

    awesome fuckin vid

  66. DemonPuppet33


  67. Mike Ossola Photography

    Most overrated comment ever! Call the band "underrated" and say how awesome they are!

  68. Landon Mauk

    Sooo why?

  69. Punkdear182

    I can't stop listening to this song, and the video is so clever:)

  70. 이지원

    Motion city soundtrack이 다시 한국에 왔으면 좋겠습니다 사랑합니다!!^^♡♡

    night time television

    안녕하세요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 한국인이시군요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  71. Ace Sellers

    they're not indie they are signed to epitaph lol

  72. gentleocean

    Both song and video are amazing!

  73. Cory T

    Really creative music video

  74. Andrew Anaya

    I love how much this video mindfucks me. The music is ever so choice, THANK YOU MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK!!


    Good song ;)

  76. TheBlaringBlue

    where have I heard this song before?

  77. Lauren Ford

    Listened to these guys for the first time ever at Warped 2013, saw the whole set it was pretty awesome

  78. markjerno

    I replayed it....

  79. Annavoig Kenobi

    Meu, esse vídeo é muito foda, tão bem feito...

  80. Annavoig Kenobi

    Meu, esse vídeo é muito foda, tão bem feito...

  81. Minzerta

    God, Kleio Valentein is so pretty.

  82. SeedeeStevie743

    what is this?...... ohh wait... GOOD MUSIC!!!!

  83. HostileSausage


    That was the UI for Crysis 2 and 3. What the fuck was going on there?

  84. xrainaterrorx

    There so good live

  85. 08bourquem

    wow this is really trippy i live on the street they filmed this on SHOUT OUT TO FISHTOWN PHILADELPHIA

  86. Kaykayavalanche

    Love this video but how is it that he beats her when he's walking and she's being driven??

  87. OmegaXzors

    I saw them live on June 16th in Portland. I met them, caught a pick, caught a drumstick, got it all signed, talked to Justin about the Go album, and hugged them. IT WAS AWESOME!

  88. faaqtehwurld


  89. Jay Schlichter

    These guys -- and this video -- deserves so many more views and likes. Instead of the junk they play on the radio these days, why can't they broadcast amazing music from real artists like MCS? Want to see these guys play live soon. They haven't come along my way just yet.

  90. Steve Troy

    Why do the binders/folders/papers/whatever appear out of nowhere?

  91. Varietis

    i love that sentence.the is cool man, but the sentence was cool man. RIP ENGLISH

  92. Varietis

    Not really indie... They used to be super popular back when MTV played music... That's when I first heard them when I was like 13-14 I am 18 now.

  93. maurisio garcia

    i love the video.the is cool man, but the video was so cool.

  94. gamingexpert13

    Wow. So where can we watch this unreversed?

    I made this same kind of video in 2010 but at the end I played it back the same way it was recorded, so people could see (but at like 10x speed). I was hoping they'd do the same thing in this one.

  95. Icrine Arcura

    By the way, the entire thing is filmed in one take but reversed! The first part before the snog is when they're walking backwards (backwards reversed is walking forwards) while afterward the time reverse is just them walking forwards, reversed!

  96. DefagoLion

    wow. This video just wow!