Motion City Soundtrack - TKO Lyrics

I cut you out and safely discarded you away
Then you came back and sprang your attack on my parade

Yeah, I wanna know
I'm trying to understand
How this could happen again

You keep knocking me out
(I can't get up)
You keep knocking me out
(I'll just stay down)
You keep knocking me out
Out, out

My best of intentions left me defeated in the end
Yeah, I had the guts but clearly it went to my head

Yeah, I gotta know
I'm trying to understand
Every time I turn around

You keep knocking me out
(I can't get up)
You keep knocking me out
(I'll just stay down)
You keep knocking me out
Out, out

To tell you the truth
I don't mind the abuse anymore
It's not about you
It's the damage I long to endure

You keep knocking me out
(I can't get up)
You keep knocking me out
(I'll just stay down)
You keep knocking me out
Out, out

You keep knocking me out
You keep knocking me out
Out, out, out

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Motion City Soundtrack TKO Comments
  1. Jib & Butter

    MCS is one of those bands that I've assumed would slowly fade away, but they keep coming out with great, new songs and I'm just impressed with these guys. Keep making music, please!

  2. TheGoodWay -182

    I love Motion City Soundtrack!!

  3. Nat


  4. ooga booga

    Who else thinks that some parts of this song sound almost like nintendocore?

  5. Coach Cro

    This feels like a hit song but the views don't support that claim.

  6. Cody Bryan

    Why the fuck am I just listening to this record now?

  7. Sarah Reed

    Yes yes yes I love this fucken song

  8. who really cares

    This is one of the top songs on the new album to me personally along with Heavy Boots. This album truly is the bees knees and has been on repeat. too bad it's their last

    moonhawk x

    i agree

  9. Pher Cubbins

    Nice, great song :3

  10. Iain Coyle

    Holy mooger of God this song

  11. nat1XP

    i love this!

  12. xxgooniearr

    so funny how i was just listening to a mix of old stuff and boom new music has been out for a couple months and a new album! yes!!

  13. geoff3610

    I cant decide if its as good as the old age MCS. Its good though.

  14. Robert Di Mauro

    MCS always delivers! Great new music guys!!! Can't wait for Panic Stations...

  15. Daniel Thake

    Didn't like "go" very much, this sounds quite good and I hope the rest of the songs don't disappoint either :)

  16. BladeV8

    I didn't know the band had released other stuff off Panic Stations before Lose Control. Now I've heard this I'm STOKED for this record.

  17. youtubeyoutubeyoutube

    Synths and drums sound awesome. Sounds kinda Commit this to memory-ish. I know all bands change sounds and evolve but IATM and CTTM will always be my favorite albums.

  18. DJ EA

    Way better than True Romance. Hopefully this album is as good as Commit This to Memory/My Dinosaure Life and not mediocre like Go.

  19. rachel

    I heard this song on Spotify, obsessed.


    Same here


    Just found it on Spotify too. This will definitely be my song of the summer.

  20. Amanda Neuman

    Really really looking forward to the new album!

  21. Brett Butler

    Love the fuzz on the bass guitar!

  22. F M

    Honestly I was initially underwhelmed but after listen #2 it became stuck in my head and now it's REALLY growing on me haha I love it

  23. Jack Yeager

    fucking love you guys have since i was 13

  24. Aaron Brosoto

    I love you, Motion City Soundtrack!!!

  25. Whitsoxrule1

    Not bad at all! The lyrics aren't as amazing as their best work, but I'm digging the instrumentals and the sound is great

    I'm especially glad to hear the drums are kickass, because I'll miss Tony Thaxton but it's good to know that Claudio Rivera can hold his own. Look forward to the new album

  26. conundrumbombs

    This is, hands down, the best single Motion City Soundtrack has released since Commit This to Memory.  I do not say this lightly.

  27. Boris Solman

    Motion City Soundtrack always puts me in a good mood :)

  28. courtneymichelle

    im related to the bass guitarist matt, hes my cousins husband so hes technically my second cousin 😌💫❤️ he comes to our holiday partys and stuff, if any of yall want i can tell them that u said hi and stuff.

  29. Brandon Labat

    Probably the most promising lead single of their last few albums. Stoked.

  30. Kevin B

    So stoked for the new album.

  31. Rumford Chimpenstein

    this song was painful, i thought it was jonas brothers

  32. Aaron Patterson

    Don't really care for how the mix sounds but good song none the less.

  33. Shanelie

    MCS never lose their touch. Love them!

  34. Taylor Nelson

    i dont like the vocal mixing but the instruments were alright
    looking forward to see what else comes out!

  35. rhernandez720

    Something about the song reminds me of "Teenage Dirtbag".


    @rhernandez720 Im so glad someone else heard this!


    Totally thought the same thing, I'm gonna go listen to that song after I finish the song.

    Maryann Cooke

    +rhernandez720 thought i was the only person the tune in the backround is similar i kept sing teenage dirtbag lyrics to this instead

  36. Valve News Network

    Fuckin' Awesome.


    +Valve News Network i almost forgot that you liked MCS

  37. Joe Mama

    I'm ready for this new album

  38. Daniel Valdes

    so good! we've missed you MCS!!

  39. Adam Calvero

    Dude... Yesyesyeyesyesyes

  40. Samuel Martin

    The moog and drums in this song is the greatest thing I've heard all year, so happy to finally be hearing some new music from my favourite band!

    Cris Ham

    So good!

  41. Favouritism Music

    who made this video?

  42. ryu rei

    the moog is back with a vengeance!

  43. Aliyah Banaag

    TkO - The Knock Out? :3


    Well, TKO normally stands for "Technical KnockOut" in boxing lingo. It's when a boxer isn't KO'ed, but is taking too mich damage and the fight it's stopped by his cornermen, the referee or the boxer himself.


    @Ali Patootie Technical knock out

  44. Z D

    i can get down to this.

  45. Rocktony

    Did they change the lead singer?

    Stacy Hopkins

    @Rocktony Negative that is Justin

  46. Ole Magne Hansen

    If this song don't become big, I lose faith in humanity xD


    @***** You are batshit


    @HiMyNameIsZack Crazy, that is

    Savage Sand

    @***** LMFAO. Your grammar is far from perfect. Now how about you go sign up for an English course over the summer so you don't look like a jackass next time you try and call someone out in YOUTUBE COMMENTS over petty things like grammar to make you feel good about yourself.

    Ole Magne Hansen

    Dude, wtf is your problem? xD You must be real fun at parties.

    And if you were done with it, why don't you just ignore it? ._.

    Dino Sarker

    +Ole Magne “Bernty-Boy” Hansen

    You see, Ole... this is typical human nature. We have witnessed such behaviours ("behavior" for the American guy here) all over the internet. People love to provoke each other. That doesn't mean they will ever dare to say anything to your face.... just over the net. This leads me to the conclusion that even the most indifferent person in real life becomes extremely opinionated and aggressive online.

  47. Erik Córdova

    I can hear the rentals influence on this, keep it on, mcs!

  48. Epitaph Records

    Enjoy a new tune from Motion City Soundtrack! Here's "TKO" for your listening pleasure.

    Listen on Spotify:
    Get it on iTunes:

  49. Going Spaceward

    The keyboards in this song are so sick!

    Charlie Chitty

    Moog synth.

  50. Taylie B

    Sick bro. I've listened to you guys for years, and by far my favorite song was Hold Me Down, but this is grand. Nice job, MCS.

    Daniel Thake

    +CuzzyWolfywolf Hold me down make me cry erritime

    Taylie B

    Dude, same. I still have to pirate occasionally. I bought this album though. And yeah, Hold Me Down gets me a lil emotional too, homie. Believe me. 

    Daniel Thake

    @Taylie B
    Haha yeah man if you listen to these blokes after a breakup or just when you're missing someone it definitely hits home pretty hard!

  51. Aaron Ng

    So sad I won't be able to see you guys on the 20th :(

  52. Connor

    2:07-2:27 =D

  53. TheRoryStevens

    Awesome! Can't wait for the new album!